Get Familiar with Kolkata Airport (CCU)

It would be best if you went somewhere other than your hotel or tourist destination at Kolkata Airport. You have to complete some paperwork before you can officially come to Kolkata.

Therefore, you must get to know a variety of complete information about this Kolkata International Airport first. You can see full details through the articles that we have summarized below!

About Kolkata Airport (CCU)

Kolkata Airport

Kolkata Airport’s code is CCU, so understand if someone calls this airport CCU because it means the same thing.

The distance of this airport from the city center is about 17 km, which is in Dum Dum, Kolkata, West Bengal. Airport traffic is hefty because, from April 2019 to 2020, more than 22 million passengers arrived.

This airport has many facilities and services that can make your trip easier and safer. For complete information about terminals, hotels, transportation, duty-free, and what activities you can do while at the airport, it’s fully presented in the next section!

Terminals & Facilities

Terminals Facilities 2

One terminal building at Kolkata Airport actively handles all international and domestic flights. Before only one building existed, CCU Airport had three terminals: the Domestic terminal, the International Terminal, and the Cargo Terminal. But in the end, it only turned into one building to handle domestic flights.

The airport also wants to expand the terminal, by connecting three places, namely the old terminal building and the current terminal, to the new terminal to be built.

Five levels handle all administration and flight matters at the Kolkata Airport terminal.

To support passenger comfort, there are several services that you can find at this Terminal: Wi-Fi, left luggage, child care rooms, medical services, duty-free stores, ATMs, prayer rooms, smoking lounge, spa, pharmacy, currency exchange, post office, as well as cafes and restaurants.

Then, for people who want to rest while waiting for their flight, you can go to one of the existing lounges. There are approximately four lounges with varying opening hours.

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Kolkata Airport

When traveling by plane, you may have to stay overnight for a very early flight or when you have to land at night.

You don’t have to worry about getting a place to stay, you can stay at several hotels near Kolkata Airport. These hotels are very close to the airport, so the trip duration will be short, especially if you stay at a hotel with hotel shuttle facilities.

You can choose from hotel recommendations, including Holiday Inn Express Kolkata Airport, IHG Hotel, BABUL Hotel, The Silverline Hotel, Kolkata Airport, Ethnotel, and OYO Townhouse 060 Airport Green Arcade.

Each hotel above has superior facilities, starting from the facilities, distance, room type, and budget for staying per night.

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airpaz hotel EN FIXX 28


Transportations 10

After your business is done at the airport, you need a mode of transportation to take you to your hotel or other destinations in Kolkata, for example, to the city center.

There are several transportation options that you can choose waiting for passengers outside the CCU Airport terminal:

1. Buses

Buses have always been a means of transportation that many passengers use to go from the airport. Besides being able to accommodate many passengers, the cost of one trip by bus is also cheaper.

2. Pre-paid taxis

These pre-paid taxis operate 24 hours at Gates 3 and 4 in the arrival hall area. These yellow taxis are suitable if you want a more private trip.

3. Radio taxis

You can use this taxi service which is ordered by telephone, so when you arrive at the airport, the driver will immediately wait for you.

3. Trains

The train is also a mode of transportation that can make an affordable option that can take you to the Kolkata Suburban Railway system.

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Duty-Free Shops

Kolkata Airport

Shopping is always a fun activity, especially if you are not taxed. The duty-free Kolkata Airport is the best place to buy souvenirs.

Here you can find various products from local Indian or international brands, including fashion products, cosmetics, chocolates, souvenirs, and others.

Best Things to Do in Kolkata

Kolkata Airport

When you arrive at Kolkata Airport, you have to have an itinerary while in Kolkata so that you only spend a little bit of time in hotel rooms.

Some recommendations for activities you can do when you are here during the holidays. You can do a city tour to learn more about Kolkata with an official government tour guide or on your own.

Apart from that, you can choose various travel tourism themes in Kolkata, for example, historical tours such as the Victoria Memorial, St John’s Church, Writer’s Building, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Indian Museum, and other historical places.

If you want cultural-themed activities, choose Kalighat Temple, Kumartuli, Howrah Bridge, Banyan Tree, and others.

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After getting complete information about Kolkata Airport, you certainly can’t wait to visit Kolkata. If so, immediately book flight tickets and hotels at Airpaz because it’s easy and fast!


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