How to Spend 3-Day Spring Itinerary to See Cherry Blossom in Tokyo

Tokyo is the capital of Japan. Based on the number of residents, about 12 million people, it is also known as the most populous city in the country and metropolitan area in the world. As the political, economic, cultural and academic center of the country, Tokyo is a very busy city with hundreds of thousands of people from nearby cities coming and going to the city. In addition to being the capital of the country where the central government is run, Tokyo is also the place where Japan Emperor lives.

There is no doubt that Tokyo tourism is very advanced and popular worldwide. The fact that the city will host the 2010 Olympics has attracted more tourist. As spring is also about to come, people are now anticipating for the blooming of cherry blossom.

Source: Beauty Of Japan
Source: Beauty Of Japan

Do you want to go to Tokyo for spring itinerary in three days? You should plan this trip well in advance. Many tourists are likely to visit Japan this season. The warm and comfortable weather temperature makes everyone want to come. Importantly, it is the cherry blossom season.

As you want to finish the trip in three days, here are some tips that will guide you:

• Start your journey from Yoyogi Park on the first day. It is not only a peaceful park where you can enjoy strolling and watching the bird. The best part is you can see most of the cherry blossoms here can get the full bloom. Do not forget to visit Meiji Shrinine, a famous historical landmark situated close to the park.

Source: juliekhuu
Source: juliekhuu

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• To experience the real hanami, you can go to Shinjuku Gyoen. Find a great spot to sit and enjoy your lunch underneath the cherry trees. It can be very difficult since picnickers will roam and want to get a perfect space. Alternatively, you just need to head to Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building and enjoy the beautiful looks of the city. You will get the view of Mount Fujin on a clear day. Do not miss the well known Nakameguro Sakura Festival at night.

• Ueno Park is a recommended place to start your second-day trip. The massive park offers a lot of things to do. You can visit Ueno Zoo, Tokyo National Museum, and Kiyomizu Kannon Temple. If you are looking for a Buddhist temple in Tokyo, you can go to Sensoji Temple. Take a train at Ueno Station.

• Continue your trip to Asakusa Station. Get off from the train and walk around to reach Sumida River. You will find a riverside park which looks amazing with the view of hundreds of cherry blossom trees on its both side. Then, you can jump on a Sumida River Line cruise boat to go to Hama Rikyu Garden, a well designed and maintained traditional Japanese landscape garden. When the dust comes, pamper your eyesight with the beautiful whole of the whole Tokyo at night from Tokyo Tower.

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• At the end of your 3-day spring itinerary, you can spend it to visit other popular hanami spots, including Koishikawa Botanical Garden, Koishikawa Korakuen, Yakusuni Shrine and Chidorigafuchi. Each of those places offers the different gorgeous views of Sakura. To complete the itinerary, you can end the journey at Ginza, a famous district for shopping and entertainment.

Information about the estimated schedule of cherry blossom season has been disseminated, which of course has been very eagerly awaited by those who want to take a part in annual hanami festival. The blooming of sakura in Japan typically occurs in late March and early April. In Tokyo itself, the full bloom (best time to enjoy hanami) is predicted around March 22nd. To make the most of your visit to Tokyo during sakura blooming season, you should go within 7 to 14 days after the date of full bloom. You can choose the flight at Airpaz and get the special promo for your holiday. Happy traveling

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