3 Doi Mae Hua Kham Attractions

Kham is the Lisu Tribe and small groups of tribes such as Hmong, Akha, and Muser. The best time to visit the Doi Mae Hua Kham Attractions is November. At the end of the year, the village is full of wild sunflowers blooming everywhere, making the yellow look in the village.

Doi Mae Hua Kham Attractions

The exact location of Doi Mae Hua Khang is at Moo 4, Maesalong, Mae Fah Luang; approximately 35 kilometers from Etadati. If the cold weather of November makes the sunflowers’ blooming, you can see the other beauty look in May. Beautiful Lotus is blooming at the time, fully all over the mountain. The village not only has the beautiful blooming flowers, it also always gives the wonderful beauty of sunrise and morning light in the middle of the morning mists.

When you visit Doi Mae Hua Kham, don’t miss the attractions around the village, such as;

 The Head’s Words Village

Doi Mae Hua Kham Attractions the Head's world village

All people must love seeing the blooming flowers. When the lotuses are blooming in Doi Mae Hua Kham, it creates the wonderful view in the village. Besides, the traditions and typical identity of the local people are also interesting features to see. Every year for New Year celebration; commonly from December to January, the local people wear their traditional tribal dress. The dress is so unique and they look very beautiful with the dress.

Doi Hua Mae Park

Doi Hua Mae Park is a park situated about 1.3 kilometers from the hill tribe village and 2 kilometers from the peak. When you reach the peak, you will see the amazing beauty of the mountain complex. Moreover, if you visit the park in the morning, you will see the mists covering the park and creating beautiful views.

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Winter Agricultural Center

The winter agricultural center is the center of local people training to plant winter plants for economic improvement. It trains the people to grow the plants well with the support of highland’s low temperature. Kinds of beautiful flowers planted there are such as tulips, orchids, roses, pine-scented lilies, eucalyptus, and many more.

The amazing beauty of Doi Mae Hua Kham attractions shouldn’t be missed when you are traveling in Thailand. Then put them on your trip itinerary. To book the flights, use Airpaz that always provides many options for flights every day.


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