Places to Visit in Bandung Indonesia for Your 3d2n Trip!

So, you are planning to come to Indonesia and your first destination is to visit its capital metropolitan city, Jakarta. Now, you are thinking about visiting other places but you really have no idea of where to go. Well, if you have some days to spare (although not more than a week), you can always go to Bandung, a popular capital city of West Java.

And why should you come to the city, anyway? First of all, Bandung isn’t too far from Jakarta. It is only 3 to 4 hours travelling by train or bus. If you drive your own car, it takes around 2.5 hours through the highways. But don’t really depend on this time frame because you can never predict the traffic. It is possible that you may have to spend more hours on the road if you are trapped in the traffic jam. But since Bandung isn’t too far from Jakarta, travelling in between two cities are pretty easy. In the event that you need to catch the plane from the airport in Jakarta, Bandung will be the ideal place to explore and try new things.

Second, Bandung can provide an alternative holiday experience – especially if you are bored with everything metropolis and modern in Jakarta. You will feel a different atmosphere in Bandung and there are so many options to wander around.

If you want to have nature exploration, there are some places to accommodate it. If you want to have a historical exploration, there are some specific spots. In short, you will never get bored in this city. Third, this is the shopping heaven – particularly if you are looking something modern, chic, and trendy and yet you don’t really want to spend a fortune. With all of these combinations, it is no wonder if people like coming to Bandung. You can also enjoy the same experience if you know where to go.

3d2n Itinerary and Places to Visit in Bandung With Fun Things to Do!

Places to Visit in Bandung - 3d2n Itinerary

There are a lot of interesting places in Bandung – you just need to know where to go. Get ready to visit these awesome places!

1. First Day

Make sure that you have planned you’re itinerary first. Bandung is a small but crowded city. It would be wise if you can group your plans within a day. For instance, you can use the first day to explore the city and then the second day to explore places outside the city. It would be more efficient and you won’t be stuck in the traffic for hours.

a. Trans Studio Bandung

Bandung - Trans Studio Bandung

This ‘studio’ is basically an indoor theme park. It covers a wide area – stretches around 4.2 hectares. It is inside this big building so you won’t have to worry about being exposed to the hot temperature or blazing sunray. You can find adventure rides, roller coaster, and so much more. Within the same complex, you can also find a luxury hotel, Trans Studio Mall, a shopping mall, and more within an accessible and also easy reach. The ticket is IDR 150,000 per person on weekdays and IDR 250,000 per person on weekends.

b. Bandung Geology Museum

Bandung - Bandung Geology Museum

This is actually a pretty cool place where you can see a lot of interesting things while learning new stuff at the same time. If you are into dinosaurs and ancient items, you will find the collections to be impressive. You can find T-Rex bones, reconstructed skeletons of Mammoths, and many other cool exhibitions there. The ticket is pretty affordable. It is only IDR 2,000 for students and IDR 3,000 for non-students. For foreign tourists, the ticket will be IDR 10,000. This is a must-visit place if you are coming with your family, especially small kids.

c. Braga Street

Bandung - Braga Street

Want to visit one of the historical spots in Bandung? Then come to Braga Street or most popular as ‘Jalan Braga’. You should find well-preserved and well-cared colonial buildings that are just perfect for your photo background. There is a thick air of old-time pas European flair in this area. Because of it, Bandung is known as ‘Paris of Java’. You can also find chic and modern boutiques and busy cafes.

d. Bandros Bus Tour

Bandung - Bandros Bus Tour

It is actually a bus tour service provided by local government. Bandros or Bandung tour on the bus is designed for tourists who want to explore the area of Bandung easily. If you want to experience a double-decker ride, this is the perfect time because the tour is designed to be similar to the one in London. The buses are coming in different colours: pink, purple, blue, red, and yellow. The different colours are meant to show different routes. In general, you need to pay IDR 25,000 per person to enjoy the ride.

e. Taman Wisata Maribaya

Bandung - Taman Wisata Maribaya

It is not exactly in Bandung but it offers a different atmosphere for families. It has many beautiful and green open spaces. You should head here if you are tired with the city crowd – and the traffic.

