Recommended Restaurants at Heathrow Airport

Hunger is one thing that cannot be compromised, even though you are on a journey. For those of you looking for restaurant recommendations at Heathrow Airport that serve delicious food, you can read the article below. 

Best Restaurants at Heathrow Airport 

Best Restaurants at Heathrow Airport 

Restaurants at Heathrow airport are in all terminals. You can choose various types of dishes that each restaurant provides. From classic British menu to Asian cuisine, even American, here are some restaurants worth trying. 

Caviar House & Prunier Seafood Bar

Caviar House & Prunier Seafood Bar // Best restaurants at Heathrow Airport

Are you a seafood lover? You can stop by Caviar House & Prunier Seafood Bar. This restaurant is the best place we recommend that serves seafood. They offer some of the world’s best caviar and Flip-smoked salmon. 

You can eat caviar here for £85 to £990 ($102,54 to $1194,34). This price depends on the type and quantity you choose. This restaurant is quite unique. There are other additional fishy recipes to suit your tastes as well. In every terminal, this restaurant is located behind security.

Pret a Manger

Pret a Manger // Best Restaurants at Heathrow Airport 

Nearly every terminal in every airport in Great Britain houses this restaurant. For those of you looking for delectable breakfast fare, this restaurant is for you. You’ll stay fueled with various loaves of bread, congee, berry pots, and sandwiches. 

Additionally, various delectable salads, soups, and sandwiches are available to take on board with you or enjoy prior to your journey.

This eatery is located after security.

The Perfectionists’ Cafe 

The Perfectionists' Cafe //  Best Restaurant at Heathrow airport

For those who want to taste a classic British menu, you can stop by The Perfectionist’s Cafe. You’ll find all the British favorites at this eatery, from the traditional brunch menu to tikka masala and fish finger butties. This restaurant serves almost all the classic British food. The location is After security in Terminal 2.

Shan Shui 

Shan Shui // Best Restaurants at Heathrow Airport 

Are you a fan of Asian cuisine? Then you should stop by this location. Shanghai of the 1920s served as the inspiration for Shan Shui. The dim sum, noodles, and roast duck on this restaurant’s menu are all superb. 

In addition, there are additional Indonesian cuisines such as fried rice and rendang. 

A Japanese-style breakfast is also available at the restaurant. You can find katsu sando, beetroot salad, or a side dish with two eggs, two chicken sausages, potato wedges, mushrooms, lotus root, and salad. Don’t overlook the wasabi and sriracha-topped Asian Bloody Mary.

It is at Terminal 2 after security. 


Leon  // Best Restaurants at Heathrow Airport

Do you want to enjoy healthy fast food? You will only find it in Leon. Leon has defied expectations by producing wholesome recipes that can be prepared quickly. 

They have a wide variety of menu options, from rice boxes, salads, and chicken nuggets to grilled wraps with halloumi or fish fingers. 

Since this meal is packaged in a box, you can bring it on the plane. Very appropriate for those of you who don’t enjoy airline cuisine. After security, the location is Terminal 2.

The Curator 

The Curator // Best Restaurants at Heathrow Airport

The Curator offers traditional British cuisine. You can have beer-stirred cod, bacon steaks, and hamburgers—delicacies that will fill you up before your flight. 

Those wishing to drink at the airport can stop by The Curator, which serves traditional British cuisine, cutting-edge artisan cocktails, craft brews, and a sizable selection of Champagne and wine. After security, go to Terminal 3 to find this restaurant.


Spuntino // Best Restaurant at Heathrow airport

Italian and American food enthusiasts will enjoy this eatery. Spuntino offers mac and cheese, truffle eggs on toast, and exotic spicy jackfruit. A wonderful breakfast menu with an industrial-style design is also available. After security, go to Terminal 3 to find this restaurant. 


Wamagama // Best Restaurant at Heathrow airport

This restaurant is a haven for Japanese dish lovers. Here, you can taste a variety of meals, like ramen, katsu curry, and donburi bowls. 

Wagamama is special because it offers an okonomiyaki omelet with bacon, chicken, and shrimp for breakfast, which is not offered by any other kind of restaurant. 

This menu is undoubtedly quite exceptional for ardent katsu fans. It is absolutely worthwhile to try the pile of katsu sausage with Japanese mayonnaise, poached egg, and spinach. It is in Terminal 3, next to security. 

The Prince of Wales

The Prince of Wales // Restaurant at Heathrow airport

Prince of Wales is the ideal location for you if you wish to encounter British home cooking that is intimate and welcoming. Burgers and pizza are among the available pub staples. This eatery can be found in Terminal 4. If you want to sample British comfort food, go to this eatery.

Gordon Ramsay’s 

Gordon Ramsay Restaurant // Best Restaurants at Heathrow Airport

You can visit this restaurant if you come with your family because several kid-friendly menus are available at this eatery. 

For those of you who enjoy Asian food, this restaurant is a great choice. Along with British classics and cuisine influenced by Peru, Gordon Ramsay provides meals like sushi, noodles, Indian curries, and dishes with a Japanese influence. To eat at this restaurant, travel to terminal 5.

So, do you agree that the Heathrow Airport restaurant offers various menu choices? One of them could be your favorite. To be able to have a culinary tour in London, you should immediately order your flight ticket at Airpaz. Book in advance, so you don’t run out of tickets on the date you want.


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