5 Best Things To Do in Melbourne during Your Vacation

Visiting Melbourne is an interesting plan to do on your holiday list. Why do you need to visit Melbourne? The reason is that the city has a lot to offer, especially for foreign tourists. Moreover, some activities are family-friendly, while others will amaze you with their quirky view.

To make sure you do not regret your stay in Melbourne, here are some of the best things to do in Melbourne.

Best Things to Do in Melbourne

Melbourne city of Australia has been known to be the city of art. Once you arrive at the airport, you can go directly to the city center by bus or train to see the wonder of its local art.

It offers an aesthetic and grunge view, but the city itself also looks classic, as it was formerly the capital of Australia.

There are some recommended places in Melbourne you must visit and some activities you must do when you have a holiday in Melbourne. To know more about which place and activity, here is the list of recommendations.

Get On The Hot Air Balloon

Best Things to Do in Melbourne

Getting on a Melbourne hot air balloon will make your adrenaline rush. Especially if it gets higher and you can see the city’s beautiful overview.

In addition, the city offers this recreation both for local and international tourists.

You do not need to worry about safety since you will have an expert helping with all the preparation and controlling of the balloon.

What you cannot miss when you try it is to see the sunrise from above the sky. Hence, you won’t be able to forget the view in your lifetime.

This fun activity is available on Global Ballooning Australia west of the city. It costs around 405 AUD or 282 USD for a one-time ride.

Shop at Queen Victoria Market

Shop at Queen Victoria Market

A market with a rich heritage and a colorful and bustling area is only at Queen Victoria Market. Being one of the oldest markets in Melbourne, the market has been there since 1878.

Moreover, it is famous for its vintage and numerous antique stalls. In this Melbourne Queen Victoria market, you can find many items ranging from food, fruit, vegetable, and clothes to local art and sculpture.

Not only does it give a nostalgic vibe, but if you can negotiate the price, you can get some items like souvenirs at the lowest price. To visit Queen Victoria Market, you can bring your family and friends to Cnr Elizabeth & Therry Sts, 3000 in Melbourne City.

Explore Degraves Street

Best Things to Do in Melbourne

The infamous Degraves Street never failed to amaze tourists with its quirky and stunning art. Moreover, it is the hub that connects Flinders lane and Flinders Street.

When you roam around this Melbourne art street, you can feel the Parisian vibe from the stores and buildings on the right and left of the street.

Furthermore, it is also family-friendly as it does not have many vehicles running around the street. Hence, you can enjoy the view, sip a glass of wine at the bar, enjoy an afternoon coffee at the cafe, and visit some of the antique shops there.

Relaxing at Royal Botanic Gardens

Best Things to Do in Melbourne

The fast-paced and bustling city can be overwhelming. Hence you can enjoy a relaxing time at the Royal Botanic Gardens. The botanic gardens have various plants, trees, and lakes that create a green and calming vibe.

Not only can you enjoy nature, but you can also learn about the plant species and their function from the local’s guide. Moreover, you can also sign up for a tour about the plants, herbs and their benefits for health with a reservation.

If you want to visit Royal Botanic Gardens, you can directly go to the fringe of the city where the gardens surround the city’s border.

Enjoy Artistry Experience at NGV

Best Things to Do in Melbourne

NGV stands for The National Gallery of Victoria. It is one of the cultural heritage sites that exists to commemorate Queen Victoria during England’s colonization.

Moreover, it is the place of various paintings and other artworks from well-known artists. Some of the famous artists whose works are in the gallery include Dior, Van Gogh, Warhol, and many more.

In addition, the building has been well-kept despite having existed since the 1800 era. As a tourist, this is a Melbourne heritage gallery you must visit during your stay in the city.

The National Gallery of Victoria is also a frequent choice for holding art exhibitions and events. There is no free entry as long as it is not during an exhibition from a third party.

Seeing the rich cultural heritage, it is a family-friendly place in Melbourne, especially if you want to see artwork and the city’s history.

These are the best things to do in Melbourne you cannot skip during your vacation. Now that you know what you will do, purchasing your flight ticket as soon as possible is best. Hence you can roam freely in the city later. Book your ticket now only at Airpaz!


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