Best Taipei Airport Transportations: The Ultimate Guide

Taipei Airport transportation is an important thing you should consider to help your mobility to your hotel or other destinations in Taipei. Taipei Airport has many transportation options that fit your budget and preferences.

This article provides you with several transportation modes, from public to private transportation. Let’s check the information now!

Taipei Airport Transportation

As the busiest airport in Taipei, there are inevitably many transportation options that you can choose from. This is due to a large amount of traffic flow to the passenger area outside the airport.

Some of the transportation options you can choose from include:

1. Bus

bus // Taipei Airport Transportation

Buses are one of the most common public transportation options in the airport area. Most passengers like the bus as the transportation mode because it’s cheaper than other means of transportation at the airport. There are two general bus options: hotel shuttles and public buses.

  • Hotel Shuttle

Hotel shuttle is one of the services provided by several hotels around the airport. You can get this vehicle for free because it is included in the hotel booking fee.

Each hotel shuttle will wait for passengers at the two terminals of Taipei Airport. This hotel shuttle is located in the Arrivals Lobby at the first station of the B1 pick-up point.

Meanwhile, in Terminal 2, you can find the hotel shuttle at the Arrivals Lobby in the Novel Station area.

  • Bus

Several public buses are parked outdoors in Terminal 1 near the arrivals hall (B1 bus). Meanwhile, the buses wait for the passengers outside the 1F arrivals hall of Terminal 2. The cost of one trip per bus is around 135 to 140 TWD (4.44 to 4.61 USD)

You can buy bus tickets at the bus counter at both terminals. You can first choose Bus 5201 to Taipei City, which operates from 06.15 to 00.30.

Then Bus 1843 goes to the Nangang Exhibition Center, which operates from 06.30 to 23.30. Then there is Bus 1960 to Taipei City Hall Bus Station, which runs from 06.00 to 01.10. Finally, there is Bus 1961 to Ximending with operating hours from 06.01 to 00.50.

2. Taxi

Taxi // Taipei Airport Transportation

Taxis are transportation that you can easily find at the airport. Taipei Airport taxis line up for passengers at the Arrival Lobby at Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. At this airport, taxi companies are guaranteed safety because they have passed an evaluation by the Aviation Police Office. Therefore, you can choose a taxi based on availability or preference only. Moreover, the taxi operating hours are 24 hours, so you can ride it even if it’s midnight.

Taxi fares to various destinations in Taipei range from 330 to 2000 TWD (10.86 to 65.81 USD).

In addition to regular taxis, passengers can also order taxis that are wheelchair accessible for those who need them. But please make a reservation first by telephone at +886-3-3982832.

3. MRT

Mrt // Taipei Airport Transportation

Taipei Airport MRT is the fastest option that you can choose to arrive at destinations in Taipei. You can find MRT stations in the Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 areas.

The MRT travel time to Taipei Main Station is 53 minutes, with operating hours from 05.59 to 22.58 daily. The waiting time for each train is only about 7 minutes so you can save time.

Not only stopping at Taipei Main Station, but the MRT will also stop at several other stations first.

One way costs around 160 TWD (5.26 USD) to the final destination of Taipei Main Station. You can purchase the ticket in cash via iPass or Easycard at ticket counters or machines.

In addition, there is also the Taipei Airport train, whose station position is outside the airport area but 8 km from Taipei airport. To reach the station, you can use the MRT first.

4. Car Rental

Car rental // Taipei Airport Transportation

If you want to visit several spots before arriving at your primary destination, you can use car rental services. You can order Taipei Airport car rental at each counter belonging to the provider company.

In Terminal 1, its position is on the first floor in the Arrivals Lobby, on the south and west sides. Meanwhile, in Terminal 2, you can also find it on the first floor of the Arrivals Lobby, on the north and south sides.

Car Plus, Avis Taiwan, Ching Bing, and Hotai Leasing Corporation are several companies providing car rental services. Each company has different services and rental fees, so you can contact the call centers to make sure about the fees. 

All the Taipei Airport transportation above have advantages, so you can choose the transportation that suits you best. If you have already planned a visit to Taipei, remember to order tickets at Airpaz to make it easier and faster. Download the App now! 


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