Make Your Transit Exciting Through Suvarnabhumi Tourism

Suvarnabhumi International Airport is popular with its fabulous facilities and attractions around it. The airport provides many benefits you can enjoy during a layover or a transit, such as the comfortable lounge and unlimited internet connection for accessing your mobile phone. You can also book a room in a nearby hotel to rest. Or you can spend your transit time with an exciting Suvarnabhumi tourism: strolling around the airport to enjoy the beauty of Thailand and shop for some souvenirs!

Attractions Near Suvarnabhumi Airport

Spend your time during transit by enjoying Suvarnabhumi tourism

It’s not hard to find spots for shopping or just sightseeing. Suvarnabhumi Airport provides you with a map to follow, and there’s the city tour service if you’re interested. Here are some of the popular attractions nearby for your Suvarnabhumi tourism adventure:

1. Walking down Khao San Road

Visit Khao San Road for budget shopping, trying the noodles, or getting a Thai massage

If you like shopping within budget, you need to visit Khao San Road! Titled as the backpacker capital of the universe, this road was known as a rice-market. But now, it’s a favorite shopping spot where you can find almost anything during the day, including local handicrafts and paintings. Once the sun has set and nighttime comes, it’s time for the pubs and bars to shine.

Not only for shopping, but Khao San Road is also a great destination for a culinary vacation. Treat yourself with a bowl of noodles, some good drinks, or even the classic Thai massage to soothe your tired muscles! If you’re feeling adventurous, keep the memory of this travel inked to your skin through a visit to a tattoo. You’d need around two hours for this.

2. Exploring the Magnificent Grand Palace

Come to the Grand Palace to learn about Thailand's culture and history

Where should you go if you’re looking for an entertaining but educational trip for your Suvarnabhumi tourism? The magnificent Grand Palace, of course!

Established in 1782, the Grand Palace is one of the important landmarks in the city. It was built as the home of Thai King along with the war ministry and country’s mint. Now, the palace acts as the administrative government and a place to see the coveted and ancient Emerald Buddha.

The Grand Palace has a vast area to explore, so make sure you spare at least an hour for touring this place. Take in the beautifully intricate and colorful pieces of art, and feel the strong statement of Thailand’s culture development and spirit through the displayed paintings.

3. Visiting Wat Pho Temple

Wat Pho Temple

Wat Pho Temple is one of the biggest and also oldest classic Buddhist temples in the city. It’s also the place where you can find the Reclining Buddha. The specialty of the temple dates back to the ancient time when Thai massage was first created. Many believe that this temple was the place where the message was originated because it still hosts the massage training facility – one of the best ones in the world.

The Reclining Buddha may be the biggest and most popular attractions, but you can always explore the complex and the chapels. There are lines of golden Buddha statues and collections of Buddha images to be seen. Be sure to prepare at least an hour to enjoy the place – transportation excluded. If you want to, there is a guided tour that you can join to make your Suvarnabhumi tourism even more exciting!

4. Booking a Suvarnabhumi Tourism Tour at the Airport

Book a tour to enjoy the charming spots around Suvarnabhumi Airport

Did you know that you can book a tour at the airport tour desk? There are 15 choices available ranging from 4-12 hours. Plenty of choices available to suit your plan! Here are some of the places you’ll visit from the tours:

City and Temple Tour

Take a city and temple tour around Suvarnabhumi Airport to see beautiful places

The tour will take you to Bangkok’s finest temples such as the Wat Traimit house which is on point with the 3-meter tall Golden Buddha. It’s made from 5-ton solid gold. You will also see the Wat Pho houses which are famous with the figure of giant Reclining Buddha and the traditional massage school. Another temple is Wat Benjamabophit which looks elegant due to the white marble fence and the Buddha image line on the cloister walls at the back chapel.

You should take the combined tour which will also take you to the Grand Palace, the place of the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. It is an astonishing tour, indeed!

