Cebu Airport Transportation – Know Before You Go

As a country consisting of many islands, the Philippines provides many modes of transportation. While you visit Cebu, for example, there are various Cebu airport transportation available. Check out the following explanation to get more insight.

Cebu Airport Transportation

Cebu Airport transportation

There are many essential things when you make an itinerary for a vacation to the Philippines. One of them is transportation.

Your travel plan to the Philippines will be more well-planned if you get enough insight into what transportation you will use later to get around the city from the airport. 

Here are some modes of transportation you can use, from the airport to many attractions in this city.

1. My Bus

My bus // Cebu Airport transportation

One of the public Cebu Airport bus services around the airport is My bus. The bus, which has a blue exterior, has a route from the airport to several bus stops in the city, such as Island Central Mall, SM City Cebu, City Times Square, etc.

This service operates from 7 am – 10 pm and has intervals of 20 minutes between buses. Those of you who want to go to several cities in Cebu using My Bus can come to the Bus Bay area at T2 or Taxi Bay Area at T1.

Per the policy effect in 2018, the fee for using My Bus is around 25-50 PHP (0.46-0.91 USD), depending on the destination. You can contact My Bus cashiers to get tickets or ask for other information regarding this bus service.

2. White and Yellow Taxi

White and yellow taxi // Cebu Airport Transportation

You can also take a Cebu Airport taxi to get to Cebu City or many others from the airport. Some of the popular taxi services are white taxis and yellow taxis. Both are authorized taxis operating in MCIA and are available 24 hours a day. 

White Cebu Airport taxi fare starts at 40 PHP (0.73 USD) while the Yellow one starts at 70 PHP (1.28 USD). It would help if you also remembered that you would be charged an additional 2 PHP every 2 minutes of waiting time. You can come to T1’s Arrivals or T2’s Link Bridge Arrival to use this service.

3. Premium Bus

Premium bus // Cebu Airport Transportation

The Premium Bus, which has a black exterior, is a shuttle airport bus that can take you if you want to move from T2 to T1 or vice versa. 

This Cebu Airport transfer service operates every day for 24 hours with a 15-minute departure frequency. The Premium Bus will wait at the arrival pick-up point for approximately 10 minutes. Meanwhile, the bus will not wait at the drop-off point.

Airport passengers and staff can only use this shuttle bus. Airport passengers who wish to use the shuttle service must obtain a shuttle coupon by contacting the information counter or the Arrivals Transfer Desk. 

After that, you shall present this coupon to the bus dispatcher before getting on.

If you should use this Premium Bus service, go to the T1’s Arrival forecourt or T2’s Arrivals. The drop-off points are on the T2’s Departure area and the North Wing Departure of T1.

4. Car Rental

Car rental // Cebu Airport transportation

Inside the terminal, there is also a car rental counter for those who want to travel around by private car. You can search Cebu Airport car rental at both T1 and T2, specifically in the Arrivals hall of each terminal. 

The cost of renting a car for a day depends on your car type. For example, you have to pay 35 USD/day for a compact sedan. Meanwhile, the price for hired minivans starts from 60 USD a day.

You must prepare documents as follows to rent a car in Cebu:

  • copy of a valid ID Card
  • Driver license
  • Valid Passport
  • Valid visa if required

In addition, you may also have to fill out a form. If you visit another island like Bohol or others in your itinerary, ask the rental provider company regarding the regulations or policies if you take the rental car onto a ferry.

5. Motorcycle and Scooter

Motorcycle and Scooter // Cebu Airport transportation

Using four-wheeled vehicles might have disadvantages. One of the cons is the difficulties while in traffic jams. Therefore, to avoid this problem, plan B uses a rented motorcycle. 

It would be better to rent a motorcycle or scooter to travel around the city freely. To rent a two-wheeled vehicle in this city, you ought to prepare a budget starting from 400 PHP (7.31 USD) per day.

Additionally, you shall prepare a motorcycle driving license instead of a car driving license. The motorcycle driving license also must be valid. 

Besides always wearing a helmet, you should always carry a copy of your hired motorcycle/scooter’s registration and rental contract when traveling. Otherwise, the Philippine police may stop you and fine you up to 15,000 PHP (274.06 USD).

That’s all about Cebu Airport transportation you must know before you visit this city. Visit Airpaz if you want to book your flight and hotel. 


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