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Although Bangkok has two international airports, Suvarnabhumi Airport has become the primary spot for flights – both locals and internationals.

Suvarnabhumi means Land of Gold in Thai. When compared to Don Mueang Airport, this one is definitely bigger with several levels. Each of them has their own functions.

In the event that you are travelling to Bangkok and you have to catch your flight there, it is a good idea to know some of the basic facts and information.


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Suvarnabhumi Airport Terminal

The TerminalsThere are 3 terminals that are constantly busy – day and night. Their construction is made side by side, which is pretty unique and simple.

• Terminal 1 is for international flights. You can find 124 counters there, covering 30 different airlines. EgyptAir, Korean Air, Air-India, SAS, Malaysia Airlines, El Al, and Thai Airways are included in this terminal.
• Terminal 2 is also for international flights. It has lesser counters – ‘only’ 96 of them. It also covers 30 airlines, including Royal KLM Dutch Airlines, Qantas, Singapore Airlines, Lufthansa, China Airlines, and British Airways
• Terminal 3 is for domestic flights. It is located quite close to Terminal 2 – only 500 meters away. Both terminals are connected by free bus shuttle and walkways with AC. It has 43 counters, handling domestic airlines, such as Thai Airways, Bangkok Airways, and such thing alike.

The Levels

Besides the terminals, this airport is also divided into many different levels. If you take a look at the layout, the arrangement is pretty simple. Domestic section is on the left while the international section is on the right. It applies on both arrivals and departures.

• Underground is designed for the train station
• Level 1 is for transportation. It is also often called as the Bus Lobby
• Level 2 is for arrivals
• Level 3 is known as the greeting and meeting gallery, mostly include restaurants, shops, and also transfers
• Level 4 is for departures
• Level 5 is for Star Alliance and Thai Airways
• Level 6 is for restaurants
• Level 7 is the Observation Deck

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Arriving at the Airport

So, you have just arrived at the airport and you want to get out. You may be offered the taxi service while you are still inside the baggage claim section. Don’t accept the offer. If you want to use the taxi, it’s better to go outside the airport where you will find many official kiosks for the taxi.

Mind you, though, that the taxi service is controlled by some sort of gangs. They are different and each of them may charge you differently too. No matter what, don’t be too surprised if you have to spend at least 50 baht.

The train is more inexpensive but it may take longer to get to your destination. However, if the traffic is quite busy, the train can be a big help. Go to the basement (the underground) to access the train.

When compared to the taxis, the train is cheaper – and it is quite comfortable. Simply follow the signs so you can get to your destination without getting lost. Keep in mind that the airport train service will stop at midnight.

However, if your destination is located in the Khao San Road region, you should go to the same floor of the taxi section (on the Public Transportation). You should go to Gate 7 and find a kiosk there. In this kiosk, you will be able to buy a ticket for a van or a bus, and the price is pretty inexpensive. However, this service will stop at 8 PM.

Getting to the Airport

You can use both taxi and the train, but make sure that the taxi driver is willing to use the meter. If you choose the train, head to Phaya Thai station with BTS Skytrain. From there, you can switch to the airport train.

It seems like the airport is an interesting place to explore right? In case you are planning a trip there and you will arrive here, some of the information can provide insight. If you want to manage and plan an affordable flight, you can check Airpaz. Happy traveling