Simple and Unique Gifts for Valentine’s Day

February 14th is the day for most couples to celebrate their love with a romantic dinner, watching a movie in the cinema, or visiting their partner’s home. But for you who are in the long-distance relationship and live in a different island or country, hard to do isn’t?

What Can you Give to your Couple

gift for valentine

Don’t be worried. Valentine’s Day is no different from the usual days. If this year you have not been able to celebrate Valentine’s Day together, you can send a unique and special gift for your couple! Come; see what you can give on Valentine’s Day.

1. Memory Book

 memory book

You and your partner must often communicate by exchanging messages, right? To capture your moments together, you can gather your chats, texts or e-mails to be printed into a small book such as a scrapbook. Decorate with photos when you are together or when you make video calls.

2. Powerbank

 power bank

One item can be a savior when you and your love have fun chatting or video calls. This valentine’s gift will make it remember you and don’t forget to keep in touch with you. No more disconnected talks because the Smartphone suddenly turns off.

3. Illustration Cartoon Photo

photo cartoon

This will be a very impressive valentine’s gift for your love. You can order a service from an illustrator to draw a cartoon photo of your love or her photo with you. But it seems more impressive if you can draw by yourself even if it’s ugly. This gift is also very flexible because it can be sent via online chat

4. Couple T-Shirt

couple t-shrit gift to valentine

Even you in the Long Distance Relationship, this valentine gift will make you and your partner keep always as close as possible, you can print an illustration of the photo earlier into a T-Shirt and send it to your love that is out of reach right now. Your partner will love using this valentine’s gift every time. It will be treating the miss

5. Arranging Memories Through Video

 video memories

In addition to giving gifts with cute designs and memory books, you can also compile memories together via video as a special valentine gift for your girlfriend. Gift present If you really love the moment of togetherness that ever existed, you always remember that. This can evoke the memory of him through video. Make videos about anything that you think is memorable, and more. The video will certainly to be unforgettable memories continuously

6. Key chain

give keychain as gift to valentine

You can also send a key chain as a special valentine gift for your partner. Whatever the shape, you are free to design your concepts and ask for the help of key chain makers. This gift is also considered very romantic for a girlfriend far away. The key chain became a memorable memory that he might always carry with him everywhere.

7. Give Anything Related to Her Hobbies

 realted to hobbie

It would be very impossible for your partner to be separated from this thing. For example, if she likes to read, give her favorite novel that she cannot have before. Your girlfriend will be very happy. But if your partner does not like to read, you can look for other alternatives, but still related to his hobby. This will make him passionate!

There are many reasons why you undergo Long Distance Relationships. It could be, because you have a job that you cannot leave or because you live there with your family. Visiting his house becomes a very romantic thing because long distances require a lot of struggle right.

If you have time to go see your couple, you can suddenly pick him up at work or wait for him to come home from work and bring him a valentine’s gift like before. If you need airplane transportation and don’t know where is to order, you can order it ticket on and get special offers.


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