The Most Amazing Pedestrian Bridge in the World—Langkawi Sky Bridge Malaysia

Langkawi Sky Bridge in Malaysia is an amazing sky high suspension bridge on the Peak of Machinchang Mountain. The bridge establishment was completed in 2004. Designed amazingly with one 82-meters high pylon and great suspension technology on more than 100 meters high above the ground. Even though it only has a single tower, the precision design makes it very strong and balanced.

Langkawi Sky Bridge

Source: Youtube
Source: Youtube

Over 250 people can load the sky bridge at the same time. The swinging out bridge over the landscape enables the visitors to enjoy the spectacular views of virgin jungle in spatial experience. The curving bridge gives changing perspective in every viewing spot. So the enjoyment of the amazing views will never be monotone like on a straight bridge.

Facts about the Langkawi Sky Bridge Malaysia

The Langkawi Sky Bridge with the curve suspension is the longest one in the world at 125 meters long. The construction process was certainly not easy. It should make sure that the solutions must factor the essential elements such as balance structure, load distribution, best management of weight, the pre-fabrication and also the installation of the bridge. The construction used a helicopter to lift the elements to the mountain peak and then assembled in the high place.

The Langkawi Sky Bridge in Malaysia took twelve months for the construction process; from August 2003 to August 2004.After the finishing of the construction, the Sky Bridge was officially opened on February 27, 2005. So the public can get on to the bridge and enjoy the spectacular views. The bridge can accommodate up to 200 people at the same time. To reach the suspension bridge, visitors should firstly ride the Sky Cab to bring them to the mountaintop.

Langkawi Sky Bridge Ticket Price

Before you enjoy the sensation and the beautiful scenery on the high Langkawi Sky Bridge, you should purchase the ticket at the Sky Bridge Ticketing Counter. The ticket locket is located on the Top Station. The ticket costs RM 5 for an adult and RM 3 for a child.

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If you love enjoying the beautiful scenery of the virgin jungle from a high place, then you must try the Langkawi Sky Bridge in Malaysia. It will give more interesting and challenging experience on the high curved bridge with the only one pylon. Plan the trip by firstly booking the flight on Airpaz. Happy traveling


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