Duty-Free Shop at Houston Hobby Airport: 7 Must-Buy Items

Before returning to their hometowns, many travelers dedicate their time to shopping for merchandise. If you’re looking for high-quality items at a lower price, don’t miss the duty-free shop at Houston Hobby Airport.

Now, what are the recommended souvenir products? Here is a list of must-buy items in the duty-free shop at Hobby Airport!

Duty-free Shop at Houston Hobby Airport

things to buy at Houston Hobby Airport duty-free shop

Duty-free shops are commonly found in international airports, including Houston Hobby Airport (HOU), where a diverse range of products is available, exempt from duties and taxes. 

Shopping for premium items at this store enables you to enjoy savings. Most travelers typically engage in last-minute shopping at duty-free shops before take-off.

At HOU, the duty-free shop at Houston Hobby Airport is located in the central concourse, Gate 20, easily accessible after passing through security control.

You need not worry about the opening hours of the duty-free shop at Houston Hobby Airport, as the store operates daily from 5 AM to 9:30 PM. However, on Saturdays, the shop closes earlier at 8 PM.

The duty-free shop at Houston Hobby Airport showcases various products, including eyewear, watches, skincare, tobacco, and liquor. Shopping at this store provides you with the opportunity to acquire premium-quality products without exceeding your budget.

You can save up to 20% by ordering these products online through the Houston duty-free website. Subsequently, you can conveniently pick up your selected items at the duty-free shop located at HOU.

Things to Buy in Duty-free Shop at Houston Hobby Airport

What are the recommended items to buy at the World Duty-free Shop in Houston Hobby Airport? Here are some product suggestions, along with their price ranges.

1. Eyewear

World Duty-free Shop at Houston Hobby Airport

For fashion enthusiasts, eyewear is more than just an accessory; it’s a must-have fashion item that can elevate their appearance. Are you looking to add new eyewear to your collection? Explore impressive eyewear collections from renowned brands like Ray-Ban and Maui Jim.

Discover stylish sunglasses for men, women, and kids alike. Whether you prefer classic styles or the latest eyewear designs, you can find it all at this shop. 

The prices of sunglasses at World Duty-Free range from 140 USD to 316 USD.

2. Watches

duty-free Hobby Airport

Timepieces are functional accessories, and without a doubt, wearing elegant watches can enhance your style. Houston Duty-free is the best place to find new watches because it offers customers a curated collection from prestigious brands. For example, you can discover premium watches from Fossil or Giorgio Armani.

The store provides timepieces in various styles, including elegant dress watches with metal or leather straps. Additionally, sporty watches are also available, offering an extensive collection of fashionable options for both men and women.

You can acquire your favorite watches with prices ranging from 57.50 USD to 240 USD. The designs of all the watches are so impressive that they make suitable gifts.

3. Perfumes

perfumes duty-free shop at Houston Hobby Airport

Your shopping trip will not be complete without purchasing perfumes duty-free shop at Houston Hobby Airport. This section offers an extensive range of scents from top-notch brands, ensuring that you find the perfect fragrance.

Whether you prefer woody, powdery, floral, or musky scents, you’ll discover a variety of options. These perfumes are ideal for both gifts and personal use. The store features numerous reputable perfume brands, including Hermes, Givenchy, Dior, Calvin Klein, Versace, and many more.

Despite the high-end nature of these perfumes, the prices are reasonable. For example, the cost of a Calvin Klein perfume starts at just 15.95 USD.

4. Skincare

duty-free shop at Houston Hobby Airport

Traveling frequently doesn’t mean neglecting your skin’s health. When your skincare products are running out, take the opportunity to purchase new items at the duty-free shop. 

Explore a wide variety of skincare products to nourish your skin. The shop offers various skincare items, including day and night creams, serums, sun protection, hair care, and more. 

These products come from renowned skincare brands such as Clarins, Estee Lauder, Dior, Lancôme, Clinique, and more. Furthermore, the store’s skincare products start from 15 USD.

5. Travel Essentials

Houston duty-free shop

Not only luxury goods but also travel essentials are available in the duty-free shop. For instance, you may need additional luggage or travel bags to carry souvenirs.

Additionally, you can purchase other essentials like toiletries. The price of travel-sized toiletries in this shop starts at USD 7.

6. Liquor

Liquor prices in duty-free shop at Houston Hobby Airport

Raise a glass to a premium selection of liquors available at the Houston Duty-Free Shop. This section offers a variety of liquors, including wines, whisky, white spirits, brandy, champagne, and more. 

These beverages come from top brands such as Baileys, Johnnie Walker, Jack Daniel’s, Royal Salute, Veuve Clicquot, and other well-known names.

Liquor prices in duty-free shops at Houston Hobby Airport range from 5 USD to 525 USD.

7. Tobacco

tobacco duty-free shop at Houston Hobby Airport

Houston Duty-Free offers a dedicated section for tobacco products, catering to those who appreciate a fine cigar. Within this section, you’ll find a selection of world-class tobacco and cigarettes.

For example, you can choose from renowned brands such as Natural American Spirit, Marlboro, Camel, Cafe Crème, and others. The prices at the tobacco duty-free shop at Houston Hobby Airport start from 20 USD per pack.

Shopping at the duty-free shop at Houston Hobby Airport before returning to your hometown will enhance your travel experience. It’s recommended not to overlook this opportunity to save more on your shopping. Additionally, if you’re looking to save on flight tickets and accommodation, consider booking them through Airpaz!


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