5 Best Things to Do in Sydney You Must Not Skip

Coming to Sydney, Australia, will not be thoroughly enjoyable if you do not visit some special places in the city.

Sydney itself is a city in Australia where most cultural heritages reside. Not only will you enjoy the culture, but you can also enjoy the scenery and mingle with the unique Sydney society. This is why you may need a guide to the best things to do in Sydney.

As a foreign tourist, it may be difficult to get around the city without any guide. Therefore, if you plan a solo trip to Sydney or want to wander around the city, you should see the five best things to do in The Harbour City – Sydney’s nickname.

Best Things to Do in Sydney

Visiting Sydney comes to your must-to-visit list as it is one of the biggest cities in Australia.

Moreover, it has many unique and grandiose places to visit while you are in the city center.

Ranging from art museums to opera houses, Sydney has all it takes to be a great destination to visit during vacation.

To be able to roam around the city, you must fly and land at the Sydney Airport first. Sydney Airport opens the door to many more sites in Sydney city.

Once you arrive at the airport, you can choose a transportation mode and book a hotel to look for where to go in Sydney. After that, you can do these recommended activities while staying in Sydney.

1. Visit the Sydney Opera House

Visit Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House is a phenomenal place. Moreover, it is also the city’s icon since many international tourists know this place to resemble the icon of Sydney city.

When you visit the opera house, you will see what a real opera house looks like. You can come to the dressing room, enjoy the view of the stage, watch a phenomenal opera show, and have a VR experience as if you are on the stage.

The grand building has a classic style where you can feel what it is like to stand and perform on the big stage.

Moreover, you can also book an online reservation if you want to take a peek and enjoy the experience of being an opera singer.

To see one of the most beautiful places in Sydney with a better view, you should come at night when the lights illuminate the building beautifully.

2. Visit NSW Art Gallery

Best Things to Do in Sydney

The next destination you can visit during your holiday is NSW Art Gallery. This gallery is located in Harbour City near the Opera House.

In addition, the NSW itself stands for New South Wales. Therefore, the gallery mostly exhibits New South Wales’s works of art. 

Furthermore, you can see art from various countries across Europe and Asia. Huge and stylish, the building design is a good spot if you want to take a picture as a memory.

Roaming around the gallery is mostly free except for occasional events held here. If you want to visit here, you can come during the working hours from 10 AM to 5 PM.

3. Swim at The Bondi Pool

Best Things to Do in Sydney

If you want to refresh yourself and feel the cool sensation of swimming, you can swim at the Iceberg Bondi Pool. Iceberg Bondi Pool is a swimming pool located directly near the sea. Moreover, the combination of the modern pool and a beautiful view of the sea makes it more mesmerizing.

In addition to swimming, you can also sunbathe and enjoy the warm sun in the morning. Relaxing and refreshing, you will only need to pay 8 UAD for entry free. After that, you can swim freely. 

The pool is open on Friday at 5.30 pm and Sunday at 4 pm.

4. Picnic at Wendy’s Secret Garden 

Best Things to Do in Sydney

Another wonderful place to visit as you stroll around Sydney City is to have a picnic at Wendy’s Secret Garden.

The Sydney Garden is half public and half private. It is a personal property of a famous artist Brett Whiteley.

In addition, the land was first left uncared for before his wife changed it into an aesthetic garden that holds a hidden oasis inside.

Once you are in the garden, you can have a picnic or enjoy quality time on your own or with your family. You can also search the hidden oasis as you enjoy the greenish view of the garden.

The garden is free for a personal visit and is open daily.

5. Enjoy The View of Sydney Harbor Bridge

Best Things to Do in Sydney

You can climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge near Wendy’s Secret Garden just above the harbor foreshore. 

Not only does Sydney harbor bridge give you an aesthetic view, but you can also enjoy a thrilling experience as you see the sea below you from the bridge.

It has three main climbs that will make your adrenaline rush faster. In addition, you need to book first to climb and get an instructor to help you.

Now that you have the list of the best things to do in Sydney, you only need to book a flight. For a safe and affordable flight, ensure you only book your ticket at Airpaz.


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