Paris Airport Terminal & Facilities: A Complete Guide

Staying in Paris is a dream come true. It is the home of various well-known fashion brands, the romantic Eiffel Tower and a lively nightlife. To be able to reach Paris, foreign tourists need to get on a plane and land at the Paris Airport terminal.

In addition, it serves as the hub for other European countries, making it the most strategic airport in Europe. Get to know about Paris airport terminal and the facilities on the information provided below.

Paris Airport Terminal

Paris airport terminal

Paris airport, also known as Charles de Gaulle Airport, has an overall of three active terminals. Actually, the airport has four terminals. However, Paris airport terminal 4 is now under construction and cannot be used.

Serving both domestic and international flights, the terminal also acts as a connecting hub between European cities. Especially since traveling within cities in Europe does not require additional inquiry.

Most international flights land at terminal 2, which hosts several arrival and departure gates.

Follow these guides below to ensure you have the right terminal to go to and know which one your flight will carry you on.

Paris Airport Terminal 1

Paris airport terminal

The first terminal in Paris airport is terminal 1. Being the first and oldest terminal, it has a total of four levels.

Level 1

Level 1 is on the ground floor, where passengers can check-in. However, it only accommodates check-in for a flight through gates 5 and 6. This is also the access to the upper level via lift or escalator.

Level 2

The second level of terminal 1 serves as the departure and check in counter. In this building, you can check in to wait for your scheduled flight. You will also have to undergo several checks from passport to custom checking.

Level 3

Level 3 is the continuation of level 2. While level 2 is for check-in, you will have baggage claim and security checking at this level. Another name is the boarding level, where passengers are ready to board the plane.

Level 4

The arrival gate is on the fourth level of terminal 1. On this level, people who just got off the plane will find the exit door baggage claim and airport lounge here.

Suppose you already know which level in Paris airport terminal 1 to go to based on your need. In that case, you can follow the arrow line on the board sign and enjoy facilities such as a restaurant, information desk, restroom, and many more.

Paris Airport Terminal 3

Paris Airport Terminal 3

The next terminal in Paris airport is terminal 3. Paris airport terminal 3 is the host of some local airlines. What makes terminal 3 different from other terminals is it has the farthest location and smallest building.

It originally acted as a supporting terminal with a smaller capacity and limited flights. Moreover, it also has a departure and arrival level to accommodate passengers. 

Even though it is the farthest, it is still the connecting building to underground transportation, so you may need to reach it later. Facilities in this terminal include baggage wrapping, a childcare room, a rest area, wifi connection, and many more.

Paris Airport Terminal 2

Paris airport terminal

The next terminal in Paris Airport is terminal 2. This is the terminal that serves most international flights. Paris airport terminal 2 is also the home of several satellite sub-terminals.

The separate buildings consist of sub-terminals 2A, 2B, 2D, 2E, 2F, and 2G.

Terminal 2A

This sub-terminals hosts a flight that is accessible from gate A37 to A51. Moreover, it also connects to other sub-terminals via elevator except for terminal 2F

Terminal 2B

The sub-terminal 2B is currently under renovation. However, it will open again as a connecting hub between terminal 2 and terminal 3.

Terminal 2C

The next terminal that hosts the check-in counter is terminal 2C. It is the house of flights that depart and land at gate C80 until gate C90. It also has an arrival and departure gate.

Terminal 2D

Terminal 2D is the host for gates D50 to D69. It is also the sub-terminal where the airport lounge and concession are located.

Terminal 2E

The next sub-terminal is 2E. It serves as the arrival and departure gate for Gate K30 to K54. There is also a lift that connects K21 to K27.

Terminal 2F

The satellite host of terminal 2F serves gate F21 to F56. It is where amenities, baggage claim counter, and check-in level are located.

Transport between each sub-terminals is to take a bus or directly go to the railway station.

Inter-Terminal Transfer

Paris airport terminal

There is a shuttle bus service between each terminal for Paris airport transfer. It is free, and passengers can use it if they need to change different flights with different terminals in the itinerary.

After learning about the Paris airport terminal, you can look up the terminal destination on your ticket. If you have not had the ticket yet, reserve it now only at Airpaz!


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