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After landing, your initial task is to navigate the airport terminal. Therefore, if you plan to travel to Texas, ensure a comprehensive understanding of the layout of the Houston Hobby Airport terminal. This knowledge will enable you to navigate the terminal effortlessly.

Now, let’s explore a concise guide detailing the layout and amenities of Houston Hobby Airport Terminal.

Houston Hobby Airport Terminal

Houston Hobby Airport terminal arrival

Houston Hobby Airport (HOU), a bustling hub in Texas, is known for its efficiency and simplicity, attributes attributed to its single-terminal setup.

The terminal is strategically divided into the Central Concourse and West Concourse. The Central Concourse handles domestic flights, while the West Concourse is designated for international flights.

Despite being smaller than Bush Intercontinental Airport, HOU provides comprehensive services and amenities, earning it the distinction of being the only airport in Texas with a 5-star rating from Skytrax World Airport Awards.

Five airlines operate at HOU: Allegiant, Delta, American Airlines, Frontier Airlines, and Southwest. These carriers offer a range of domestic and international destinations. For a detailed list of flight destinations, please refer to this page.

Houston Hobby Airport Main Terminal

Houston Hobby Airport terminal parking

The primary hub of activity at HOU is the main terminal, which comprises the Central and West Concourses. Additionally, Houston Hobby Airport terminal parking is available north of the main terminal.

Upon entering the main terminal, various services and amenities are easily accessible to enhance your travel experience.

The main terminal is structured with two levels. The first level serves as the arrival area for Houston Hobby Airport terminal. Domestic flight passengers claim their baggage in the central part of the building, while international flight passengers arrive at the west part of the terminal.

The ground transportation area can be found on level 1 of the building, and level 2 is designated for Houston Hobby Airport Terminal departures.

Let’s delve into the layout and facilities provided in each concourse, enabling you to navigate the terminal seamlessly.

Central Concourse Houston Hobby Airport Terminal

Houston Hobby Airport departure

The Central Concourse is specifically designed to cater to domestic flights, serving passengers traveling to and from various cities across the United States. Notable destinations include Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Las Vegas, Memphis, Orlando, and more.

Comprising 25 gates numbered 20-32 and 40-51, this concourse offers a range of facilities and services. Let’s explore the available amenities in this area!

Facilities and Services
Houston Hobby Airport terminal facilities

In the Central Concourse, numerous public facilities, stores, and restaurants await you. Various amenities within the Central Concourse are designed to cater to the diverse needs of passengers:

  • ATMs
  • Battery charging station
  • Chapel
  • Vending machines for drinks and snacks
  • Water bottle filling station
  • Library
  • Shoe shine service
  • Mothers room
  • World Duty-free store
  • Spa and massage chairs
  • Shops (such as CNBC Smartshop, HMart, iStore, MAC, and many more)
  • Food and beverage outlets (including Buffalo Wild Wings, Gastrohub, Hubcap Grill, Peet’s, Starbucks, Wendy’s, and many more)
direction to the Houston Hobby Airport terminal

There is a single lounge at this airport named USO, exclusively designated for United States military members and their families. It serves as a complimentary space for them to relax both before and after their flights.

The lounge is equipped with amenities such as sofas, TVs, computers, and snacks. Operating hours for the USO lounge are from 9 AM to 9 PM daily.

The direction to the Houston Hobby Airport terminal lounge is easy. Simply take the elevator between Gate 44 and 46 to descend downstairs.

West Concourse Houston Hobby Airport Terminal

Houston Hobby Airport terminal departure

The West Concourse is situated to the west of the main concourse and is accessible through a long corridor connecting the two. This concourse features five gates, numbered 1-5, facilitating easy travel between the central and west concourses.

Dedicated to servicing international flights, the West Concourse offers flights to destinations such as the Caribbean, Central America, and Mexico. 

Similar to the Central Concourse, it boasts a diverse array of amenities, services, shops, and food and beverage outlets.

Facilities and Services
Houston Hobby Airport terminal facilities

The West Concourse accommodates a diverse range of public services, restaurants, and shops, offering a multitude of amenities for visitors. These include:

  • Prayer room or chapel
  • Massage chairs
  • ATMs
  • Nursing room
  • Children’s play area
  • Service animal relief area
  • Shoe shine service
  • Phone charging station
  • Vending machines for snacks and drinks
  • Drink water filling station
  • Library
  • Various shops (such as Desigual, Gameway, Houston Chronicle, Southern Living, Space Corner, and many more)
  • Food and beverage outlets (Chick-fil-A, Peet’s, StrEAT)
central concourse Houston Hobby Airport Terminal

Unfortunately, the West Concourse does not offer a dedicated lounge for passengers. However, if you wish to unwind after a flight or before your boarding time, you can avail yourself of the massage chair facilities situated at Gate 1 and 3.

Please note that this facility is not complimentary, but the experience is worth trying. Simply take a seat, relax within 5 minutes, and you’ll find yourself rejuvenated and ready to recharge your energy.

Inter-Terminal Transfer

West concourse Houston Hobby Airport terminal

Inter-terminal transfers at HOU are not necessary as the airport features a single-terminal structure. While the main terminal is divided into two concourses, passengers can easily travel between them. 

To move from the Central Concourse to the West Concourse, or vice versa, simply walk through a corridor.

Houston Hobby Airport terminal has a simple design, ensuring a straightforward and enjoyable travel experience for every passenger. Whether you are traveling to a domestic or international destination, HOU offers facilities and services to cater to your needs. Have you planned your trip to Houston? To ensure a seamless journey, book your flight and accommodation via Airpaz!


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