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Ramadan Fasting Difference between Countries

Ramadan lasts for twenty-nine and thirty days based on the lunar year. The fasting starts from sunri...

Things We Can Only Do in Ramadan Period

Ramadan is a holy month of the Islamic calendar when Muslims should do various spiritual things. Bes...
ramadan fasting tips

Tips on How to Get the Most Out of Ramadan Period

Ramadan is always celebrated happily by Muslims around the world. There are various spiritual activi...
holi festival around the world

Holi Festival Location: Countries Celebrating Holi Festival Around the World

People all around the world are excited about the upcoming Holi Festival 2020. As a traditional cele...
holi festival history and celebrations

The History of Holi Festival and How It Was Celebrated in India

Are you excited for the upcoming Holi Festival India? Known as a carefree festivity, the festival is...
meaning of sakura flowers

Meaning of Sakura Flowers in Japanese Cultures and Japanese People

When you talk about Japan, it feels so attached to the Sakura. Although not everyone has seen the Sa...

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