Bali Airport Terminals: What to Know Before Flying to Bali

Ngurah Rai International Airport is the only world-class airport in Bali. It is also the second international airport after Soekarno-Hatta Airport. To accommodate the tourist’s demand, this airport has two Bali Airport terminals.

The first is the domestic terminal, and the oldest one is between the two. It serves domestic and regional flights.The second is the international terminal. It was established to meet the high traffic of tourists who want to vacation in Bali.

Bali Airport Terminals

Bali Airport Terminals
Bali Airport International Terminal / Unsplash

Unlike other international airports in other countries, Ngurah Rai Bali airport decides to separate the service for domestic and international ones.

The reason is due to the high traffic of passengers since Bali is a popular holiday destination.

The domestic terminal’s concourse is for domestic airlines.

Since Indonesia has various airlines, it is best to make its own concourse to avoid collision with the international airlines’ flight schedule at Ngurah Rai airport.

Here is a simple explanation of the designs, facilities, and differences between the two terminals.

Bali Airport International Terminal

The first section of the two terminals is the international one. The building is unique with Balinese style design.

Hence, tourists will feel the Balinese atmosphere just as they arrive at the airport. 

It also has 10 different gates for flight arrival and departure. At the same time, you are at this terminal.

The international terminal has an overall of three levels.

  • Level 1

In level 1, you will find the arrival gate where airplanes usually land, and people come out of their flight at Bali’s international airport.

Moreover, you will also find some of these facilities: custom service, car rental booth, currency exchange booth, and baggage port.

  • Level 2

Next, level 2 is where the departure gate is located. It is also the location for safety checking.

When you want to depart, you can check in at the check-in counter, and the staff will verify your documents.

Facilities you can find on level 2, for example, currency exchange, food and drink stall, airport lounge, and prayer room.

  • Level 3

Level 3 has nothing to do with air flight services like arrival or departure gates.

It is mainly the office of airport management.

You will also find food and drink stalls, first emergency, and information booths here.

In this international terminal, you will also find several lounges to relax and kill time during a layover.

Each lounge has a different vibe and facilities. The price ranges from 24 USD.

Bali Airport Domestic Terminal

Bali Airport Domestic Terminal
Bali Airport Domestic Terminal / Unsplash

The second section in Bali Ngurah Rai airport terminals is the domestic terminal.

This terminal functions as the one that accommodates domestic and regional flights (Indonesian only).

The location is just across the international terminal. Unlike the first terminal, the domestic one has a minimalist design. It has four levels.

  • Level 1

Level 1 is where you can find the arrival gate. Also, it is the main exit for passengers who just got off of their flights.

You will find several facilities like baggage carousels, food and drink stalls, taxi booths, and lost and found booths.

  • Level 2

The domestic terminal’s second level is unavailable for passengers to access.

It is the center of the airport offices where airport staff work.

As a passenger, you will not find anything much here since it is a forbidden area.

  • Level 3

Level 3 is where you depart for your flight.

You will find several departure gates and match them with the one mentioned on your ticket.

Moreover, you can find facilities while you wait for your plane’s arrival, such as currency exchange, baggage check, and information booth.

  • Level 4

The next level is level 4. It specifically functions as a rest area in domestic airport Bali.

Passengers can choose to relax or do some self-care here. The lounges usually offer areas for showers, eating and drinking, and shopping in duty-free shops.

Inter-Terminal Transports

Inter-Terminal Transports
Inter-Terminal Transports / Unsplash

The distance between international and domestic terminals is relatively short. You can reach either one of them by walking.

To reach the other terminal, you will need to pass Festival Plaza.

The Festival Plaza Bali is the one that interconnects both Bali Airport: terminals.

Moreover, it is one of the various leisurely facilities like restaurants and souvenir shops. 

Sometimes they also hold festivals of local culture to amuse the passengers.

The festival usually happens during a specific time, and local artists perform there. This specific thing is something you can only find in Bali.

The festival plaza is also the place for non-passengers to wait for their relative departure as it is strategic between international and domestic terminals.

There are some stalls and lounges with a wide variety of products and refreshments.

Visiting Bali is like a dream come true. This city has a lot to offer.

Even the Bali Airport: terminals are interesting and represent Balinese culture. A vacation in Bali is relatively affordable.

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