A List: 4 Transportation Methods in Tel Aviv Airport

One of the important things that you should pay attention to while on vacation to Tel Aviv is what means of transportation you want to take. In this regard, we can help you present the available transportation method in Tel Aviv airport.

Transportation Methods in Tel Aviv Airport

Transportation Methods in Tel Aviv Airport
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The options of transportation that you can choose on your vacation in Tel Aviv are basically not much different from those in other cities.

How do I get from Tel Aviv Airport to the city or other attractions? The following info is a list of available means of transportation around Tel Aviv Airport.

1. Bus

Transportation Methods in Tel Aviv Airport - Bus
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The first transportation mode that you can choose upon arrival at Tel Aviv airport is by bus. You can find the bus station at gate 01 of Terminal 3. 

If you want to go downtown Tel Aviv, take bus line 445. This bus passes Ben Yehuda, HaYarko, Burgashov, Dizengoff, and other roads in the city. The bus is also commonly chosen as transportation from Tel Aviv Airport to hotel.

Unfortunately, the buses do not operate from Friday evening to Saturday evening. Because of that, you have to look for another mode of transportation at that specific time. Other than the times above, buses operate 24 hours a day.

What about the bus fare? You only need to spend around 2.7 USD. You need to pay more if you visit a farther place. For example, you have to pay 4 USD to get to Be’er Sheva. 

Then, where do you buy bus tickets? You can buy the ticket on board. Another pros, bus companies such as Metropoline and Dan have ramps and spots for passengers in wheelchairs.

2. Train

Transportation Methods in Tel Aviv Airport - Train
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The second option is by train. Where can you find the train station after your arrival at Tel Aviv Airport? To get to the train station at Tel Aviv Airport, you have to go to the S floor at Terminal 3.

If you leave through the gate at Terminal 1, then you can use the free shuttle bus at Gate 4 to get to Terminal 3. The shuttle bus departs every 15 minutes.

The station of Tel Aviv Airport to city train is connected to various parts of the city such as HaHagana in the south, Savidor in the center of the city, and Tel Aviv University in the north.

How about the ticket price? You only need to pay 3.9 USD. Like the buses, trains are scheduled to operate 24 hours from Sunday to Thursday. 

Where can I buy train tickets? There are two options. First, it is by buying online at the Israel Railways website. Second, you can come to the automatic vending machine available at the train station.

3. Taxi

Transportation Methods in Tel Aviv Airport - Taxi
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Third, you can explore tourist attractions by using a taxi from Tel Aviv Airport to the city center after your arrival at the airport. It’s just that you have to be smart and observant when choosing a taxi.

Why is that? If you are unlucky, you would get scammed and have to pay an expensive fare.

So, what should I do? We recommend that you choose a taxi service located at Level 2 in Terminal 3. In this area, these taxis have a fixed fare of around 44 USD.

They also provide assistance services without additional cost. Keep in mind that in Israel you don’t tip the driver.

4. Car rental

The last option is using a car rental service. At Tel Aviv airport there are more than 15 car rental companies operating 24 hours such as Europcar, Hertz, Sixt, Avis, etc. The types of cars they offer also vary, such as SUVs, minivans, mini cars, and many more.

The rental prices start from 34-678 USD a day depending on the type of car you rent. Are there certain conditions so that you can rent a car? Those who want to rent a car must have a driving license and show his passport.

You need to pay an additional fee of around 210 USD/week for your extended rental period. Therefore, it would be helpful if you set a reminder to return your car rental.

It is recommended for you to rent the car you want online to get the best and more cost-effective deal. 

For another alternative, you can also Google Maps the location of those car services to the Tel Aviv Airport on your gadget so you can directly come to the rental company.

For example, to rent a car from Europcar, you need to go to the Arrivals Hall in Terminal 3.

Finally, those are some transportation method in Tel Aviv Airport that you should consider. Each of them has its pros and cons so you better weigh your options carefully.

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