Maximize the Benefits of Ramadhan: Essential Tips and Practices

What are the best Ramadhan preparations? It is not so long before this year’s Ramadhan. For Moslems, it must be a really beautiful time to wait for so long. But of course, it also means you must be ready to do a set of prayers and worships whether the obligatory or Sunnah ones. Not to forget, you must do fasting for 30 days. Well, fasting may not be that difficult but it indeed requires good and healthy body conditions to do it well.

So, what should you prepare for welcoming Ramadhan? Here are some preparations to optimize yourself.

Paying Off Your Fasting “Debts”


For some reason, you might not complete your Ramadhan fasting last year. For women, you probably got menstruation that prohibits you from fasting. Besides, some other conditions make you unable to do that like being pregnant, breastfeeding, getting a trip, and more. So, before the next Ramadhan starts, make sure to pay off your fasting debts.

Sure, it just makes you feel relaxed and better in doing the next activities in Ramadhan. Besides, in case you must not do fasting for some days in Ramadhan this year, your debts are not getting more. Now, you can just try to remember whether you have paid off your debts or not.

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Doing Sunnah Fasting


Fasting in Ramadhan is obligatory, every Moslem must know it well. But of course, you should know also that the are some types of fasting that are in the Sunnah category. For example, they are fasting sets before Idul Adha, Monday and Thursday fasting, David’s fasting, and more. So, why don’t you prepare your body by doing one type of fasting mentioned above?

It is so good if you can start it by doing the Monday and Thursday fasting. It is quite easy to do even if you are really busy with a hectic schedule. By doing Sunnah fasting, it is expected that your body is getting ready to do it every day in Ramadhan. Don’t worry, based on some research, fasting is healthy for your health as it works to detoxify your body. Of course, make sure to eat healthy foods when breaking the fast.

Doing More Prayers and Worships


It is mentioned in the Quran and Hadith that Allah will multiply rewards during Ramadhan. It sounds good for sure for all devout Moslems. But of course, your plan to do more prayers may not be done well at the end of your body and your mind is not ready enough for this.

Therefore, even some months before Ramadhan, make sure to prepare for it by doing more prayers and worships. There are some good examples. First, you can do Tahajud Prayers at night since, in Ramadhan, you must do Tarawih. You can also start to read some verses of the Quran regularly like every after doing Maghrib or Shubuh prayers. If you have been ready with all of those routines, Ramadhan is no longer tiring, it can even be very interesting.

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Regular Exercise


Since you must fast every day, in Ramadhan, there should be less time for exercising. Therefore, before the holy month begins, it is much better to do regular exercises. If you have been on the Sunnah fasting schedule, choose days when fasting off to do your favorite exercises such as jogging, gymnastic, or even swimming and going to the sports center. By starting Ramadhan with a healthier body, you can just do all the activities more optimally.

But don’t get it wrong, it doesn’t mean that when fasting, you cannot do the exercise well. Yes, you can. But of course, the exercise you choose should not be heavy. Walking around your neighborhood is a good idea to keep your body moving. If you are too afraid of being hungry or tired after that, this light exercise can be done around an hour before breaking the fast.

Preparing Health Boosters


The next preparation for Ramadhan is health boosters. Of course, you must make sure your body is always healthy during the month. For that, it is okay to stock multivitamin tablets like vitamin C, vitamin D, Cod oil, and more in your first aid box. In the refrigerator, there should also be ingredients to make sure your body gets enough carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals to still do activities well all day long.

One of the recommended foods to eat in Ramadhan is dates (Hurma). Not only the Prophet Mohammad eat it but also the fruit is indeed a very effective energy booster. Its sweet taste and delicate texture also make the fruit flexible to process into many dishes. If on other days you may consume dates as dessert, in Ramadhan, it is better to eat them as a starter.

Ramadhan is a special holy month for all Moslems in the world. If you are one of those who celebrate it, make sure to do all the religious activities well. Therefore, preparing yourself before it starts is important. Aside from fasting preparation, it is not bad to have some trips before or during Ramadhan. To get the best tickets and service, make sure to use only Airpaz.


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