Kei Island, the Hidden Gem in Maluku as a Heaven for Travellers

Kei Island, also known as Kepulauan Kei in Bahasa Indonesia, is surely one of the best tourist destinations in the country. For those who have visited Indonesia, you will know exactly that the country’s tourism is more than just Bali. Kei Island is also its hidden gem of tourism, especially when it comes to the Eastern Indonesian regions.

What to Do When You’re in Kei Island?


The group of islands is located in Maluku Province. That’s in far east of Indonesia’s territory. Kei Island is well-known for its pristine beaches, natural beauty, and lots of amazing tourists’ destinations. For those who have never been to the islands and want to visit someday, these are activities you can do there. Make sure you know right from the start because the islands are just packed with exciting activities everywhere, including in the South Kai.

Diving and Snorkeling at Pasir Panjang Beach


The first thing you can do on Kei Island is diving and snorkeling. The eastern part of Indonesia is full of pristine beaches with azure water and white sand all over it. They are so beautiful, and surely they are home for magnificent marine creatures, corals, as well as everything else underwater. This is why diving and snorkeling become mandatory here.

In Pasir Panjang Beach, in particular, you will be able to dive beneath the sea and look at some of the best underwater creatures, including the particularly-rare leatherback turtles. There are a lot of places around the island and Pasir Panjang Beach where you can basically hire diving instructors and get what you need to do the activity.

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Looking at Pre-historic Painting in Ohoi Dertawun Beach


The islands are not just about saltwater beaches and scenery. It is also intriguing for those who love history. There is a beach called Ohoi Dertawun beach on Kei Island. The beach is home to several pre-historic paintings. Yes, the painting is on a cliff rock, and it is presumed to be dated like million years ago.

The painting depicts a human figure, and it is so interesting to see. It has been observed by so many tourists, considering this spot is a must-visit point. After all, it is still a prehistoric painting that really intrigues a lot of people. If you are visiting the islands, and you are at Ohoi Dertawun Beach, the painting is indeed a must to see.

Pelican Watching at Ngurtavur Beach


When you are visiting any Place of Kai, chances are you can see something interesting. This happens when you are in Ngurtavur Beach. This beach is so exciting to visit since you will have a big chance to watch a group of pelicans resting at the beach. The pelicans are flying to Australia, which is next to Maluku, and they are usually stopping here at the beach. It is wonderful scenery indeed.

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Sightseeing around Bair Island


Bair Island is the most famous name in the whole group of islands. It has several world-famous beaches with crystal-clear water and paperwhite sand. It also has a fisherman village where tourists can interact with the locals. In addition, it is a place where people can enjoy the best scenery around the island. There are rainforests, plantations, and other beautiful places to see here.

In particular, you can do the shallow water sightseeing where you are on a boat by the beaches. Moreover, you can see through a looking glass down underwater. The sea creatures are just magnificent, and you should be able to see colorful corals and schools of fish all over the place. It is just one of the perks you get from visiting Kei Island.

Swimming at Hawang Cave


Hawang Cave is one of the famous tourist destinations on the island. You can take a fresh dip in the cave. It has a lagoon-like natural pool inside the cave where you can swim into. But remember; always be careful not to go to the far deep end.

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Trekking at Masbait Hill

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Masbait Hill is considered as the highest point of the whole island. This is why people are so excited to climb up there and see the entire Kei Island from up above. Masbait Hill is just perfect for trekking. It has everything, starting from fresh air to beautiful scenery all around the hill. Once you get to the peak, you can see the most magnificent and enjoyable scenery.

Of course, there are more things you can do on the island, including in Kai Miles Land besides those six activities. Are you interested? If you are, all you need to do now is book your ticket and accommodation to the island. Use the help of Airpaz to do that. Visit or use the Airpaz App (downloadable on Google PlayStore) to make sure you can visit Kei Island with ease.


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