Hyderabad Airport Duty-free shops 101

Duty-free shops are one thing that many airports have in common. In Hyderabad Airport, there are over 700 square meters of space reserved for shops, housing hundreds of brands, spread around different products, such as liquor, tobacco, and perfumes. A duty-free shop is arguably one of the top attractions to visiting Hyderabad Airport, going tax-free shopping for items that would usually be taxed.

Hyderabad Airport Duty-free Shops

Hyderabad Airport Duty-free Shops

Ready to satisfy your craving for shopping? Then let’s take a look at what you came here for, the details of the items sold in Hyderabad Airport duty-free shops, and the price range of the items. 

HRD Duty-Free

Arguably the most gigantic shop in Hyderabad Airport, this shop sells almost everything, from liquor, confectionery, perfumes, and travel essentials, to souvenirs. This shop is located both in Departure & Arrivals. Here is the breakdown of the available items you can purchase on Hyderabad Duty-Free.

1. Liquor

liquor Hyderabad Airport Duty-free Shops

Blended whiskey, American whiskey, Irish whiskey, Single Malt, Wine and Champagne, Cognac and Brandy, Vodka, Rum, Gin, Tequila, Liqueur, and Bourbon whiskey all of them are available here. These Hyderabad Airport Duty-free Shops Products consist of the most well-known brands in the world, such as Smirnoff, Bacardi, Jack Daniel’s, and many more.

With items ranging from 18 USD up to 360 USD, Liquor is the most prominent product on display in HRD Duty-Free, presenting more than 40 brands under their banner. If you feel like taking a sip from a bottle of some of the finest alcohol in the world, check this section of HRD Duty-Free.

2. Confectionery

Confectionary Hyderabad Airport Duty-free Shops

Want to take a bite of something sweet? Hyderabad Airport duty-free shops also has some of that. Various brands of chocolate are yours to choose from, such as Hershey’s, Godiva, Mars, and Cadbury. The price of this chocolate range from 6 USD for chocolate bars to 35 USD for a pack of Hershey’s 1.1 kilogram miniature chocolate.

For a more premium selection of chocolate, Hyderabad Duty-Free also offers Anthon Berg liqueur Chocolate and Lindt Gold Bar Swiss chocolate. They range from 12 USD to 15 USD per item.

3. Perfumes

perfumes Hyderabad Airport Duty-free Shops

Perfumes for men, women, and unisex are also the main attractions when shopping in Hyderabad Duty-Free. Just like liquor, the items you can find here are well-known brands of perfume, from Gucci to Prada. The price also varies, starting from 30 USD to 100 USD per item.

4. Travel Essentials

travel essentials Hyderabad Airport Duty-free Shops

In accompanying travelers, HRD Duty-Free provides travel essentials in the form of a selection of Cabeau neck pillows. Offering a neck pillow you commonly find in a store, starting at 28 USD, each item to Cabeau Evolution provides an array of functionality, such as a removable and washable cover, memory foam core, and breathable vents, starting at 62 USD.

5. Gifts and Souvenirs

elephant souvenir Hyderabad Airport Duty-free Shops

When you visit a country, bringing back souvenirs for friends are family is a common practice among many people. If you don’t have the time to visit a souvenir shop before coming to the airport or looking for a last-minute gift, HRD Duty-Free also provides souvenirs you can choose from to bring back as gifts. From cheap and unique pen stand at 6 USD to elephant carvings for 27 USD, they will make perfect gifts for your loved ones.

Not only woodworks but there are also other choices, such as packaged nuts. Selection of fresh almonds, pistachios, and cashews can be purchased starting from 3 USD up to 28 USD.

Last but not least, if you are up for a stylish choice, you are in for a treat. Kurti, Pashmina, and Kani Jamawar are available for purchase as gifts or for you to wear. Each of them is an article of traditional Indian clothing that is commonly worn by women. Starting from 15 USD to 58 USD, you can pick and choose your style.

Website: http://www.hyderabaddutyfree.com/

Non Duty-Free Shops

Shoppers Stop Hyderabad Airport Duty-free Shops

Aside from Hyderabad Duty-Free, other shops offer items that are not duty-free. These are the non-duty-free shops that you can visit at Hyderabad Airport:

  • Croma: Tech Shop
  • W for Woman: Women’s clothes
  • Porsche Design: Accessories (sunglasses, pens, and watches)
  • Mochi Shoes: Footwear
  • United Colors of Benetton: Clothing
  • Shopper stop: Clothing, Furniture, and Jewelry
  • Swarovski: Jewelries, Watches, Accessories

And many more shops you can visit at Hyderabad Airport!

So, got your eye on something? If you want an outstanding shopping experience, spare some time to browse through Hyderabad Airport duty-free shop. Also, if you want to book a flight, check out Airpaz.com for a fantastic flight deal.


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