The Details of Shanghai International Airport Terminals

It would be wise if you can understand the facilities available at Shanghai International Airport – it would make your trip easier and more enjoyable. Also known as Pudong Airport, this airport has two main terminals (Terminal 1 and Terminal 2) along with the additional satellite concourse and also four runways.

List Shanghai International Airport Terminals

shanghai international airport - Terminal 1

Terminal 1

You can find both international and also domestic flights in this terminal. There is a clear distinction between the two services. It would be easy to find domestic flights because they are located on the right side while the international flights are on the left wing. There is an overall of 13 baggage carousels, 204 counters for the check-in, and 29 boarding gates that are able to accommodate tons of passengers – 20 million of them – on a yearly basis.

Terminal 1 has 3 different levels and each of them has its own functions and categories.

  • Level 1. This is the area where baggage claim and arrival areas are located. The arrival areas alone are still divided into 3 different categories: the international arrival, the domestic, and the arrivals from Taiwan and Macao. You can also find tourist information, food and drink concessions, and currency exchange.
  • Level 2. This is the area where check-ins and departures take place. There is also a transit hall linked to Gate 16. Gates 1 to 15 is for domestic flights while Gate 16 to 29 are for international flights.
  • Level 3. This is the area for security and immigration check-ins. You can find international flights from/to Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan. VIP lounges are located on this level.

The available domestic airlines include Shanghai Airlines and China Eastern Airlines. The international airlines include Japan Airlines, Sri Lankan Airlines, T-Way Airlines, China Airlines, Qantas, Royal Dutch KLM Airlines, Air France, Korean Air, American Delta Airlines, and Korean Air.

Terminal 2

This is another terminal that caters to both international and domestic flights. Among the primary airlines, Star Alliance and Air China are parts of them. This terminal is able to accommodate 60 million passengers on a yearly basis. Basically, the construction is similar to Terminal 1 but Terminal 2 is bigger.

Just like Terminal 1, Terminal 2 has several different levels:

  • Level 1. This is the area for both domestic and international flights. Some of the flights have arrival areas that will make the passenger easier to do the transfer.
  • Level 2. This is the area for arrivals (domestic and international ones). This is also the area to handle flights from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macao.

For the domestic airlines, you can find Xiamen Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airways, Lucky Air, Suparna Airlines, and others. For the international airlines, you can find Easter Jet, Mega Maldives Airline, Singapore Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Air Asia, Finnair, Emirates Airlines, Air Canada, and so much more. Since there are so many lists of the airlines, you’d better consult the official website and check the airlines’ list.

Terminal Transfer

If you want to make a transfer between terminals, the two buildings are connected through concourses and main terminals – it takes 5 minutes to reach each other. But if you want to use the shuttle bus service, you can also find one. The shuttle bus makes a stop at Level 3 of both terminals (1 and 2). The shuttle bus service is from 6 AM to 24 PM with each interval of 10 minutes to 15 minutes.


Just like other international airports, you can easily find medical services, post office, a business centre, ATMs, kids play area, food centre, spa, luggage storage, and more in this airport.

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