The Most Beautiful Hidden Gems in Australia for You to Relax Alone

Surprisingly, Australia has many hidden gems or beautiful places you can visit. It is true that Australia is a country which you can explore a lot with a long and enjoyable trip and no rush. The combination of nature, animals, and modern places lead the country to be one of the most countries for tourists worldwide. What are the hidden gems that are really beautiful to explore? Here are the top eight.

Top Eight Hidden Gems in Australia

1. North Stradbroke Island

North Stradbroke Island - Australia

Its popular name is Straddie and it becomes the best islands in the world. You can see typical animals of Australia here, such as dolphins, kangaroos, whales, or koalas. It is close to Brisbane and you need to go to 30 kilometers to the southeast. How to get there? Don’t worry; there are water taxis which you can use.

2. Convict Brick Trail, Tasmania

Convict Brick Trail Tasmania

This wonderful brick trail is located in Campbell Town, Tasmania. It has red bricks each of which has the name of a convict entered to Australia. The trail begins at the Red Bridge and it shows the person’s crime or the age. The crime usually deals with a small crime such as stealing some food and so forth.

3. Kings Canyon

Kings Canyon - Australia Landmark

It is better to visit this site at sunrise because of the amazing scenery. Kings Canyon belongs to an Aboriginal sacred site which in the legend is forbidden to climb. However, it is too beautiful to be abandoned. Therefore, when it is discovered, many tourists spare their time to come to the Northern Territory and climb the canyon.

4. Coober Pedy

Coober Pedy - Unique Constructionns in Australia

It is located in South Australia and is an opal capital in a self-style. However, it is very hot since it is built underground. It is better to go there in the Australian winter, around May and August. The unique thing is the inhabitants in this town build their homes, shops, churches, and hotels underground.

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5. Baird Bay

Baird Bay - Unique Statue

Do you love to watch sea lions? Baird Bay is their paradise. Get closer and touch them in person. You can do the same thing to dolphins and it is way better when they are still wild. The bay also has an isolated seaside village on the Eyre Peninsula which is a good site for camping, playing with water, fishing, or just bushwalking.

6. Wave Rock

Wave Rock - Awesome Hidden Gems in Australia

It is located in Western Australia and is magically stunning. The rock shape is like a surfing wave and it is popular among surfers’ society. The height reaches 15 meters and the length is 110 meters. Of course, you cannot surf it but perhaps it can be a challenging skate park for the world skateboarders. For ordinary people, they just take a photo and walk along to enjoy it.

7. Hawkesbury Region

Hawkesbury Region - Places for Activities

The unique region is located in New South Wales and it is only less than an hour’s drive from downtown. It is a foodie paradise because it is full of a farm. Besides sightseeing on the farm, visitors can have other outdoor activities such as rock-climbing, cycling, hiking, caving, or wakeboarding. The scenery is breath-taking and you will love the traveling trip.

8. Arnhem Land

Arnhem Land - Land of Aboriginals

Do you want to see the real Aboriginal society? Visit Arnhem Land in Northern Land which is located at the east of Darwin in the 500-kilometer distance. The wild area consists of the Aboriginal people and the social and cultural life. The people usually gather around the Nhulunbuy in every August because of the Garma Festival. Garma Festival is the most sacred event for Aborigines.

Interesting, right? The hidden gems of Australia indeed deserve to visit. Just fly to Australia and the states close to them. Don’t worry you will not miss the ticket with the help of Airpaz. The website has a scheduling feature and of course the cheaper price on some special days.

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