Taedong River and Its Appeal for Pyongyang’s Life

Taedong River is one of the most popular rivers in Korea – it is the fifth longest one in the country. The river rises from Rangrim Mountain and flows through Pyongyang to the West Sea. Mount Rangrim itself is standing on the northwestern area of Korea.

About Taedong River

Taedong River - About River Taedong

This river holds an important part in North Korean culture, believed to be the cradle (or the birthplace) for Taedonggang Culture, which one of the 5 main world’s cultures. The river itself is beautiful – and its beauty hasn’t been taken by age. Since ancient times, the river has been known for its beauty and also its rich resources. Several barrages have been set up on the river, including Mirim Barrage, West Sea Barrage, and Ponghwa Barrage.

Because of its rich marine life, you can find around 130 different kinds of fish in Taedong River, including the mullet. They are known as the special product of the river since the ancient time. The banks have been turned to a big fish farm that is quite active and productive.

What to Do in Taedong River

Taedong River - What to Do in Taedong River

If you expect grandeur trip and extravagant fun, then Taedong River may not be the perfect place to do so. You can find historical sites, though, if you like exploring the area in a quiet and relaxed manner.

The river banks are covered in concrete paths (they are pretty wide), allowing visitors to have an easy and enjoyable walk in exploring the landscape. There are some popular landmarks that you can see at the river. The river itself is stretching 272 miles in length, and it is the place where the Kuguryo Kingdom was born. You can also see many Bronze-age and Neolithic sites in the area.

Since this river is located right in the heart of Pyongyang, you can also explore the city. It has Kim Il Sung Square, 6 bridges, Koryo hotels, and the main library. If you like exploring the river, you can hop on one of the boats and enjoy your meal. Yes, there are some cruises options available there. Some people like to fish on the river bank while chatting and passing time with their friends. You won’t have to pay anything just to come to the river and enjoy your personal time there.

Entertainment and Modern Structures

The government has built modern buildings and structures along the river, including parks and entertainment grounds. Not only they build the structures on the river but also on Rungna Island. Within the past 2 years, they have built People’s Ice Open-Air Rink, People’s Rungna Pleasure Ground, Munsu Water Park, Rungna Sports Park, and Rungna Dolphinarium. These places are packed with people on a daily basis. There is also an international hotel situated on Yanggak Island so you won’t have any problem finding a place to spend a night or to stay close to the river. One of the most favourite activities is to drink Taedonggang beer at Yanggakdo International hotel (at the top level) while enjoying the view overlooking the river.

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The Importance of the River

The river plays a crucial role in Pyongyang’s economy and its development. It provides the main water source as well as the main transportation in the city. The water is used for agricultural, industrial, and also urban purposes – not to mention that it is also important for the power generation. Reaching the river is pretty simple and straightforward. Since it is the most important river in the city, you can easily find it and reach it. If you are new to the city, use a taxi to reach the river.

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