Hanoi Airport Transportation Picks: Say Goodbye to Hassle!

One of the things that a person considers when planning a vacation is the transportation he will use to travel around downtown. If you plan to vacation in Hanoi, have you thought about what kind of transportation you will use? Here is the info about the Hanoi Airport transportation you’re looking for.

Hanoi Airport Transportation

Hanoi Airport transportation

Hanoi Airport, also known as Noi Bai International Airport, is one of many busiest airports in Vietnam. Every day, this airport serves as a hub for more than 40 airlines bringing passengers worldwide.

Other than that, some modes of transportation are usually chosen by travelers on vacation to Vietnam, especially downtown Hanoi.

1. Public Bus

Express Bus Hanoi Airport

This public transportation is not only available to local people but also to foreign tourists. If you want to visit many of these downtown attractions, take Hanoi Airport Bus 7 or 17. You need to pay cash 10,000 VND (0.43 USD) for the one-way ticket for this public transportation. 

Unfortunately, the journey of this transportation is quite long. The travel time is 1.5 hours from NIA Airport to the city center.

If you still want to try this transportation and enjoy the scenery, this transportation service is available from 5 AM – 8 PM. The bus is parked outside the terminal. So, you have to exit the airport gate and walk about 200 meters to the bus. It will leave within 20-minute intervals.

You must also remember that Bus 17’s route is only on T1. You must transfer from T2 to T1 first if you take Bus 17.

2. Taxi

Hanoi airport taxi

If you compare public bus transportation with taxis, both have their own pros and cons. Taxis, for instance, are better in terms of convenience. The journey to Hanoi will be more comfortable as you won’t be squeezed among people. 

However, to get these advantages, you must sacrifice the budget. It is because the Hanoi Airport taxi fare is more expensive compared to other public transportation.

Passengers usually must pay the taxi driver 230,000 (9.81 USD) if they want him to take them to Hanoi. Travel time needed to arrive in downtown Hanoi is 45 minutes by Hanoi Airport taxi. Also make sure you use a trusted metered taxi such as G7, Taxi Group, and Mai Linh Group.

3. Express Bus

Express Bus Hanoi

Express Bus is a transportation alternative you can consider as well. Express buses are one level better in terms of cost and time than public buses. 

You only need 45 minutes to drive away to get to downtown Hanoi from NIA. On the other hand, this bus’s one-way ticket price is 45,000 VND (1.92 USD).

You should take Hanoi Airport express bus 86 to visit the city center. The bus’s exterior itself is orange, so it will be easy to find after you’re outside the Arrivals Hall. 

The express bus itself usually runs every 25 minutes. The earliest express bus service is at 6.30 AM. Contrarily, this service usually closes at 11 PM.

4. Shuttle Bus

Shuttle Bus at Hanoi Airport

Apart from the three options above, Vietnam Airways also provides a transportation service, namely the Hanoi Airport shuttle bus, whose interior consists of 45 seats. 

You can find this shuttle bus in front of the Arrivals Hall. To get to the bus stop, you must walk through the exit gate on the Ground Floor and walk for a while

It is also important for you to know that the one-way shuttle bus ticket costs around 40,000 VND (1.71 USD). You will arrive at the city center 1 hour after boarding at Hanoi airport.

Additionally, it opens from 4 AM – 9 PM and departs every 30-45 minutes. Besides, don’t forget to ask the driver to drop you off at Quang Trung Street or Nguyen Thai Hoc. These two locations are close to several attractions like Hoan Kiem Lake.

5. Rental Car & Motorbike

Motorbike rental

Not far from the airport, several companies offer cars or motorbikes for rent. Unfortunately, the rates for rental services from companies around the NIA are actually more expensive than rental companies whose address is farther from the airport.

Thus, get a more affordable price for the car you rent by booking online several days before your flight. That way, you will get a cheaper rental rate per day. The fare starts at 20 USD per day. Meanwhile, daily motorbike rental is around 130,000 VND (5.55 USD).

To rent a motorbike or car, ensure you have prepared documents such as photocopies of passports, national/international driving licenses, photos, valid visas, application forms, and processing fees.

To sum up, you should know some important things about Hanoi Airport transportation. Also, include Airpaz in realizing your Vietnam vacation plans by helping you get the best value on flight tickets and hotels. Hope this helps!


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