How to Spend Your 4 Days in Singapore

Singapore is a small country. But thinking that you can explore the whole area in 4 days only? You need to hold your back. Though it is lack of natural resources, the country has a number of amazing man-made attractions. Let us say some places like Universal Studios, Garden by the Bay, Sentosa Island, museums and multi-cultural districts. You may never believe that the current sky-high buildings were once a colonial backwater.

Due to its small size, most of the attractions in Singapore is accessible. They have very reliable public transportation modes that travellers can take to explore the capital city only or the whole country. With 4 languages being used by the information staff, i.e. English, Mandarin, Tamil and Malay, the services get more organized. You do not need to worry about getting lost.

Prepare your travel packing checklist

list items

Never go for a vacation without making preparation. You must make sure to have things you need for a hassle-free trip. Please at least have the following things checked on your list:


Enjoy the online reservation service for hotel or places to stay during the itinerary. You can do it in advance before making a flight. It is not only the easiest way to get a room but sometimes you will also find a lot of great offers like discounts or bonuses. Confirm the reservation before the trip, since you will have to show it at the immigration checkpoint.


  • Passport

You can go abroad without this document for sure. To find out if it is also possible to have such visa-free entry to Singapore from your country.

  • Tickets for tours and attractions

Tours and attractions tickets are also available to book online in advance. You just need to visit their official website. It is simple and usually more affordable. Importantly you can save your precious time by avoiding the queue. Show the tickets to the immigration staff to prove that you are visiting the country as a tourist.


  • SIM Card or WIFI Hotspot

When you want to stay connected with your family, friends or work colleagues, make sure you use the reliable provider on your cell phone. There are many options available with validity for about 12 days, like ones to book at online in advance.

  • Flight tickets

Best time to visit Singapore

save the dates for traveling

Singapore can be visited all year round. It has so many things to help you spend the vacation. If you want to join others, visiting the country during the peak seasons, i.e. January to February, June to July and September to October, you must make the reservation in advance.


prepare a place in singapore

It is said that staying in Singapore is very expensive, being compared with other countries in Southeast Asia. Can you get a place to stay when you are on a budget? Well, it is always possible. There are many hostels or guesthouses in Singapore offering special deals with discounts that you can book in advance online. Most popular ones as recommendations for travellers are Chinatown, Bugis, Laver Street, Little India and Clark Quay.

How to Reach Singapore City from Changi International Airport

singapore airport

Changi International Airport is the main gate to enter Singapore. It has mainly three terminals, connected by free sky trains and shuttle buses.

Airport Transfer Service

Airport transfer service

The simplest way to make sure you can reach your hotel is by taking the airport transfer. It can carry 3-9 passengers at once, assuring you get an affordable rate to share with others.



Taxis are a great alternative when you are in a rush. Do not worry to get scammed because they run on meter.

Airport Shuttle / Van

This service is available in 24 hours a day with travel time to the town for about 25 minutes, depending on the traffic condition. It has affordable fare and you can find it at the airport arrival hall.


If you go to the basement of Terminal 2, you will be able to find MRT. The travel time needed to reach the city is about 30 minutes. You should avoid the peak season if you do not want to get trapped in the crowd.


Singapore buses

Another way to take a trip with cheap fare is getting on a bus to Singapore city. It takes time, of course, around 1.5 hours. But it is worth enough since you can enjoy the view along the way.

What to Do in 4 Days and 3 Nights in Singapore

plans in singapore

Once you find a place to stay, you can take a rest first or directly take the next steps for your itinerary plan. Check out the following list of top attractions in Singapore.

Day 1

Marina Bay and The Gardens

marina bay singapore

This well-known spot is the best place to get the first impressions about the metropolitan city. Walk along Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade around the perimeter of the bay. Do not forget to check out the iconic Marina Bay Sands and have a drink from the rooftop. The next spot to go is the Gardens, which is just 10-minute walk from Bayfront MRT station. Spanning three sections, i.e. Bay South, Bay East and Bay Central, you can find different kinds of attraction.

Supertree Grove

supertree grove

Will you believe that a tree can glow in the dark? Well, it is not a fantasy, but real. The supertrees stand almost 50 meters of height, harvesting the solar energy during the day and lighting up during the night.  There is also a 128-meter long bridge called OCBC skyway that connects the Supertree with the Supertree Grove.

Spectra – a Light and Water Show

spectra marina bay

Stay at Marina Bay until the late evening. You will find spectacular entertainment at no cost around 9:30 pm. It is called Spectra – a Light and Water Show, which last for 13 minutes showing the story of Singapore’s multicultural society and cosmopolitan city.

Day 2



Chinatown seems to be everywhere in the world. You can also find this cultural complex in Singapore. spend time to stroll around, buy some souvenirs and try delicious foods while enjoying the authentic world of Chinese history and culture. There are also some famous tourist spots to visit like Sri Mariamman Temple, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum, Thian Hock Keng Temple, Chinatown Heritage Centre and Hawker Food Center.

