Hello Summer Bogor, Enjoy the Bali Vibes in Bogor

Hello Summer Bogor is one of the recommended cafés to visit for those who miss Bali island. Bali is famous for its beautiful beaches. Most people come to Bali because they like to enjoy the best views near the beach, a beautiful sunset, a wonderful sunrise, and some other great views. You can find some cafes near the beach. Now, for those of you who like to feel the Bali taste and atmosphere, you don’t need to go to Bali. You just need to come to Hello Summer Bogor Café. It is the best café in Bogor that offers you Bali’s atmosphere.

The Design of Hello Summer Bogor

hello summer bogor - design
Hello Summer bogor view
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Bogor is well known as the city of rain because of its high rainfall, but now you can find a café with a summer theme in Bogor. It became the main attraction of Hello Summer Bogor. People will feel that they are on vacation or that they are in Bali. This café is made with an aesthetic interior and exterior too, which increases the vibrancy of the summer season. Let us check the interior and exterior of this café.

The exterior of Hello Summer Café

Hello summer
Exterior Hello Summer Cafe Bogor
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People will feel the summer theme from the first time they enter Hello Summer Bogor. The walls in this café are dominated by white, and the walls are made with a rough texture. When you enter this café, you will feel relaxed too, because you will find several palm trees there. This café is made in a circular shape, and you can find a small outdoor area in the middle of this café. In the outdoor area of this café, you can find a mini pool. Unfortunately, the mini pool is just for decoration. The mini pool is completed too, with white sand. It gives Bali a taste in this area. You can choose to sit on the wooden or rattan chairs, or you can also choose to use a bean bag. You can relax on the beach in this area.

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The interior of Hello Summer Bogor Café

Interior design Hello Summer Cafe in Bogor
Source : Instagram.com/hellosummer.idn

We can move to the indoor area of this café. When we enter this café, we can find a more formal situation. There are some choices of seating that you can make. You can choose to sit in two or some groups. This place is suitable for you if you want to invite your friends and family, for example, when you are celebrating your birthday. The interior of this café is also very beautiful. We can see tropical touches in some parts of this café. When you walk into this café, you can’t help but smile. It is also the best place to take photos.

See the Perfect View from the Second Floor

Second floor
In Second floor, you can find many other things and perfect view of all of this cafe
Source : pergikuliner.com

We can go up to the second floor of this café. On the second floor of this café, you can find two areas. You can choose between an indoor and an outdoor area. The second floor of this café is made with a summer taste too. You can still find white sand floors, gazebos, palm trees, and some other things. From the second floor, you can also see the perfect view of all of this café.

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Food and Beverages are Reasonably Priced.

Food and beverage 1
Source : Instagram.com/hellosummer.idn
The price of all foods and beverages of this cafe is affordable, so we can enjoy without wasting more money

People think that coming to a beautiful café will make you pay a higher price for food and beverages. You don’t need to worry when you want to come to this café. Some foods are offered to you in this café. It gives you various options for food. You can choose western or traditional food. The price of all foods and beverages in this café is affordable. You can enjoy all the food without wasting more money.

Hello Summer Bogor’s location

Where is the location of this café? For all of you who like to come to this café, you don’t need to worry because it is easy to find this café. This café is located in the middle of Bogor city. This café is located on Jalan Sukasari 1, number 23, Sukasari, East Bogor. When you drive your car from the city center, it is about 3 km to reach this café. The location of this café is near Surabi Duren Sukasari.

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Hello Summer Bogor’s Amenities

Some facilities are offered to you.
• a large parking lot. You don’t need to worry because this café is equipped with a large parking area. You should come to this café on a weekday.

• Toilet

• Gazebo

• Mini pool

• Photo spots

• Prayer Room

• Live Music in the Weekend

This café is open from 10.00 pm to 09.00 am. For those of you who want to come to this café, you need to prepare your Peduli Lindungi app first. This café allows people with Peduli Lindungi only to enter this café. You need to check your body temperature before you enter this café. This café obeys health protocol. It is time for you to come to Bogor. You want to travel to Bogor and you need a hotel, you can book a hotel and flight by visitting Airpaz.com or using the Airpaz application. You can get a special discount on hotels and flights every day. You don’t need to wait for a longer time again. It is time for you to enjoy Balinese taste and atmosphere in Hello Summer Bogor.


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