7 Unique Facts About Chinese New Year You Don’t Know

When the Chinese New Year arrives, there are many events to welcome the annual moment. Red decorations, lanterns, traditional foods, and angpao are always synonymous with the celebration of the New Year. However, is that all that related with Chinese New Year celebrations? There are many Chinese New Year facts that many people didn’t know. Let’s find out together.

Knowing More about Unknown Facts of Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year celebration is one of the annual agendas that are often expected not only by people of Chinese descent. In fact, various events and attractions during the Chinese New Year celebrations become a special attraction so that many foreign tourists come to visit. However, do you know there are a number of unique facts that accompany the Chinese New Year? See the list!

Chinese New Year’s Date Can Vary Each Year

chinese use lunar year

Unlike Thanksgiving or Christmas that is calculated based on the solar calendar, the Chinese New Year is based on the lunar calendar so that celebrations can vary each year. Chinese New Year usually takes place around January 21 to February 20. In 2020, the Chinese New Year took place on January 25.

Known as the Spring Festival

chinese new year also known as Spring Festival

Chinese New Year is also better known as the Spring Festival even though Chinese New Year celebrations actually fall in winter. This is because spring itself starts on February 4 to 18 because it is based on the lunar calendar.

Every Year Begins with a New Animal Shio (Chinese Zodiac)

Zodiac is the determination of the year name

Every year change, shio will change. Chinese people still believe in astrology. Each shio has its own fortune and taboo. Usually, in each New Year, Chinese people will focus on correcting mistakes in the previous year, abstaining from a number of violations, wearing new clothes, giving each other gifts, cleaning the house, and serving lucky food. They believe by doing good things at the beginning of the year so they will get good luck in the coming year.

Prohibition of Bathing, Sweeping or Disposing of Trash

prohibition on cleaning

During Chinese New Year celebrations, Chinese people are not permitted to bathe, sweep, or dispose of trash before the fifth date. This is to ensure that it does not eliminate luck. On the other hand, a day before the start of the Spring Festival, there is a special time dedicated to cleaning. The day is intended to wipe out bad luck and provide more space for good things.

Tradition of Giving Angpao (Red Packet)

giving angpao to kids

In Chinese tradition, during the Spring Festival celebrations, children will receive a red envelope filled with money that is commonly called angpao. This is a form of kindness which adults transfer their wealth to younger children.

Another unique thing related to angpao during the Chinese New Year celebration is that the angpao money cannot have the number 4 and is worth odd. The number 4 in Chinese means death, while the odd number is identical to a funeral.

Most Fireworks Festival in the World

chinese new year fireworks grand festival

As you know, Chinese New Year celebrations are synonymous with fireworks detonation. This is intended to drive away bad things and frighten ghosts. In addition, China produces 90% of fireworks worldwide and all will be lit when midnight before the New Year comes. This is why the firework festival during the New Year celebration of Chin is becoming highly anticipated because it is the most fireworks explosion in the world.

All-purpose Red Decorations

red color decorations

Another unique thing when celebrating Chinese New Year is a nuanced decoration in red. It turns out that this also has its own meaning. Red is believed to be a powerful weapon that can frighten monsters and ghosts. In addition, the red color also means enthusiasm and luck. This is why almost all decorations during the Chinese New Year use red.

Those are some of the Chinese New Year facts many people don’t know. Seeing as there are many other secret meanings and traditions, it’s no wonder many people are attracted by the uniqueness and excitement of the celebration. Do you want to take a trip to China to see firsthand the festive Chinese New Year? Don’t forget to book your flight ticket on Airpaz to get the best price deals and promos.

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