Little India

little india

Singapore is like a melting pot where people from different countries and ethnics gathering. So, do not be surprised by seeing another cultural district where it is all about India. Yes, call it Little India, the extremely colourful district in this country. You will surely find various temples and also some other interesting places like the cat café – Café Neko no Niwa, 24-hour shopping centre- Mustafa Centre and Indian cuisine site – Tekka Centre.

Haji Lane

haji lane

Enjoy a cup of coffee in the place which is well-known for its vibrant street art, cool shops and cafes. There is even a spot called Selfie Coffee. Take a picture and let the staff print it on your coffee.

Clarke Quay

clarke quay

Want to spend the night on another show? You can visit Clarke Quay where lights are blooming in the night.

Singapore Safari Night

singapore safari night

Tired of lights and noise if the city? It is time to meet friends from nature. Visit Singapore Night Safari where you will experience the great chance of exploring the nightlife of wildlife. See how more than 1000 different animals spending their night in a wonderful journey.

Day 3

Sentosa Island

sentosa island

You must have heard a lot about this small island. Yes, it is a famous resort, commonly known as The State of Fun. It has some major attractions like the world-class aquarium, beautiful beaches and Universal Studios Singapore. If you buy Sentosa Fun Passes, you can enjoy a lot of activities at a low cost.

Universal Studios Singapore

universal studio singpore

Going a vacation with kids require strict selection of places to visit and attractions to see. The good news is Universal Studios in Singapore offers entertainment for everyone. It hosts a number of attractions including movie-themed rollercoasters. Try all seven zones, i.e. Hollywood, Madagascar, The Lost World, Sci-Fi City, Far Far Way and New York. there are also entertaining shows, shops and restaurants to complete your family time.

SEA Aquarium

sea aquarium

Want to see the wildlife under the sea water but too afraid to dive? Well, you just need to visit the well-known SEA Aquarium that also functions as the Maritime Experiential Museum. There are about 1.000 underwater species living in this giant aquarium, offering scenic photography spots that you will like to post to your Instagram.

Singapore River Cruise

singapore river cruise

Spending 3 days walking is tiring. It is time for relaxation. So, exploring Singapore by the river seems giving you a different perspective. The boat ride will let you enjoy the best sights and highlights within 40 minutes starting at Clarke Quay, Boat Quay, Fullerton, Bayfront South, Read Bridge, Merlion Park and the Esplanade.

Day 4

Shopping Paradise

TANGS plaza

The fourth day or your last day in this itinerary is the best time for shopping. you have endless options of things to buy. To find them, you can start by exploring the oldest department store in the counter, TANGS. Then, make another visit to ION Orchard. Finally, do not forget the best place for street fashion enthusiast and bargain hunters, Far East Plaza.

Just do not forget to fill up your belly. You will find world-class international cuisine and coffee along Orchard Road. Let us say Oriole Coffee and Bar, and also Wild Honey in Mandarin Gallery.

Well, have you written the whole plan for your journal? Keep the checklist so you can be sure everything is ready. But, before taking the next step, there are still things you must know about Singapore. This country is extremely strict towards some activities. You may think they are just simple habits. However, the Singapore government will consider them as serious things to ban, including:

  • Smoking, even e-cigarettes and shisha
  • Chewing gum
  • Recreational fireworks
  • Eating on public transportation
  • Jaywalking, illegal crossing of pedestrians on roads
  • Gathering in a public space in a group consisting of more than 3 people after 10 pm
  • Connecting to another person’s Wi-Fit
  • Throwing rubbish randomly

Seeing the list of things that are banned in Singapore, you seem really having to learn a lot about this country. But, you may have relief when taking the travel plan assisting by a tour guide who can tell you what you can and can’t do.

How to stay on budget

stay on bujet

Things are expensive in Singapore. It is undeniable fact when you try to compare travel plan in other countries in Southeast Asia. However, it does not mean you can’t act smart to keep your expenses on a budget.

Tips to save your money when traveling to Singapore:

Make use of CEPAS or EZ-LINK Card

EZ link

This transportation card is very important to buy once arriving at the airport. It allows you to pay by distance instead of the flat fare. But do not forget to tap the card on the reader before getting off the bus.

Avoid purchasing Singapore Tourist Pass

If you have already bought Ez-Link, you are likely not in need of tourist pass. It is also expensive.

Enjoy the water for free

Buying mineral water many times along the trip can be wasteful. You can simply have a free bottle and refill it from any tap water you find at the hotels or other public spaces at no cost.

Fill your belly joining others in food halls

It is safe to eat street food. This will even become a great experience where you can taste as many as local foods you want. The best part is you can save your money here, instead of booking a table at a well-known restaurant.

Do not do what is banned

You have kept a note of things banned in Singapore. avoid to do them to save your money from paying off the penalties.

Relaxing at the parks

singapore park

Local parks are including public spaces opened for everyone to relax. If you have no idea what to do and need some fresh air, you can go to the nearest park to walk or bike.

Hunt for freebies

Free entertainment, discounted entrance fees and less expensive stuff are offered at special occasions and places, especially for travellers. Gather as much information to find the promotions.

If you want to explore Southeast Asia, Singapore is a good start for this plan. Uncover the historical heritage, fabulous skyscrapers, beautiful botanical gardens and action-packed amusement parks at one place. Save the dates by booking the flight only from


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