Top 5 Romantic Destinations to Spend Valentine’s Day with Your Partner

A box of chocolate and a flower bouquet are two things that people use to express their love on Valentine’s day. However, it doesn’t mean you can only use those two things to celebrate this special day. You also can try to create a romantic moment with your loved one. One of them is by taking a romantic trip. Fortunately, you have plenty of options to visit. Here, we already collected the best romantic destinations for your Valentine Day’s trip.



Known as the City of Love, Paris is your first destination. This city is well-known as the best place where you can create the most romantic moment with your loved one. The beautiful scenery of this city will become the background of your trip. The Seine River is there for you to explore. Then, enjoy Notre Dame and Musee d’Orsay to please your eyes. Do not forget to visit the Louvre to see one of the best art masterpieces ever created. Then, close your trip by visiting Eiffel Tower. Guaranteed, your love will bloom even stronger in Paris, one of the best romantic valentine’s destinations.



Greece is a country that is full of ancient history, beautiful scenery, and mouth-watering cuisine. Here, you can find many options for the best Valentine Day’s vacation for you and your loved one. Santorini and Crete are the two best examples of that. They have beautiful architectural art, a romantic beach where you can enjoy the sunset, and a great place to have a passionate dinner with your partner. Enjoy the most delicious cuisine here, such as souvlaki, baklava, and various fresh seafood cuisines. Greece will be one of your dreamy places to go for valentine.

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Italy has it all. That’s what many couples said after they experienced their romantic vacation in that country. And, we have to agree with them. In this country, you can find everything that you need to create unforgettable memories with your loved one. Beautiful scenery, art, delicious food, and wine are within your reach. Visit Venice and enjoy gondola rides to spend a beautiful afternoon with your loved one. Go to Tuscany to visit a wine factory and enjoy the fresh wine. And, there are more. Your trip to Italy on Valentine’s Day will become one of the best trips, not only for this special day but also in your life.

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Do you know the best destination you can choose for valentines day vacations? The answer is paradise. You can find it in Bali, a beautiful small island full of beauty in Indonesia. Here, you can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, beaches, and thousands of places to enjoy sunrise or sunset with your loved one.

Culture is also another thing you should experience in Bali. They are unique, beautiful, and meaningful. Who knows, maybe you and your loved one can find the true meaning of your relationship? When you return from your vacation, your love could grow much bigger and help you to move to the next step of your relationship.

The locals in Bali are also friendly, which makes it comfortable for you and your partner to spend the special day on this island. And, do not forget the cuisine. Bali has one of the richest spices cuisines in the world. They will be able to satisfy your palate and cleanse your soul. A bit of valentine day tips for your vacation in Bali, get the Valentine tour package. It will help you get the best itinerary for the most romantic trip for you and your partner.

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