What to Do If You Lose Your Luggage at the Airport?

It is terrible when you lose your luggage at the airport. You are possible to lose all valuable things inside the luggage and possibly cancel your traveling plan since many things you have for the trip lose. Then what you should do if you lose the luggage at the airport?

What to Do If You Lose Your Luggage at the Airport

Lose Your Luggage at the Airport

In an airport, a world of possibilities awaits, encompassing both the excitement of travel and the potential challenges that may arise. Among the myriad scenarios, one possibility that travelers may encounter is the unfortunate situation of losing their luggage. While airports strive to ensure the safe handling of baggage, unforeseen circumstances can sometimes lead to temporary misplacements. Here are some tips on what you should do if you lose your luggage at the airport.

If the Airline Lose Your Luggage

If you lose your luggage at the airport, which is caused by the airline, then you should write the claim at the airport or send it by mail. The airline’s compensation for the lost luggage and the contents is commonly limited to $3,500 for every domestic passenger in United State.

Meanwhile, the compensation for the lost luggage in an international flight is in varied rate. Commonly, the airline should also refund the baggage fee. Find the term and condition given by the airline for the lost luggage on their website.

Prepare the Value of Items Proof

It is important to have a receipt that proves the value of the items inside your lost luggage. Include the receipt copy of the documents sent to the airline. However, the compensation will not be fully paid for the items purchased a long time ago.

They will pay the run down value only. If the value of items in your luggage is higher than the limit, purchase the ‘excess valuation’ protection from the carrier. But ensure that the items haven’t been covered by the travel or homeowner insurance policy. The baggage coverage also commonly has been supplied by the travel agencies and credit card companies.

Note that airlines commonly have made a list of things that they won’t be compensated such as money, jewelry, inheritances, and the other valuable things. Those items should be carried on your carry-on bag or left at home.

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If the Luggage is Stolen

Once you get off from the plane, minimize the luggage stolen potential by directly go to the luggage carousel. At the large airports, most airlines scan the bags while loaded into the claim area and then keep the records.

The lost luggage claim shouldn’t be sent to the airline if the bag loses outside the claim area, but to the police. You also can get compensation for the travel insurance or homeowner’s insurance if stolen luggage includes the policy.

And that is some tips you can do if you lose your luggage at the airport. It is important to choose a reliable airline with no lost, damaged, or stolen luggage so you will not face such a terrible case. Visit Airpaz to book flight tickets to any destinations you want to travel to. It provides more than 60,000 flights to book every day and then book the reliable airlines for your trip.


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