Use This If You are Going to Sultanahmet from Istanbul Airport

Going to Turkey is incomplete without visiting Sultanahmet. If you are going to Sultanahmet from Istanbul Airport, there are numerous modes of transportation available.

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Going to Sultanahmet from Istanbul Airport

Sultanahmet is a district of Istanbul, Turkey. Sultanahmet is also the most historically significant city. The Sultanahmet district is known as The Old City. 

It is in this area that some of Istanbul’s landmark structures can be found.

The Sultanahmet Mosque (Blue Mosque), Hagia Sophia, Yerebaten Cistern, and Topkapi Palace are only a few examples.

Sultanahmet is located in Istanbul’s highlands. The Sea of Marmara is to the east, and the Bosphorus Strait is to the north.

The Sultanahmet district is historically significant since it was originally the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire. In 1453, the area was annexed by the Turkish Ottoman Empire. 

Sultanahmet has become a popular tourist attraction in Turkey because it is the most historic city with views of Istanbul.

As a result, Sultanahmet attracts a large number of foreign and domestic tourists. Those of you visiting Turkey for the first time may be perplexed as to how to get to Sultanahmet.

From Istanbul Airport to Sultanahmet, there are various options for transportation.

You have the option of taking a car or hiring a private shuttle car. You can also take the airport bus or public transportation. 

Transportation Methods

The following are various transportation choices from Istanbul Airport to Sultanahmet.

1. Taxi

Taxi / Pixabay

The distance from Istanbul Airport to Sultanahmet is approximately 48 kilometers. So, from Istanbul Airport, you can take a taxi to Sultanahmet.

At Istanbul Airport, there are various taxi options. So you can select one of the available cabs. Toprak Taxi Mimaroba, Sahil Taxi, and Albatros Taxi are among the options.

There are various other routes available if you take a taxi.

After exiting the airport, one of them is through Tayakadin Ihsaniye Yolu. Then proceed to Hasdal Kemerburgaz Yolu by crossing the toll road.

Following that, you will pass through Maresal Fevzi Cakmak CD, Silahtaraga CD, and Bahariye CD.

Then proceed to the Yavedut CD, Ayvansaray CD, Nurselpasa CD, and Abdulezelpasa CD.

Then, via Ragip Gumuspala CD and Resadiye CD, you will enter the heart of Istanbul.

So, all that remains is to decide whether to go to the hotel or go sightseeing first.

If there are no traffic and issues, taking a taxi will take roughly 40 minutes. However, if the roads are congested, it can take nearly two hours.

Taxis, on the other hand, cost between USD20 and USD25. You can’t use these prices as a standard because the price of a taxi goes up when the route is busy.

2. Havaist Airport Shuttle

Havaist Airport Shuttle
Havaist Airport Shuttle / Pixabay

You can take the Havaist Airport Shuttle instead of a cab. This bus is easily accessible from the Istanbul Airport exit.

Havaist tickets can be purchased at the counter with cash or a credit card. The Havaist ticket costs approximately 26 TL (USD 1.5).

You can also pay by using Istanbul Kart. The card is available for purchase at multiple Billetmatic machines on the 2nd floor of the Arrival Hall.

The card can also be purchased at the Havaist counter.

You must stop at Aksaray on your way to Sultanahmet on the Havaist.

The tram will then take you to Sultanahmet, specifically in front of the Blue Mosque. Havaist is open from 5:00 AM to 11:00 PM. 

3. Private Shuttle

Private Shuttle
Private Shuttle / Pixabay

Private Shuttle is another option for getting from Istanbul Airport to Sultanahmet. These vehicles are far more secure and pleasant than taxis.

This car likewise offers a fixed charge and can drive you right to the hotel lobby. They also provide a considerably safer and more pleasant ride.

As a result, this car is ideal for taking your wife and children on vacation to Sultanahmet.

4. Public Transpoartation

Public Transportation
Public Transportation / Pixabay

Other than these modes of transportation, there are others from Istanbul Airport to Sultanahmet. One is taking public transportation.

However, no one ever suggests an alternative to public transit, especially if you’re bringing a large family with a lot of bags.

If you choose this choice, you will have to battle to carry your belongings in this congested mode of transportation.

You must also walk back to your target hotel after exiting this mode of transportation.

5. Hotel Airport Pickup

Hotel Airport Pickup

In addition to some of these modes of transportation, you can request a cab from your Sultanahmet hotel, which most hotels might provide.

However, you will need to save additional money. It is certain that ordering a pick-up from the hotel will be too expensive. Even more costly than other modes of transportation.

There are several modes of transportation if you are going to Sultanahmet from Istanbul Airport.

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