Discover the 7 Best Things to Do in London’s

After almost 2 years of closing itself off from tourists from many countries, the UK can finally be visited by tourists. So, what are the best things to do in London? Let’s find out below. 

Best Things to Do in London

London city

London has many tourist attractions and historical places that you should visit. Here are some things you can do in London.

Bathing at Hampstead Death Pool

Bathing at Hampstead Death Pool // Best Things to Do in London

Do you wish to experience taking a bath in the middle of a vast green area? Visit the Hampstead Heath bathing pool. Any time of year, you can splash about in the water here. 

It is the only location in the UK to have a year-round open-water public bathing pool. Parliament Hill is close to this pond. 

On a sweltering London day, this location, with views of the city skyline, is ideal for cooling off. Those who can swim well must be at least eight years old. However, the Ladies’ Pond is the only place with hot springs.

Visiting Little Venice 

Visiting Little Venice // Best Things to Do in London

You may visit Little Venice, renowned for its beautiful waterways and little boats. 

Explore Rembrandt Gardens, eat seafood at The Summerhouse, or visit the lovely Clifton Nursery’s Quince Tree Café to admire the flora while sipping tea. 

The London Zoo or Primrose Hill is then accessible via a ship between Little Venice and Camden Lock, or you may stroll east along the canal promenade.

Visiting Tower Bridge 

Visiting Tower Bridge  // Best Things to Do in London

One of London’s most famous landmarks, Tower Bridge, is a short walk from the Shard. Its surroundings are a fantastic site to view the attractions as well!

A Christmas market is also present during the winter on one bank of the river, and shops and dining establishments connect Tower Bridge and London Tower

Culinary Tour at Borough Market 

Borough Market // best thing to do in London

You must visit Borough Market to take a culinary tour and enjoy the typical London vibe. 

Many vendors of street cuisine can be found here. You can have scotch eggs, stews from Ethiopia, and sandwiches with duck confit from France. 

Arrive early to pick up a coffee from Monmouth, groceries from Neal’s Yard Dairy, Brindisa, and Bread Ahead, and then go on a picnic by the river. 

Visiting Notting Hill and Portobello Market 

Visiting Notting Hill and Portobello Market  // Best Things to Do in London

Don’t skip a trip to Notting Hill, the most affluent area of London. It is a popular destination for tourists and locals and is situated in the western region of London. Of course, there is no cost if you just want to look around the bookstore and take pictures. This activity is also free.

However, Portobello Market is great for food, music, and antique shopping if you visit London on the weekends. 

Visiting London Eye 

London Eye // Best Things to Do in London

The famous London Eye is the ideal location to take in all the splendor of London. For 30 minutes, you can take in the vista of London from above. If you’re considering visiting London, we suggest going at night to experience the city’s shimmering lights. 

Touring at Harry Potter Studio

Harry Potter Studio // Best Things to Do in London

Whether you’re a fan of Harry Potter or not, you should absolutely attempt this experience! You can fulfill your goal of seeing the wizarding world in just one hour from London. 

You can participate in entertaining activities and interactive exhibits, such as flying on a broomstick on a green screen and viewing the film props, costumes, and sets on display in the studio.

Visiting London Tower 

Visiting London Tower // Best Things to Do in London

A trip to London would only be complete after seeing its historical structures. The structure in question is a historic castle by the Thames. 

The Crown Jewels, which consist of an invaluable collection of diamonds, tiaras, and scepters, are on display here. To beat the crowd, arrive as early as possible. You can view the priceless stones that the Royal Family still wears on official occasions. 

Traveling Tips

Traveling Tips // Best things to do in London

In order for your tour to run smoothly in England, it’s a good idea to read the following tips.

  • Pick the Ideal Season to Visit London

London is cold all year round, with daytime highs in the summer only reaching 25°C. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to visiting London in the summer:

Pros: Warm, bright days with extended daylight hours, so you may enjoy London more!

Cons: Since it’s peak travel season from April through August, expect to see more people and pay more for travel, lodging, and other items in London.

  • Place for Shopping

Shopping in London might not be a good idea if you’re trying to travel on a tight budget because it can be rather pricey there. Although you can still stroll around this neighborhood, most of the things sold near Regent Oxford and Piccadilly are overseas labels.

You can find more economical options for shopping at TJ Maxx or Primark.

  • Use Oyster Card

You should use an oyster card because it has many benefits. The daily “limit fees charged” policy for this card is equivalent to roughly 7-8 pounds.

If you utilize the rail or bus and your oyster card balance is £7-8 ($8,60-9,82) overall, you won’t be charged again for the day. Students can register at to acquire a Student Oyster Card.

That’s all about the best things to do in London.  To purchase flight tickets, you can book them through Airpaz. To receive the greatest deal and seat, make a reservation in advance. Have a nice trip. 


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