All Things You Need to Know About Hong Kong Airport Terminal

To avoid getting confused when you are at Hong Kong Airport, you should read the reviews below about the Hong Kong Airport terminal.

Hong Kong Airport Terminal 

Hong Kong Airport Terminal

At HKIA, there are two terminals: Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. With more than 50 million people yearly, Hong Kong International Airport is the second busiest airport in the world, behind London Heathrow, which has two runways.

HKIA wants to build a third runway in order to increase aviation services, which are now operating at nearly full capacity.

The overseas terminal flights for more than 40 airlines, including Cathay Pacific, Lufthansa, Qantas, Northwest, Singapore Carriers, Japan Airlines, British Airways, and many more.

Terminal 1

Terminal 1 // The Hong Kong Airport terminal

The primary terminal, Terminal 1, is also the third largest in the world. Both domestic and international passengers can use the Hong Kong International Airport Terminal 1.


Facilities // Hong Kong Airport Terminal

This location offers a wide range of amenities and services. There are also cafes and restaurants, duty-free shopping, currency exchange, banking services, wards, photo booths, police reporting stations, post offices, payphones, local SIM cards, rest areas, restrooms, and self-check-in, among other amenities.

Along with such features, this terminal has lounges, free WiFi, a prayer room, luggage storage, a smoking area, a lost and found, medical facilities, a theater, and care corners.

Levels 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 comprise this terminal’s six levels. Level 3 is attached to the AWTC building and offers a variety of alternatives for banking, shopping, dining, and drinking.

The departure area is located on level four. This area has a duty-free store. Skypier, a ferry transfer service available to passengers arriving at HKIA, is also housed here, in addition to duty-free retailers. From there, travelers can travel to Hong Kong, Chek Lap Kok, the Pearl River Delta, and the New Territories.

The baggage claim is located on Level 5, where Arrivals is located. Meanwhile, a departure terminal is on the sixth floor, which is Y-shaped. Additionally, there are eateries and concessions.

The location of the A-K area counter check-in and departure is level 7. A customer service center is also present at this location. Eateries are on level 8.


Lounges // The Hong Kong Airport terminal

Plaza Premium Lounge – Always accessible. Here, you might find amenities including restrooms, internet access, meals, snacks, Wi-Fi, TV, drinks, printers & copiers, and telephones.

Plaza Premium First – Always available. Spa services, lunches, showers, magazines, newspapers, drinks, TV, and Wi-Fi are all available here.

The Centurion Lounge – Available from 5:30 am to 12:30 pm. Among other amenities, you may expect to receive drinks, printers, copiers, meals, showers, internet terminals, snacks, TV, and Wi-Fi.

There are a lot of airline lounges as well, including ones run by Cathay Pacific, SkyTeam, The Emirates, and many others.

Terminal 2 

Terminal 2 // The Hong Kong Airport terminal

Terminal 2 is only used for check-in and lacks any gates or facilities for arrivals. Before going to underground terminal 1, passengers check in at this terminal.

T2 houses the SkyPlaza, a shopping center featuring restaurants and shops. There is also a bus terminal connecting to the Chinese mainland.

The shutdown of Terminal 2 is due to runway and Terminal 2 facility renovations. When Terminal 2 reopens in 2024 following expansion, arrivals and departures will occur. All travelers can now check in at the same place in Terminal 1.


Facilities // Hong Kong Airport Terminal

At  Hong Kong Airport Terminal 2, you may find a variety of facilities, such as cafes, restaurants, duty-free shops, money exchange, banking services, nursing rooms, photo kiosks, police reporting stations, post offices, public phones, local SIM cards, and rest spaces.

Toilets and other amenities can be found on Level 1. The entrance to the bus terminal is on Level 3, along with immigration, a few amenities, and a few concessions.

On level four, you’ll find Skypier and the duty-free shopping district. SkyPlaza Mall is on Level 5 of the building.

Airport Express Rail can be boarded at level 6 of the platform. There is a food court as well as a wide variety of shops and services, like child care facilities and ATMs.

Lounge and Spa

Lounge and Spa // The Hong Kong Airport terminal

The Arrivals Hall Plaza Premium Lounge is open at all times. A number of amenities are provided, including meals, a printer and copier, a shower, an internet terminal, WiFi, refreshments, a phone, and a TV.

The Health Spa and Salon is available from 10 AM to 8:30 PM. WiFi services, journals, and periodicals are available.

Inter Terminal Transfer 

Inter Terminal Transfer // The Hong Kong Airport terminal

You can travel between T1, Midfield Concourse, SkyPier, and T2 via the Automated People Mover.

The capacity of this train, which runs every few minutes, is 7,200 passengers per hour. From Terminal 2 to Terminal 1, operations are available from 06:30 to 01:00.

The terminal, amenities, lounges, and inter-terminal transfers at HKIA are now familiar to you. You may rely on Airpaz for ticket issues. It’s best to place your order well in advance to ensure you are able to find the tickets you desire. If you’re fortunate, you’ll also receive a substantially lower cost.

That’s all about the Hong Kong Airport terminal. Enjoy your journey.


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