Top 7 Things to Do in Incheon Airport During Layover

South Korea’s Incheon International Airport is famous as the best airport in the world so that not a few people expect to be able to stop there in quite a long time so they can try out various cool facilities available. Therefore, what can you do if you layover at Incheon Airport?

What to Do on a Layover at Incheon Airport

Transiting at the airport on a trip should not bore you, including when you have the chance to stop at Incheon airport. You can do many things during the layover time. Are you curious about what you can do when you layover by at Incheon airport? If so, you can try the following list to do.

Explore Food

enjoy korean food

Even though you are not a food lover, there is nothing wrong if you check out some of the restaurants in Incheon airport when you layover. You can taste a variety of traditional Korean foods such as kimchi, bibimbap, or others. Besides that, you can also find various other dishes such as Japanese, Italian, Indian, Chinese, and many more. In fact, many fast food restaurants are very popular.

Go Shopping

shopping in airport

Having a layover time can also be used to go shopping. You can find many shops at the airport ranging from bookshops, souvenir shops, cosmetics shops, pharmacies, to convenience stores. You can shop for sweets or local drinks. In addition, you can also shop for various Korean popular beauty and care products at very affordable prices.

Relax in the Spa

Incheon airport facility Sauna and Spa 1

You can also pamper yourself by enjoying massage or spa treatments. You can try stopping by Prana Spa and Skin Care / Massage which are available in several locations. Besides massage services, you can also enjoy pedicure manicure services.

Watch Movies

airport cgv cinema

Do you want to relax while enjoying watching the latest movie? You can find the CGV Movie Theater that is pre-Security at the Transportation Center. The cinema provides long films every day between 9 am and 11 pm.

Take in Korean Culture

Even though you only spend time at the airport when you layover, you can still enjoy Korean culture. Incheon Airport offers a variety of cultural experiences, including Traditional Culture Centers and museums. You can come to the Rest and Relaxation Experience to explore and relax Korea’s unique approaches from crafts, local artwork, and folding screens. Everything promotes calm and peace. If you are interested in the latest 21st century Korean innovation, you can visit the IT Experience Center.

Join a Sightseeing Tour

join airport sightseeing tour

Do you want to enjoy a different experience while transiting at Incheon Airport? You can join one of the transit tours arranged by the airport. The tour is available in Korean and English. Usually, the tour lasts between 2 to 8 hours. With this tour, you will be invited to visit several tourist attractions such as Sinpo Market, Yongungsa Temple, or others. The cost of the tour also varies from $ 10 – $ 100.

Go Sightseeing on Your Own

go sightseeing on your own

If you prefer adventure alone, this can also be an interesting choice to do. Please note! The airport location is about 1 hour to get to the city center. Therefore, you have at least 6 hours layover if you want to travel alone.

You can store bags that you do not want to carry in the main terminal locker and then you can ride to the AREX Railroad Express that is connected to the downtown metro line. You should choose a tourist destination or places that are easily accessible so you enjoy the short trip more. Make sure you are not late returning to the airport.

Many people do not like when they have to layover at the airport. However, if you know some interesting things you can do, transiting at Incheon Airport can definitely give you an exciting experience. Do you have any travel plans in the near future? You can prepare flight tickets by booking at Airpaz. Many interesting offers can certainly make the trip more enjoyable.


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