Duty-Free Shop at Don Mueang Airport for a Fun Shopping Sensation

Shopping is a must if you are on holiday in Thailand. To be more efficient and tax-free, you can take advantage of the Thailand duty-free shop at the airport. If you use Don Mueang Airport, there is also a duty-free shop at Don Mueang Airport.

Due to the large airport area, you need complete information about Don Mueang Airport shopping. Therefore, see the ultimate guide in the following article!

Duty-Free Shop at Don Mueang Airport

Duty-Free Shop at Don Mueang Airport
Duty-Free Shop at Don Mueang Airport / Pixabay

There are many duty-free shops at the airport that you can find, and all of them are combined into one big duty-free shop called King Power Duty-Free. King Power is a duty-free company from Thailand that has been operating since 1989 and is expanding its wings worldwide.

Therefore, although there is only one shop, it is enormous and has many products. So you don’t need to worry because there are lots of choices.

King Power Duty-Free Shop Products

King Power Duty-Free Shop Products
King Power Duty-Free Shop Products / Pixabay

You can find favorite products and brands worldwide or local Thai specialties. Of its vision of wanting to provide a world-class travel experience, you will feel comfortable shopping at this duty-free shop at the airport.

King Power is open every day for 24 hours and is located on the first level (arrival) and level three (international departure). The address is 222 Viphavadee Road, Don Mueang Airport, Bangkok, 10210, Thailand.

Several types of products and shops in the King Power area are:

1. Fashion and Accessories

Fashion and Accessories
Fashion and Accessories / Pixabay

Some of the brand stores that you can find in this product category are Sriracha, Polaroid, Gucci, Pikuszo, Christian Dior, Geneve, Versace, Alberto, Kipling, Prada, and others.

Prices for products in fashion and accessories range from 470.00 to 87,300.00 THB (13.49 to 2506.21 USD).

2. Beauty and Spa Items

Beauty and Spa Items
Beauty and Spa Items / Pixabay

Skincare enthusiasts will love this area. In this area, you can find various beauty products you can use yourself or as gifts for relatives and friends.

These brands include Anna Sui, Bvlgari, Chanel, Fendi, Estee Lauder, Gucci, Hugo Boss, and Hermes. Besides that, there are Revlon, Shiseido, SK11, Versace, YSL, and other well-known brands.

Prices for this category range from 110.00 to 83,800.00 THB (3.15 to 2405.73 USD).

3. Food And Snacks

Food And Snacks
Food And Snacks / Pixabay

Every time after a vacation, one of the souvenirs that people wait for at home is local specialties and snacks from foreign brands. You don’t need to be tired of going around every supermarket or Thai market because you can find them at the duty-free Bangkok airport.

You can find various types and brands of food and snacks in one of King Power’s stores. Some brands you can find include Almond Roca, Bounty, Cadbury –UK, Chupa Chups, Dove, Glico, Hanita, Kinder, and Kit Kat.

Familiar products such as Lotte, M&M, Mentos, Nestle, Nutella, Oreo, Skittles, Snicker, Sugus, Tic Tac, and Toblerone are available. Even though you’ve never met it, every country usually has a specific product or a different variant of each brand.

You can get food and snacks with prices starting from 70.00 to 1,140 THB (2.01 to 32.73 USD) per product.

4. Souvenirs and Thai Crafts

Souvenirs and Thai Crafts
Souvenirs and Thai Crafts / Pixabay

You can also make Thai handicrafts and souvenirs as souvenirs. These products can also be a keepsake because they indicate that you have visited Thailand.

There are many handicraft products from various brands, such as Nanttita, Thai-Thai, Aiya, Leicester City, and VR No.8. Prices for souvenirs and Thai crafts range from 410.00 to 1,980.00 THB (11.77 to 56.84 USD) per product.

Apart from these four types, you can get liquor and tobacco, watches and jewelry, electronics, and sportswear from world-renowned brands.

Methods of Shopping at King Power

Methods of Shopping at King Power
Methods of Shopping at King Power / Pixabay

You can shop directly at every store available at King Power, from viewing and choosing to the payment process. No need to worry about visiting time because King Power is open 24 hours or never closes.

However, one other method will help you while shopping, namely the online shopping method via the website. Not only shop online, but you can also buy it from various King Power branches or pre-order it within 60 days before leaving Thailand. You can pick up these items through the pickup counter at Don Mueang Airport.

The pickup counter location is on the third floor of the International Passenger Terminal. The condition is that the total product price is less than 20,000 THB (574.16 USD).

The conditions for picking up goods are also easy; you must show a claim check receipt, passport, and boarding card. Maximum pickup time is 45 minutes before departure. Also, make sure to check all your purchases.

If you want to pick up the product, remember to inform the counter within 24 hours.

What do you think? Even though you shop at a duty-free shop at Don Mueang Airport, you can get many products. So don’t worry, okay? Also, remember to use Airpaz to book flight tickets and hotels!


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