17 Filipino Snacks You’ve Got to Try!

In the Philippines, the mix of cultures affects the kinds of food. The local ingredients, the Spanish combination, and the popular brand worldwide offer a variety of food and snacks for you. Here are some of the tasty snacks that you have got to try in the Philippines.

The Philippines’ Traditional Snacks

The Philippines' Traditional Snacks
Cheese Puto (steamed rice cake) paired with Pork Blood Stew



It is a traditional snack from sticky glutinous rice mixed cooked in coconut milk. It is wrapped in coconut leaves and steamed. Most of the provinces in the Philippines love suman and cook it in their unique way.

How to eat it? You can drizzle suman with white sugar or smear it with latik sauce as the locals do. Latik sauce is a thick sauce from coconut milk that tastes very sweet.

Pan de sal

Pan de Sal

It is a Spanish word for salt bread. As it is named, pan de sal is a kind of bread made from flour, salt, eggs, yeast, and sugar. It is a classic Filipino for a bread roll. Many Filipinos enjoy it by dipping it into their coffee in the morning.

The bread roll comes with various filling include coco jam, cheese, butter, ube, and liver spread. It is coated in breadcrumbs on top thus making it crispy, but kind of creamy and chewy inside.



It is made with sticky rice, brown sugar, and coconut milk. On top of it is the sprinkle of toasted coconut bits to make it tastier. It is an addictive snack for every day. It is very popular in the Philippines, that’s why.

Bibingkang malagkit

Bibingka Malagkit

Another delicious snack of glutinous rice in the Philippines is Bibingkang malagkit. The combination of glutinous rice and coconut milk makes it taste sweet.


It is a famous steamed rice cake in the Philippines. The texture is soft and fluffy because it is made of rice flour. Puto comes with many flavors, like cheese and ube (made from purple yam), and it has a lot of varieties all over the Philippines. It is best served along with appetizing meals due to the light and smooth taste.


Kutsinta and Puto
Kutsinta (left) and Puto (right)

It is a chewy and jelly-like rice cake with grated coconut for topping. It is steamed so it is a healthy cake that you can frequently eat all day for snacking. The only effect is being full and feels good.

Sweets and Jellies in the Philippines!

Various sweets and jellies in the Philippines are sold for souvenirs. Besides, you can also use them as your travel companion for a mood booster. Here are some popular products:

Flat Tops and Curly Tops

Curly Tops Chocolate

Both of them are milk chocolates and they look similar. The difference is only in the writing: Flat Tops or Curly Tops. For the taste, Curly Tops is tastier and softer in your mouth. Meanwhile, Flat Tops has a sweet filling inside. Their sweetness brings joy through your day.


JellYace is a bag of assorted fruit-flavored jellies. They are packed in tiny plastic cups with the peeling wrapper. The fruit taste is so real that you will feel it as a fruit juice.

King ChocNut Milk Chocolate

Source: pepper.ph

Another chocolate candy for the loved ones. The milky taste is accompanied by a roasted peanut flavor. It is one of the stape snacks for Filipino kids. The taste is sweet as the combination of milk and chocolate. It melts in your mouth perfectly with the crunchy peanut.


Want to chew more? Grab a bag of Frutos. These candies are super addicting! The fruit tastes here are lychee, mango, ponkan, and tamarind. All of them are mouth-watering. The classic version is different, they have grape, strawberry, orange, and lemon.

Chips and Crackers

Philippines' Chips and Crackers

Filipino snacks are long-lasting. They remind us of huge childhood memories. Some of the snacks you can use for souvenirs or your companion while relaxing at the hotel.



Who doesn’t know Piattos? Almost all southeast Asian countries have enjoyed this snack. It comes in various flavors such as roast beef, nacho pizza, roadhouse barbecue, cheese, or sour cream and onion. They are light chips that people use for road trips, house parties, or just meet friends.

Marty’s Cracklin’ Vegetarian Chicharon

Marty’s Cracklin’ Vegetarian Chicharon

Are you vegetarian? Don’t worry, you can still find a vegetarian snack for you. It is Marty’s Cracklin’ Vegetarian Chicharon which comes with no trans-fat and less sodium. Chicharon means deep-fried pork rinds and it tastes very crispy and crunchy. The flavors you can enjoy are Plain Salted, Salt and Vinegar, or Chicken Inasal.

Golden Sweet Corn

Golden Sweet Corn

The original taste of corn is in this very popular snack. The tasty corn flavor is in golden balls and when you eat it, the blend of salty and sweet is perfect hitting your tongue.

V-cut Spicy BBQ Potato Chips

V-cut Spicy BBQ Potato Chips
Source: beagleycopperman.com

Potato chips snack is a legend. It is adored everywhere and, in the Philippines, you can taste the barbecue flavor or spicy. The spicy taste is not too hot so you can still enjoy it.

Boy Bawang Cornick Garlic

Boy Bawang Cornick Garlic

It is a mixed nuts snack with various flavors such as barbecue, chili cheese, Lechon manok, or adobo. Bawang means garlic, so the basic taste of Boy Bawang is garlic.



Snacku is rice crackers with a vegetable powder sprinkle. The stick crackers are bright green and tasty, no matter what vegetable it includes.

Cheese Rings

Cheese Ring
Source: beagleycopperman.com

It is a snack full of cheesy flavors. It melts in every bite and won’t disappoint the cheesy lovers!

The Philippines also come with various traditional and modern snacks to enjoy, so don’t forget to spare the space in your luggage to bring these wonderful snacks. All you need is just to book the flight on Airpaz.com and bring your luggage!

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