Erawan Museum and Ancient City

You can see the heritage of the ancient Siamese kingdom at Erawan Museum

Erawan Museum and Ancient City are historical sites where you can see the heritage of the ancient Siamese kingdom. If you want to come early and avoid the crowd, you can start your visit from the Ancient City which opens at 8 AM. You only need to pay 500 Baht for the entrance and it is worth enjoying the wonderful place, going over the historic temples, and others. 

The paths are paved so it is nice for walking, but you can use a golf cart provided if you’re exhausted. You can drive around this big place with your family or friends. If you go alone, you can rent a bike and cycle around. The best time to cycle is before 11 AM as the heat will be too much afterward. Many people love to spend hours at this place, especially because it has a beautiful view to capture. 

Take a 30-minute drive from Erawan Museum to visit the Ancient City

From the Ancient City, you can continue your Suvarnabhumi tourism to Erawan Museum. You can grab a taxi for around 25 minutes, and you’ll arrive at the breath-taking museum. The unique museum is actually in the building of three black-headed elephants on top of a pink Pagoda as the main building.

Crocodile Farm

Visit Crocodile Farm to meet plenty of giant reptiles

Thailand is the homeland of the biggest crocodile farm, so make sure you don’t miss visiting Crocodile Farm. Here, you can meet plenty of giant reptiles swarming in the green pools, sunbathing under the hot sun, chewing their meals, and many more.

Located around the Ancient City at Thanon Thai Ban Pak Nam, Crocodile Farm has around 1.2 million crocodiles taken care of here. They come from 1,000 farms in Thailand. The crocodile farm also shows other animals such as gibbons, monkeys, elephants, tigers, lions, and snakes.

Siam Ocean World

Marvel the beauty of marine life at Siam Ocean World

Suvarnabhumi tourism includes the Siam Ocean World and Siam Paragon Shopping Complex. Siam Ocean World opens daily from 11 AM to 8 PM. It has a restaurant and souvenir shops for tourist shopping and they open when the aquarium opens. It’s recommended to buy the ticket online and skip the choice to collect your tickets by selecting the Mobile ticket/Print at Home. In off-peak periods, the tickets are available at the main entrance and you will have a security check and photo-taking before entering. 

Siam Paragon Shopping Centre

Enjoy a good shopping time at Siam Paragon Shopping Centre

Siam Paragon Shopping Centre is the well-known shopping center in Bangkok with various international fashion brands, world cuisine restaurants, and a 16-screen cinema. The place consists of more than 250 shops that offer luxury items, souvenirs, and others. On the second and third floors, you will see the blocks of lifestyle and leisure. Pamper yourself in beauty salons, or sight-see the home technology, furnishing showrooms, and super car displays!

Khlong Suan Market

Experience an authentic Thailand vibe at Khlong Suan Market

This place is an old market located along the Bang Pakong River. Khlong Suan is the name of the canal aside from the river and the market stands there for more than a century. It becomes a meeting point for traders, tourists, and farmers from local and international places.

Enjoy the boats as the main transportation here as a replacement for cars and buses. The market is also a heaven for the exotic food lovers such as the fish sauce, veggie dumplings, eggs with salted bean and fish, deep-fried pork wontons, coconuts stuffed with pureed sweet and spicy fish, and many more.

To get here, take the bus from Ekkamai station to Bang Khla. Just tell the driver that you will drop at Talaad Khlong suan or you can take a taxi from Suvarnabhumi to the market. The fare is around 200 baht, and you should negotiate the fare before traveling.

Quick Tips

Be sure to check all information before starting your Suvarnabhumi tourism

Have you kept a note of these attractions? Do not forget to add the following tips:

  • Look for the current information details whether you need to have a transit visa before leaving the airport for the sightseeing tour.
  • Check twice at least, your next flicking check-in time and plan your layover tour accordingly.
  • Get the information about the security wait times so you can arrange your time as well as possible.
  • Confirm that you will get your luggage checked through or want to pick them up between the connecting flights. Find the information on luggage storage at the Bangkok Airport official website.

With these Suvarnabhumi tourism options, you don’t have to worry about spending hours waiting for your transit at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Visit to book your flights and explore Suvarnabhumi’s charming spots!


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