Interesting Facts of Komodo Island Tourists Need to Know

Komodo Island is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. It is geographically situated in Indonesia, particularly in Labuhan Bajo. The island is world-famous for its Komodo National Park where hundreds of extinct-prone Komodo dragons are roaming for free. This is what you need to know about the island as a tourist destination, particularly its unique facts.

The Fun Facts Related to Komodo Island, Indonesia

Komodo  komodo island  komodo national park  komodo dragon
Komodo is a member of the monitor lizard family Varanidae that is endemic to the Indonesian islands of Komodo

In fact, since the Komodo dragon itself is quite rare, people get so interested in visiting this particular island. Before going there, make sure you can find out more facts about Komodo Island by reading the information below. It will help you understand what to expect during your trip, and what to do when vacationing there. These are the facts for you.

Komodo Dragon is Basically a Living Dinosaur

Komodo  komodo island  komodo national park  komodo dragon
Komodo Dragon, Varanus komodensis, on beach, Komodo Island

One of the first Komodo Island Facts you should know is surely related to the dragon. The Komodo dragon is probably the closest thing to dinosaurs that you can see today. The dragon can reach up to three meters long and weigh more than a ton. They are huge and bulky, and they fight with each other on two feet, making them look even more terrifying yet intriguing.

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You are Prohibited to Get Closer Look to the Komodo Dragons

Komodo  komodo island  komodo national park  komodo dragon  Tourist at Komodo island
You must stay away and be prohibited to get closer the Komodo Dragon

Even though the dragons are very interesting but intriguing, and you won’t probably see them somewhere else, you just cannot get a closer look at them. You cannot step forward and pet them. Well, they are carnivores basically, and their saliva is very poisonous. The park rangers will scold you if you try to get closer to the dragons.

You must stay away and watch them in their wild habitat from afar. This is why binoculars will come in handy. Bring them with you when you are visiting Komodo Island, especially in the Rinca Island area where the natural habitat of Komodo is mostly situated. It will be a breath-taking experience to see them with your own eyes.

The Pink Beach is Very Rare

Komodo  komodo island  komodo national park  komodo dragon  padar island
Romantic Pink Beach of the Komodo Islands

Near Komodo Island, you will see a beach called “Pink Beach”. Yes, the name is taken literally since the sand of the beach is in the color of pale pink. The pink color is the result of sand being mixed with small reddish particles from the sea. This pink beach is very rare with only seven beaches around the globe having pink sand on the shore. And yes, one of them is on this wonderful Indonesian island.

The Islands Have Dynamic Marine Environments

Scuba diving  diving in Komodo island  diving
You can do many things on Komodo Island, like Snorkeling and Diving into the sea

Besides Komodo spotting, surely you can do many things else on Komodo Island. One of them is being snorkeling and diving. Yes, going underwater is probably one of the best things you can do while you are on the islands as the ocean has the best marine environment with over 1,000 species of fish, corals, and other marine creatures. The water is crystal-clear, and it is indeed the perfect spot for the experience.

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Kalong Island is Literally Packed with Bats

kalong island 1
Kalong Island is known as Fruit Bat Island, home to thousands of giant flying foxes.

Around the area, there is an island called Kalong Island. Kalong in Indonesian means “bats”. They are huge, though, and literally, they inhabit the island like in every corner. Visiting this island is best in the sunlight as then you can see the bats hanging upside down on trees, and they will fly wildly as the sun goes down. It is like entering a bat cave but even better.

Padar Island Has One of the Best Views in the Area

Komodo  komodo island  komodo national park  komodo dragon  padar island
The Beautiful Padar Island in Komodo National Park. discover the panorama from the top of the hill

If you like hiking and want to take a good look at the island’s overall scenery from above, you can go to Padar Island. This is a part of Komodo Island, and it has hills and mountain scenery that you won’t want to miss. Hiking to the top point of the island takes probably three hours from the valley. It will be worth it at the end because great scenery is ready to greet you up there.

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Fisherman Village is Open for Visitors

village 1
Village on the seafront of Komodo Island 

Komodo Islands have lots of attractions, including the fisherman villages. The villages are located by the beach shore, and the locals are very open to visitors. They love interacting with tourists, and they will allow you to see what they are doing in their daily lives, including when they are coming back from the sea or when they are processing the seafood and fish they catch from the sea.

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