Exploring Niagara Falls, as the Ultimate Beauty of Nature

Niagara Falls is one of the most famous landmarks in the world, situated between the border of New York, USA, and Ontario, Canada. In the location, basically, you can see a vast area consisting of three tall waterfalls. The location is not only known as tourist destinations, but also for the biggest source of hydro-powered electricity in the world. Here is what you need to know about the location.

What to Do at Niagara Falls?

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There’s a lot to do when visit Niagara Falls

The most important thing to understand is what to do at Niagara Falls. People think visiting a waterfall area like this will be boring as you can do nothing else but watch the view. Well, it is not quite right as there are so many other things you can do at the location. These are some of them, and you need to get them on your to-do list right now.

Sightseeing at the Riverside

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You can also enjoy sightseeing at waterfalls, river, breeze, and any location you want to visit

Indeed, the very first thing you can do at Niagara Falls is sightseeing. The location is the epitome of the beauty of nature. You can stand by the riverside and enjoy the pretty creation of Mother Nature. The waterfalls, the river, the breeze, and the greenery surrounding the location are just so pretty to look at.

You can also go sightseeing at the Niagara Falls state park, which has wonderful scenery, too. The park is open to public, and you are allowed to take pictures, sightseeing, and do everything else here. The park is on the American side of the falls. There are museums, café, and other facilities inside the park.

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Going up the Skylon Tower

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Night aerial view of the Skylon Tower and the beautiful Niagara Falls

Skylon Tower is located in the Niagara Falls area, and it is so tall, like more than 8,000 feet above the ground. The tower can take visitors up to its peak, and they will be able to see the scenery from both the American side of the location and the Canadian side. If you are not afraid of height, going up the tower is the perfect way to enjoy the ultimate beauty of nature.

Trying Helicopter Rides

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You can take helicopter rides for sightseeing the Niagara falls from aerial

Helicopter rides are perfect for everyone wishing to enjoy the scenery of Niagara on the lake, and everything else around it with something different. Yes, by getting on a helicopter, you can see the scenery from different points of view. There are professional helicopter pilots that will guide you through the journey, and certainly, this is the kind of ride you will not want to miss. They are fully trained, and you do not need to worry about a license or everything.

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King Salmon Fishing Charters

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Source: fishingbooker.com

Niagara Falls is surrounded by a vast river, and the river is packed with so many kinds of fish, particularly the king salmon and the white trout. If you like fishing or catching those fish, this will be the perfect place to start. There are many fishing charters that will help you plan the trip and get you down the river then start fishing. You will end up with tons of fish and a great experience exploring the river.

Culinary Adventure at Rainforest Café

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Source: rainforestcafeniagarafallsusa.godaddysites.com

Niagara area is not only famous for the scenery, but also for its amazing accommodation. There is one café infamous for its unique concept. Yes, it is the Rainforest Café located just nearby the location of the falls. The café offers you a unique opportunity to dine inside a rainforest. The inside of café is designed and decorated as if you are stepping inside a rainforest.

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Firework Party on Victoria Day

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If you visit the Canadian side of Niagara Falls in late May, you should be able to enjoy firework party held by the Canadians to celebrate Victoria Day. The firework display is done every night, and it is such beautiful scenery. Victoria Day is the celebration to remember the birthday of Queen Victoria of England since Canada is a part of the Commonwealth. It is a pretty big deal for Canadians, hence the massive firework celebration.

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The Winter Festival of Lights

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Source: opg.com

For you who visit Niagara Falls Canada from late November to December, you will have the best opportunity to enjoy the Winter Festival of Lights. The area nearby the falls is all celebrating this festival by installing lamps, lanterns, and other illuminated figures and sculptures around the area. At night, combined with the snow and everything else, the scenery is just perfect to see.

Those are basically what you need to know about the falls, particularly on what to do when you visit Niagara Falls. The location is more than just pretty scenery as there are so many things to enjoy there, and it involves activities that will challenge you, such as riding a helicopter and fishing. This is the reason why visiting Niagara Falls is something mandatory, especially when you live near the border of US-Canada. Just book the ticket and hotel via Airpaz.com or Airpaz apps.


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