List of Transportation Methods in Toronto Airport

Making your access easier from Pearson Airport to various places, there are several transportation methods in Toronto Airport to choose from. Some of these means of transportation have respective advantages that suit the needs of passengers.

Check out what transportation in Toronto Airport you can choose in the following article!

Transportation Methods in Toronto Airport

As the largest airport in Canada, there is quite a lot of transportation access at Toronto Pearson Airport because the passenger traffic coming and going from the airport is also very busy.

Some of the transportation options you can choose from include:

1. Buses

transportation method in Toronto Airport

Buses are the cheapest and relatively easy to find at the airport. Buses that can facilitate mobility are also divided into several types, namely:

  • Hotel Shuttles

Toronto Airport shuttle is the first choice that can take you to your hotel from the airport. There are several hotel shuttles because there are also many hotels around the airport that have this service.

Hotel shuttles do not charge a separate fee because it is one of the accessible facilities provided by the hotel. To find out if the hotel where you are staying has this service, you can check through the official website or ask the contact provided.

The pick-up area from hotel shuttles is at Door S, ground level, Terminal 1. In Terminal 1, the location is at Doors A and G, at the arrival level.

  • Long Distance Buses

The long-distance bus is the most appropriate choice if your destination is far from the airport. Several companies that handle long trips include Niagara Airbus, Century Airline Service, Coach Canada and Megabus, and Airlink.

The costs vary, depending on the destination you are going to.

  • Transit Buses

There are several transit bus providers. The first is the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission), which is in Terminals 1 and 3 at the ground and arrival levels. The one-way cost is around 3.25 USD to downtown Toronto.

Go Transit serves transfers to several areas of Toronto, where buses depart from Terminal 1. The cost depends on the distance to the place, and you can check it through the official website.

Then there are several other options, such as MIWAY, which has a route to Mississauga and 7 Airport at around 4 USD.

2. Train (UP Express)

transportation method in Toronto Airport

UP Express can take you downtown in about 25 minutes and departs every 15 minutes. Hours of operation are 05.40 AM to 10.40 AM at Toronto Airport. Meanwhile, from Union Station, the hours of operation are 04.55 AM to 01.00 AM.

You can find UP Express stations in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. The fare distribution also varies, divided into several categories: adult, senior, student, and family.

The distribution of costs is as follows:

  • Adults. One-way: 12.35 USD, returns: 24.70 USD.
  • Senior. One-way: 6.20 USD, returns: 12.40 USD.
  • Students aged 13 to 19 years. One-way 12.35 USD, returns: 24.70
  • The family consists of 2 adults and a maximum of 3 people aged 19. The fare is around 25.70 USD.
  • Meanwhile, no travel costs are required for children under 12 years of age.

The place to buy UP Express tickets is in Terminal 1, in the passenger arrival area. Please find a Customer Service counter and order at vending machines.

3. Taxis

transportation method in Toronto Airport

Taxis are the fastest and more private option for passengers who want short trips. Depending on traffic conditions, travel time downtown is around 30 to 60 minutes.

Even though the cost is more expensive, you don’t need to stop at several stations or places, so you will only stop at places other than your destination.

If you want to order a taxi directly at the airport, you can come to Doors C and D in Terminal 1. Meanwhile, in Terminal 3, they are at Doors D, E, and F.

Meanwhile, if you want to pre-book, you can visit Door A Terminal 1 and Door A Terminal 3.

The cost of the trip depends on the distance traveled, but if you go downtown, the estimated cost is 50 to 85 USD; check the fare with the taxi drivers first. Then there is also a 4 USD fee for a fuel surcharge which will take effect in 2022.

4. Car Rental

transportation method in Toronto Airport

To make your trip more flexible and comfortable, you can rent a car to deliver to various locations in Toronto.

Several car rental companies are available at Toronto Airport, namely ACE, Budget, Alamo, Economy Rent a Car, Avis, Dollar, EZ, Enterprise, Hertz, EZM Thrifty, National, and Inversta Car Rental.

To find the car rental counter is at Level 1 Terminal 1 and the parking garages are at Terminal 3.

You can consider all the transportation options above and choose the most appropriate transportation method in Toronto Airport. Before that, remember to book your flight ticket and hotel at Airpaz!


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