Duty-Free Shop at Toronto Airport: Unlocking Retail Heaven

Toronto Airport is one of the busiest airports in Canada, so the facilities inside must be complete. Then, is Duty-free open at Pearson Airport? The answer is an absolute yes! You can buy various products at the duty-free shop at Toronto Airport.

There is one leading duty-free Toronto Airport shop managed by Dufry, which provides various needs for passengers. Check out the products available at the airport shop through the following article.

Duty-Free Shops at Toronto Airport

The Best Duty-Free Shops at Toronto Airport

As previously stated, there is currently one primary duty-free shop manager at Toronto Airport, Dufry. Dufry is a world retailer spread across various international airports, one of which is Toronto Pearson Airport.

The types of products sold are diverse, ranging from local products from Canada to worldwide. You can find cosmetics, perfumes, souvenirs, wine, tobacco, and other products.

Four shops are spread across the airport: two in Terminal 1 and two in Terminal 3. The many shops from Dufry can make you feel more comfortable because you don’t have to walk far to get to one of the stores.

Shops at Pearson Terminal 1  are located at two points:

  • Terminal 1 International Departures is open every day from 04.00 AM to 12.00 AM
  • Terminal 1 USA Departures is open from 05.00 AM to 09.00 PM on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Meanwhile, on Monday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, it opens from 04.30 AM to 09.00 PM

Then for Duty-free Toronto Airport Terminal 3 is located at International Departures, which opens from 03.00 AM to 01.30 AM, and USA Departures, which opens from 05.00 AM to 09.00 PM.

Products that you can buy tax-free include:

1. Beauty Products

Beauty Products Become One of the Favorites in the Duty-Free Shop at Toronto Airport

This first category targets fans of beauty products, especially women. In this shop, you can find various beauty products such as skincare, makeup, medicines, fragrances, and so on from various world brands.

These brands include Estee Lauder, Lancome, Clinique, Paco Rabanne, Dior, Clarins, Bvlgari, Hugo Boss, Giorgio Armani, Hermes, CK, Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci, Versace, Chloe, Prada, Lacoste, and other world brands.

Prices for products in this category range from 36 USD to 301 USD.

2. Liquor

Liquor Products Available at the Duty-Free Shop at Toronto Airport

Various whiskeys, liqueurs, wines, cognac & brandy, white spirits, and champagne & sparkling wine are available in this category. For fans of this drink, you must be familiar with the various brands available.

Several well-known liquor brands, including Bacardi, Henry of Pelham, Trius, Crown Loyal, Johnnie Walker, Absolut, Peller Estates, Wayne Gretzky, Chivas Regal, and Glenmorangie, are available.

You can get any of their products from 5 USD to 357 USD.

3. Chocolate and Sweets

How to Buy Chocolate and Sweets at the Duty-Free Shop at Toronto Airport

Chocolate and sweets are the products that are most often included in the shopping list of passengers. These products can be given to various people, regardless of age or gender.

You can buy categories that include biscuits, sweets, chocolate, nougat, chocolate liqueurs, and chewing gum. Meanwhile, the brands available are Hershey’s, Kinder, KitKat, Toblerone, Lindt, M&M, Mentos, Haribo, Milka, and Chocolat Frey.

You can get the product price starting from 2.50 USD to 39 USD.

4. Accessories

Buy Accessories Products at the Duty-Free Shop at Toronto Airport

In this duty-free shop, you can buy glasses, one of the mandatory fashion items when on vacation to various places. When the weather’s hot and you want to take fantastic photos, glasses are the most appropriate choice.

There are two well-known brands available,  Oakley and Rayban. These glasses range from 204 USD to 246 USD for one pair. Even though it is expensive, the quality is equivalent to the price.

5. Electronics

Visitors Can Buy Electronic Products at the Duty-Free Shop at Toronto Airport

You can also find earphone products at the Pearson duty-free shop as souvenirs or to accompany your trip while listening to music or watching movies.

Travel Blue is the brand in this category, where the price range for one earphone ranges from 22 USD to 32 USD.

6. Exclusives

Many Exclusives Products at the Duty-Free Shop at Toronto Airport

This category complements your tour because the products available are specifically for travel in terms of type, size, or theme.

Many well-known brands make this exclusive travel category, such as Lindt, Kinder, Estee Lauder, Antonio Banderas, Mentos, Clinique, Milka, KitKat, L’Occitane, Versace, Biotherm, and others brands.

You can get this travel product category from 84 USD to 232 USD.

How to Shop in Toronto Duty-Free

Apart from shopping directly at each store, you can also pre-order to make it faster and easier.

How to shop this method is:

  • Look for selected products in the online catalog on this page.
  • Enter the desired product into the cart or shopping basket.
  • If so, please confirm the order and pay for the product immediately.
  • Lastly, please pick up your groceries at the specified pick-up point before the flight.

Because of the large selection of products at the duty-free shop at Toronto Airport, you can buy whatever souvenirs you want. However, ensure you have booked plane tickets at Airpaz in advance so the itinerary can go perfectly.


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