A Much Needed Munich Airport Guide for Your Journey

Vacationing in Europe, particularly in Germany, is a dream shared by many global travelers. The region’s natural beauty and captivating culture attract a significant number of tourists each year. Therefore, if you are considering a trip to Munich, Germany, it is essential to familiarize yourself with Munich Airport.

This guide will provide you with crucial information about the airport. Feel free to explore the comprehensive explanation below!

About Munich Airport

Munich Airport

Munich International Airport (MUC) stands as a world-class facility, having facilitated both domestic and international flights since 1992. The airport bears the official name Flughafen München Franz Josef Strauss, in honor of Franz Josef Strauss, the former minister-president of Bavaria.

It holds the distinction of being the second busiest airport in Europe, accommodating 31.64 million passengers in 2022.

Situated in the Freising region, approximately 28 kilometers northeast of Munich, this modern airport serves as a hub for Lufthansa, a prominent airline.

Additionally, several local airlines operate here, including TUI fly Deutschland, Condor, EuroWings, Air Dolomiti, and Discover.

MUC Airport boasts comprehensive facilities and services, ensuring a homely experience while awaiting flights or upon landing. Isn’t that intriguing?

Munich Airport Terminals

Munich Airport Terminals

The airport comprises two terminals: Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, with the airport center, known as Munich Airport Center, situated between them. This center serves as a hub for shopping, leisure, and business activities.

Terminal 1, spanning five levels, caters to non-Star Alliance flights, both arrivals and departures.

Conversely, Terminal 2 is exclusively reserved for Lufthansa Airlines and Star Alliance flights, mirroring the five-level structure of Terminal 1.

Within the Munich Airport Center (MAC), one can find a range of amenities, including a mall, train station, hotel, and other facilities.

Furthermore, each terminal offers dedicated lounges tailored for passengers seeking enhanced comfort while awaiting their flights. Notable lounges include Emirates Lounge, Airport Lounge World, and Airport Lounge Europe.

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Munich Airport Hotels

Munich Airport Hotels

One of the favored accommodation options for vacationers in Munich is the Munich Airport hotel, renowned for its traveler-friendly amenities. When considering a stay, you have two choices: Airport hotels or hotels in close proximity to the airport.

For those preferring to lodge within the airport precinct, the Hilton at Munich Airport stands as a prime option, conveniently situated at Munich Airport Center.

If you would rather stay slightly farther from the airport, there are several alternatives to consider. These include the Novotel Munich Airport, Premier Inn Munich Airport Sued Hotel, and Flightgate Munich Airport Hotel.

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Munich Airport Transportation

Munich Airport Transportation

To ensure the convenience of all passengers, Munich Airport collaborates with a variety of transportation options. Opting for an official mode of transportation from the airport guarantees a safer journey.

For those looking to embrace public transportation and engage with fellow travelers, buses and trains are available. These modes not only provide a cost-effective option but also offer the opportunity to mingle with a diverse range of people.

Alternatively, for a more private transportation experience, taxis, private transfers, and car rentals are at your disposal. While these options might come at a higher cost, they offer enhanced comfort and security throughout your journey.

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Best Things to Do in Munich

Munich City

Munich offers many natural beauty and European historical heritage that captivates with its aesthetic charm and cultural significance. The city provides easy vehicle access, making all its entertainment options accessible.

Here are some of the finest activities to experience in Munich:


For beer enthusiasts, attending the world’s largest beer festival is an ideal choice. Taking place from the third week of September, this festival witnesses the consumption of approximately 7.5 million beers.

Even if alcoholic beverages aren’t your preference, you can still partake in the festival’s excitement by exploring the night market or savoring various specialties like bratwurst, pretzels, and schnitzel.

Bavarian National Museum

A cultural expedition to the Bavarian National Museum is a must-add to your itinerary.

With over 40 museum rooms showcasing antiques dating back to the 10th century, this museum is a treasure trove of items, including oil paintings, weapons, faience, musical instruments, clocks, and furniture.

Visiting Marienplatz

Marienplatz, a historic city square tracing its roots to the 12th century, is perpetually abuzz with locals and tourists alike.

It is an ideal place for sightseeing, leisurely strolls, and shopping for Munich souvenirs. Notable landmarks include the Marian monument from the 17th century and a golden statue dating back to 1590.


The Olympiapark, which hosted the Munich Olympics in 1972, remains popular and vibrant.

Unlike many aging arenas, this venue is still bustling with activity. Opportunities abound here, from zip-lining through the stadium during summer to engaging in water sports and skiing on the hill.

These activities merely scratch the surface of what Munich offers. Other worthwhile pursuits include exploring Neuschwanstein Castle, the BMW Museum, and Frauenkirche.

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As you gather comprehensive information about Munich Airport and the various activities for your vacation, remember to secure your flight tickets through Airpaz. We wish you delightful travels!


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