2. Second Day

If the first day activities are focused and centralized at the things you can do right in the city of Bandung, then you may like the idea of going outside the city to enjoy more scenic views.

a. Dusun Bambu

Bandung - Dusun Bambu

This would be a great place to spend a day away from the crowd and noise of the big city. It is basically an open destination with apartments, hotels, restaurants, shops, and a park. It is located in Lembang so it is pretty quiet and peaceful. The atmosphere is also relaxed and serene. If you want to spend a night there, they have various different options of the lodgings and accommodations. The ticket entrance is only IDR 15,000 but you can enjoy a very nice outdoor and natural surrounding. Want to dine in the restaurant? No need to worry, the foods are tasty and the drinks are fresh.

b. Tebing Keraton

Bandung - Tebing Keraton

This place is originally ideal for watching the sunrise. From the top, you will be mesmerized by the view below – not to mention that you get a breathtaking view of the sunrise and the misty surrounding. After the sunrise, you can stay – simply for the fresh air. It makes you relax and somewhat grateful for everything you have. The ticket is IDR 11,000 per person. The parking ticket is IDR 5,000 for motorcycle and IDR 10,000 for cars. However, reaching the place is easier with a motorcycle because of the small path. You need to be a skilled driver to drive and reach the spot.

c. Treetop Adventure Park

Bandung - Treetop Adventure Park

This place is most popular for the outdoor swing but it actually offers other outdoor activities, like the flying fox with different heights (designed for different users). It is most exciting if you are travelling with friends or families.

The ticket is IDR 200,000 per person (adult) and IDR 140,000 for kids. There is a family package where you pay IDR 540,000 for everyone. The price is for 5 hours of activities, including 2,5 hours of access to 24 flying fox and 88 challenges. The price includes insurance, safety gear, and professional assistance from the staff.

d. Situ Cileunca

Bandung - Situ Cileunca

The place has a lush and open space that stretches miles away. Just like other destinations outside Bandung, the atmosphere and the air are fresh and relaxing. You can take a walk around the area while marvelling the view. Even when it is pouring, the atmosphere is still amazing and relaxing. A lot of people will make use of the opportunity to create amazing photos. If you want to enjoy some adventurous activities like trekking or water rafting, you have come to the right place. The entrance fee to this area isn’t more than IDR 5,000 per person.

e. De’Ranch

This is another interesting spot in Lembang. This will be your perfect destination if you want to be a cowboy – or cowgirl. You can rent cowboy or cowgirl costume and ride a horse to explore the place. Feel free to marvel the view and take pictures – and while doing so, you can wear the cowboy costume. It would be an interesting picture of you! The entrance fee is only around IDR 5,000 per person. Besides renting the costume, you can try the flying fox or archery – and much more. Each of those activities requires you to spend extra, depending on the activity you choose.

3. Third Day

This is usually the day where you go on ‘the souvenir’ hunting. What to buy for souvenirs and where to find them?

a. Factory Outlets

Bandung - Factory Outlets

As the city of fashion, Bandung has tons of factory outlets – the most popular ones are located in Cihampelas, Riau, and Dago. They are mostly inexpensive and yet trendy. A piece of clothes may be sold between IDR 30,000 to IDR 50,000 (around $4 to $6). Most of these factory outlets only accept cash so be sure to have them handy.

b. Brownies

Bandung - Brownies

If you are thinking about bringing home some culinary specialities from Bandung, then brownies can be the best options. Some of the brands are Kartika Sari (located in Jalan Juanda), Amanda (also in Jalan Juanda), and Prima Rasa in Jalan Kemuning. Amanda is popular for the steamed brownies. If you are looking for roasted brownies, it is either Kartika Sari or Prima Rasa. Kartika Sari, however, also offers other food variants. A box of brownies is sold in between IDR 40,000 to IDR 65,000. They are guaranteed to be tasty. You should try them!

c. Cibaduyut Shoes and Bags

Bandung - Cibaduyut Shoes and Bags

Cibaduyut is an area known for its local leather craft. You can find good quality products, mostly in the form of bags, shoes, sandals, belts, and other products. The quality is good and the price is definitely lower than the international brands – and yet you can compare the quality and be sure that Cibaduyut’s products are just as good. A good bag may start from IDR 200,000 while a good pair of shoes may be sold from around IDR 250,000.

Bandung Specialty Culinary

There are some foods that originate from Bandung. You may be able to find the same foods in other cities (in Indonesia), but the taste is different. Naturally, the original taste is always better.

1. Siomay and Batagor

Bandung - Siomay and Batagor

Batagor is basically a fishcake made from the mix of tapioca and mackerel. The fishcake batter is the stuffed inside tofu and then deep fried. When the fishcake is wrapped in dumpling skin, it is named siomay. Both of them is generally served with peanut sauce and sweet soy sauce – sometimes sprinkled with lime juice if you like it. The popular spots to enjoy them are Batagor H.Ihsan in Jalan Kopo. Each piece is sold for IDR 2,000. Baso Tahu Mang Ade is also popular, located in Jalan Ternate. Per piece is sold IDR 1.700.

2. Yamien

Bandung - Yamien

It is a variant of noodle with different taste – whether salty or sweet, depending on your preference. The noodle is thin and white and it is not served together with the broth soup. Yes, unlike other noodles, the broth soup is served in a separate manner. Yamien is usually topped with steamed meatball, wonton, celery, leek, and also grated chicken. There are a lot of hawker food sellers selling yamien. A portion of yamien is generally less than IDR 20,000

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