15 Tips For a Great Traveling Experience in Japan

15 Tips For a Great Traveling Experience in Japan

The uniqueness of japanese cultures has invited many curious foreigner to visit. As a wise traveler, we need to learn some of their cultures and habits. Here are 15 tips from Airpaz for a great traveling experience in Japan.

1. Bowing yourself to greet someone

The Japanese bow when they greet. The casual greeting is 15-degree bow. But if you greet an elderly, you need to bow deep to your waist.

2. Slipper and Socks

When you are entering a traditional restaurant, it is a tradition to put your shoes off.

3. Learning symbols or written Japanese languages

It will be useful if you are for a bathroom and you are not accompanied with people who can speak and read japanese.

4. Carrying a notepad

The Japanese love their language. It doesn’t mean they can’t speak English though, but it is better if you carry a notepad. In the notepad, you can put the name of your hotel or the location you want to visit in Kanji or Hiragana.

5. Getting a Suica card for public transportation

Taxi is an expensive transportation in Japan. That’s why we have to ride public transportation. Getting Suica cards are important

6. Not giving tips

It is considered rude if you are giving tips in Japan. So, no tipping.

7. Looking for cheap food

Don’t try to enter a restaurant if you are looking for cheap food. Find a small hawker store so you can order a bowl of ramen, a bento or bread.

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8. Don’t point finger

Pointing your forefinger to someone or something is impolite. So if you want to point on something, just using your open hand.

9. Bring a tissue whenever you go

You can always use a toilet paper to clean your hand. Or you can bring and use your own tissue since they don’t provide electric hand dryers.

10. Don’t be too loud

When you are in a public area, don’t be too loud. Since it is considered inappropriate, Speaking on a phone or talking to someone loudly is a no-no.

11. Buying a Map

You need to buy a map that has the locations written in both English and Japanese.

12. Wearing a mask

Japanese are known as hard working. They even come to the office when they have a cold. To avoid spreading the disease, they use masks. They don’t sneeze loudly in public places, so you should too.

13. Refilling your water bottle

Their tap water is clean and you can fill in your bottle with the tap water. So you won’t be thristy

14. Using chpsticks correctly

Don’t pass food using chopstikcs. If you are going to pass food, move it to the bowl or plate to pass it.

15. Using the toilet

You won’t always see a very high-tech toilet. The public toilet usually is a traditional Japanese style toilet. The bowl is on the front-side.

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