Ramadan Snacks You Should Try in Malay!

When breaking your fast, you may be lazy to eat heavy meals right away. You can enjoy a snack menu that is commonly called Ramadan takjil. You must try several Malaysian Ramadan snacks.

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various hidden gems in australia

The Most Beautiful Hidden Gems in Australia for You to Relax Alone

Surprisingly, Australia has many hidden gems or beautiful places you can visit. It is true that Australia is a country which you can explore a lot with a long and enjoyable trip and no rush. The combination of nature, animals, and modern places lead the country to be one of the most countries for tourists worldwide. What are the hidden gems that are really beautiful to explore? Here are the top eight.

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Best Places to Travel with Baby in Asia

Many parents usually prefer to postpone their travelling plan when having babies. They are afraid that it is too soon to travel with the baby. Though parents eventually come up with the idea of taking a vacation, they may prefer to go anywhere close by car. Still, it is quite challenging to deal with the moody babies as things can be just out of prediction.

Will our baby feel okay to take a long trip? Won’t he or she get bored and keep crying? Those are some questions newbie parents may wonder before booking a flight. But the most important thing to consider is whether the destinations are safe and friendly for very young travellers. In Asia, here are some recommended places to travel with baby to choose:

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