The Ultimate Guide to JFK Airport Transportation

When you land at this airport, you may be wondering about the transportation system at JFK Airport. What’s the best transportation you can use to and from the airport or get around New York City? You need to read the following information about JFK Airport Transportation.

JFK Airport Transportation 

The Best JFK Airport Transportation

Since JFK is one of the busiest in the USA, there are often traffic jams at this airport, but don’t worry—there is an AirTrain that speeds up transfers between terminals and transports passengers to areas outside the airport. 

This further lessens congestion at the airport’s hub. Below are some transportation methods in New York City

1. AirTrain 

AirTrain Becomes One of the Best JFK Airport Transportation

You can travel between terminals via AirTrain. Depending on where you’re going, you can choose some different trails. This service is offered without charge. The yellow line circles around in a clockwise direction and serves all terminals. It takes approximately 8 minutes for a complete loop to run constantly.

At Jamaica Stop, the red line’s start and finish circles around each station in the opposite direction.

The green line travels outside each terminal, stopping at Federal Circle and Howard Beach Station. The automobile rental office is in Federal Circle, while the Kiss & Fly drop-off is in Long Term Parking Area 9 on Lefferts Boulevard.

Free rides on the AirTrain are required for trips between terminals, to Federal Circle, or to Lefferts Boulevard. A one-way journey will cost $5 regardless of whether your excursion begins or concludes in Howard Beach or Jamaica.

2. Subway 

Subway Is One Of The Most Convenient Transportation

The MTA runs the subway system. Sadly, some systems are outdated, making them prone to delays and malfunctions. Subways are available around the clock. 

The cost of each journey is 2.75 USD. You should download the Mymta program to prevent delays or other circumstances like closing. You can also follow the MTA on Twitter to receive updates. 

3. Commuter Line 

At JFK Airport, there is an easily accessible commuter line

In addition to the subway, commuter lines in New York City include the LIRR, the Metro-North Railroad, NJ Transit, the New Jersey PATH, and AMTRAK trains. 

Even for distant destinations, trains are a practical and affordable way to travel. The commuter line is open all the time. 

The cost will vary according to the route and distance of the journey. A MetroCard card costs $2.75 for each trip when used to make payments.

4. Ferry 

JFK Airport Users Can Use the Ferry to Enjoy the City

The New York ferry will allow you to see the city while traveling along the river. 

Route: The Staten Island Ferry connects several waterfront communities, including the East River, South Brooklyn, Rockaways, Western Queens, and the Bronx, between Whitehall in Manhattan and St. George on Staten Island. 

Additionally, seasonal services connect Manhattan with Coney Island, Governors Island, and Staten Island. The NY Waterway, which runs between Manhattan and New Jersey, is another option. 

Before crossing the Hudson River and making stops in Jersey City, Hoboken, Weehawken, and Edgewater, the NY Waterway stops at the city’s center, Battery Park City, and Wall Street. 

Tickets are available at the landing or through the NYC Ferry app. Adults can go one way for USD 2.75. On the other hand, adult tickets for the NY Waterway on weekdays range from USD 7 to USD 21.50. 

5. Taxi 

To travel around the city, you can use a taxi

With its characteristic yellow taxi, New York is also quite recognizable. To call a cab, locate one with its top light on, and raise your hand to request a ride. The taxi is either busy or off-duty if the lights are off.

NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission adds 0.50 cents every mile while relocating for $2.50. However, there is a tax of $0.50 per 1/5 mile during slow traffic. In addition, there are other expenses, such as tolls.

Consider the color of the car you want to ride in because green cabs are used outside of New York. Because of the various operating zones, this taxi will decline to drive you throughout New York.

6. Buses 

JFK Airport Users Can Use Buses As Transportation

MTA is in charge of bus services in addition to trains. Additionally, it has 6,000 vehicles in its fleet operating on four routes. 

They consist of the local bus, the SBS bus, the LTD or Limited Bus, and the express bus. SBS, also known as the Select Bus Service, runs on priority routes and makes fewer stops, making it speedier. Meanwhile, the bus’s LTD lettering is visible on the front, and the purple stops are also visible. Lastly, express buses run during specific hours or throughout rush hour.

Before boarding the SBS bus, you must make a payment. The cost for local, SBS, and LTD buses is $2.75. The express bus charges $6.75, however. You can pay with cash or a MetroCard. On the other hand, even if the driver doesn’t inspect the bus ticket, save it carefully because you risk being penalized if you lose your ticket.  

7. Bike 

One of the available JFK Airport Transportation is Bike

New York is bike-friendly because it has 2,213 km of designated bicycle lanes. At CitiBike, you can rent a bike. 20,000 bicycles and 1,300 stations make up CitiBike. You can go to green open spaces and pedal there in addition to cycling on designated bike lanes. 

You need an application that’s integrated with the bike’s system to operate it. Thus, you don’t need to carry a key. The rental rate is USD 3.50 for 30 minutes. The day ticket costs USD 15.

Now you know about JFK Airport transportation. It’s time to book your flight ticket at Airpaz for a quick and easy booking process. Have a nice vacation. 


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