4 Honolulu Airport Hotels for the Best Tropical Relaxation

Once you arrive at Honolulu airport, you will have a wide selection of Honolulu airport hotels to choose from. It is important to book a room so you can have a place to rest. You can also put your luggage while exploring Hawaii.

Honolulu offers many hotels with diverse designs and facilities. In addition, you can also get close enough to the airport to travel within a short distance between the hotel and the airport.

For a comfortable stay, you can choose the hotel based on your budget or your preference.  

Honolulu Airport Hotels

If you are about to go on a vacation in Hawaii, choosing a place to stay is essential. It will grant you your experience on the exotic island.

Honolulu has many exotic hotels near Honolulu Airport to choose from, with incredible facilities. They are built to meet the demand and needs of tourists. 

Below is the list of recommended hotels to stay in during your holiday.

1. Airport Honolulu Hotel

Airport Honolulu Hotel // Honolulu airport hotel

The first recommended hotel to stay in is Airport Honolulu Hotel. It is within close proximity of the Honolulu airport. Moreover, you will only need around 5 minutes to get there as the distance is a half mile from the airport.

Not only is it close to the airport, but its location is also strategic, as it is near the Iolani Palace, Bishop Museum, and the University of Hawaii.

When you book a room in this hotel, you can enjoy the nice facilities. The facilities are a refrigerator and microwave inside the room, HD flat television, an ironing board, toiletries, and a hair dryer inside the room.

You can also enjoy public facilities such as meeting rooms, airport shuttles, a swimming pool, picnic areas, and ATMs.

As for the room’s rate, you can choose a standard double room or a standard king room with a rate starting from 180 to 189 USD a night.

airpaz hotel 90

2. Pacific Marina Inn

Pacific Marina Inn // Honolulu airport hotel

Another good option for a hotel to stay at during the holiday is Pacific Marina Inn. It is a strategic hotel that is near all the good spots in Honolulu.

Pacific Marina Inn and the airport are just five minutes away. Moreover, when you decide to stay in this room, you get access to various exciting holiday sites like Waikiki, Fort Shafter, and Lagoon Chinese Restaurant.

With all the convenience it offers, you can also get an easy airport hotel shuttle with an exclusive bus from the hotel. 

When you stay for a few nights here, you can enjoy a convenience store, swimming pool, internet connection, cafe, and lounges.

The room’s rate a night is around 172 USD to 267 USD a night. You can book before your flight to make sure you get the best room.

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3. Best Western The Plaza Hotel

Best Western The Plaza Hotel // Honolulu airport hotel

If you want to experience a clean-cut room where you feel like staying in a cozy and neat place, you can choose to stay in Best Western The Plaza Hotel. 

This hotel has a warm office look with a wooden carpeting floor. Moreover, it has an outdoor pool where the guests can freely swim during their stay. 

Located near the airport, you will get a free shuttle service to pick you up from the airport. Therefore, you can choose which transportation methods to choose.

Other facilities included in your hotel package are a non-smoking room, 24 hours receptionist desk, a refrigerator inside the room, a laundromat, and a business center.

The room’s rate starts from 221 to 352 USD from standard to family or business suit class.

hotel best western the plaza

Best Western The Plaza

7.3 Very Good (1012 Reviews)

3253 North Nimitz Highway Western Honolulu, Hawaii Honolulu HI 96819

4. Harbor Shores Apartment Hotel

Harbor Shores Apartment Hotel

Another hotel with a strategic location is Harbor Shores Apartment Hotel. This hotel is suitable for those who are looking for a homey staying place.

It is also near Pearl Harbor, Military bases, and beautiful Hawaiian beaches. Hence, you can also see the historical Pearl Harbor from your hotel’s view.

Other facilities included in this Pearl Harbor hotel are coin laundry, picnic and barbeque area, outdoor swimming pool, free internet connection, and pet friendly.

Make sure you reserve the hotel’s room before your arrival so they can pick you up from the airport.

The Harbor Shores Apartment Hotel room rate is only available for private reservations. Therefore, you can only know the booking’s price if you contact the hotel.

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5. Aston at the Executive Centre Hotel

Aston at the Executive Centre Hotel // Honolulu airport hotel

The last recommended Honolulu hotel to stay at during a holiday in Hawaii is Aston at The Executive Centre Hotel. It is a luxury hotel where you can have a cozy stay while enjoying a fun holiday experience in Hawaii.

Moreover, you will see the beautiful Hawaii view from your window with its modern design.

Facilities you can get in this hotel are a swimming pool, ATM, free toiletries, 24-hour receptionist desk, and snack bar. As for the room rate, it starts from 221 to 300 USD a night.

hotel Aston Executive Centre

Aston Executive Centre

8.1 Excellent (533 Reviews)

1088 Bishop Street Pusat kota Honolulu, Hawaii Honolulu HI 96813

Those are all the recommended Honolulu Airport Hotels to stay in once you arrive in Hawaii. After deciding which room to stay in, book a flight ticket only at Airpaz!


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