Narita Airport Guidelines: Everything You Need to Know!

Feeling like visiting Japan? Narita Airport might be your destination when arriving in this beautiful Country. This airport is the second largest in Japan and is ready for your arrival. To know better one of the two Airports in Tōkyō City, we’ll provide you with the inside and out of Japan Narita Airport.

Let’s get into what Narita Airport has to offer!

Narita Airport Guidelines

Despite being called one of Tokyo’s International Airports, Narita Airport is not located in Tokyo. It is located in Chiba Prefecture, around 64 kilometers from central Tokyo.

If you have a flight scheduled to arrive at this airport, the code printed on your ticket or boarding pass is NRT. This airport is also known as Tokyo Narita International Airport or Narita International Airport.

Narita Airport supports both domestic and international flights. Aside from a megastructure capable of handling 44 million passengers a year, Narita Airport has many more interesting points of interest, such as capsule hotels, nail salons, pet hotels, and many more.

There are many more that Narita Airport can offer to aid your journey in Japan. Below, we’ll look at the Terminals, Hotels, Transportation, Duty-free, and even activities near Narita Airport that you can visit.

Narita Airport Guidelines Terminals

Narita Airport Terminals // Narita airport guidelines

Narita International Airport has three terminals to serve travelers in Japan. These three terminals worked in tandem and served more than 10 million passengers in 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic, an incredible number considering the strict traveling restrictions.

The terminal that contributes the most towards the incredible number of passengers is Terminal 1. Being the largest terminal which has six different levels utilized for international arrivals and departures. It also has restaurants, shops, and an underground railway station.

The second terminal is more spread out in terms of functionality. There are different facilities to accommodate you here. You can find parking zone access, observation decks, baggage claims, and a capsule hotel in Terminal 2. It is separated into five different levels.

Finally, the third and last terminal is called the low-cost or budget terminal. It handles up to 7.5 million passengers each year. This terminal features departures and arrivals for domestic and international flights, specifically for JEJU AIR, JETSTAR AIRWAYS, and SPRING AIRLINES. 

Narita Airport Hotels

Narita airport guidelines hotel

One of the unique differences between Narita Airport and other airports worldwide is the capsule hotel’s presence. This place is known as the “nine hours Narita Airport” capsule hotel. You can rest here as you would in a usual airport inn if you need to rest before catching a flight or if you are tired after a long one.

The hotel is located in terminal 2, B1F, Multistory Car Park P-2. The detailed charge of the capsule hotel is as follows:

Fee: Around 41 USD per night; for a detailed price breakdown, please visit the hotel booking website

Day use: Around 11 USD for the first hour (and 3,6 USD each hour after that)

Shower: 7,20 USD (For up to 1 hour)

It is to be noted that there is a small storage locker. However, big luggage is not allowed inside. Instead, you can visit luggage storage on the arrival/departure floor beforehand and store your big luggage there.

airpaz hotel 46

Narita Airport Transportation

Narita airport guidelines bus

Known as one of the most passenger-friendly airports, Narita Airport offers an array of options when it comes to choices of transportation.

Accompanied with customers friendly dynamic sign, there are directions to which transportation method you may want to use to accommodate your travels.

If you want to transfer to another terminal or a train station, there are bus shuttles with the schedule. But when you need to go to another destination, you can choose between a taxi, bus, and monorail.

Narita Airport Duty-Free

Narita airport guidelines Shopping & dining

Usually, one of the most exciting parts of an airport trip is to visit its duty-free shops and see what unique items are offered. Well, for Narita, you can expect the same thing.

If you want to explore, you can meet the everyday items you’d find in a duty-free shop. Alcohol, tobacco, cosmetics, and fashion accessories. However, Narita’s duty-free shops also offer other kinds of products, such as traditional crafts, gadgets, and even Sony cameras.

Things to Do Near Narita Airport

After you’ve touched down at Narita Airport and explored around, you are still not done. There are still attractions around the city that you can visit to maximize your time in Japan.

From modern public bathhouses, museums, and even temples and shrines. The city of Narita in Chiba Prefecture still has much to offer you. Most importantly, you want to visit them at least once because each spot is unique and different from the last.

Have you picked a place to visit for your next vacation plan yet? If not, Japan would make a perfect destination for your vacation. Not only is Narita Airport ready to serve you with the best they have to offer, one of the most popular countries in Asia for its tourism is now open for your visit. For ticket and hotel booking, visit our website at to get the best offer just for you!


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