6 Barcelona Airport Transportation That You Should Pick

Before embarking on your journey in Barcelona, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with Barcelona Airport transportation. This ensures a smooth adventure from start to finish.

Barcelona Airport offers a diverse range of transportation options, serving as a major gateway to Spain. Let’s explore the best Barcelona airport transportation choices to make your arrival and departure experience seamless!

Barcelona Airport Transportation

best Barcelona airport transportation

As you commence your trip to Barcelona, you’ll encounter numerous transportation options to explore the city. Whether you’re seeking budget-friendly choices or a more private mode of transport, Barcelona caters to all preferences.

Public transportation options like buses, trains, and the metro are readily available. Additionally, choosing a taxi or car rental is a wise decision for those prioritizing convenience.

Please note that if you prefer public transportation, you must purchase a T-Casual ticket. Alternatively, the Hola Barcelona Travel Card is another option. These tickets facilitate travel on the Barcelona Metro, TMB buses, and regional railway.

Transportation to/from Barcelona Airport

When it comes to getting to and from Barcelona Airport, travelers have various transportation options, each catering to different preferences, budgets, and travel schedules. Here are several Barcelona Airport Transportation options you can choose from.

1. Bus for Barcelona Airport Transportation

Barcelona airport transportation to the city center

The Aerobus service is one of the most convenient Barcelona airport transportation to the city center. The buses stop at both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, serving strategic locations in the city. The routes are as follows:

  • From Terminal 1: to the city center, Castelldefels, and Plaça de Catalunya.
  • From Terminal 2: to the city center, Plaça de Catalunya via Gava and Viladecans.

In addition, intercity and international buses are available in Terminals 1 and 2. The Aerobus service runs every 5 to 10 minutes, and you must go outside Terminals 1 and 2 to catch these buses.

Operating from early morning until late at night, the Aerobus provides a reliable option for travelers, with tickets ranging from EUR 6.75 to USD 7.23.

For more detailed information about routes, visit this page.

Pro tips: Prepare a T-casual ticket or Hola Barcelona Travel Card as the payment method, which you can purchase at the bus stop.

2. Taxi

Barcelona airport transportation to the city center

For those seeking a more personalized and direct transfer, taxis are the best option for Barcelona airport transportation to the hotel. Taxis are available in Terminal 1, Terminal T2A, T2B, and T2C.

Rates depend on travel distance, location, and days, with weekend rates higher than weekdays. The price per kilometer is around EUR 1.23 or USD 1.32, with a minimum charge of EUR 21 or USD 22.50 per trip from the airport.

Various taxi providers are available, such as Low Taxi, Click Moveapp, Enjoy Teletaxi, JoinUp, Kiero Taxi, Ntaxi, and more.

Check this page for more information about taxi services.

Pro tips: Order a taxi via a mobile app for a more convenient travel experience.

3. Train

Barcelona airport transportation by train

Barcelona airport transportation by train provides an efficient option for travelers, offering affordability and convenience to reach the city center.

The RENFE R2 Nord train line connects the airport to Sants, Passeig de Gràcia, and other towns in Cataluña. The train station is available in T2A, and if you arrive in Terminal 1, you can travel to T2A using a free shuttle bus.

The airport train runs every hour, and if you have a Barcelona Travel Card, you can travel from the airport to the city center for free. The ticket price to the city center starts from EUR 4.60 or USD 4.93.

Click here to access the Renfe train official website to check the schedule and route.

Pro tips: Purchase a T-casual ticket or Barcelona Travel Card at the train stop in T2B.

4. Metro

Barcelona airport transportation to the city center

The metro system is another convenient Barcelona airport transportation to the city center. Line L9 Sud connects both terminals to various metro stations in the city. 

The route of L9 is from Terminals 1 and 2 to Zona Universitària, with stops at El Prat station, Mercabarna, Fira, Torrasa, and Collblanc.

The one-way ticket price is EUR 2.40 or USD 2.57, and the ticket to travel between T1 and T2 to the rest of the metro network is EUR 5.15 or USD 5.52.

To check the route of the Barcelona Metro, just click on this page.

Pro tips: Purchase a T-casual ticket to save more on your trip. By spending EUR 11.35, you can travel for ten trips.

5. Airport Shuttle Service

Barcelona airport shuttle bus between terminals

Barcelona airport shuttle bus between terminals is proper and convenient, providing free transportation between terminals and assisting in reaching specific hotels near the airport.

Some hotels offer complimentary shuttle services for a hassle-free transfer from accommodation to the airport.

Barcelona airport shuttle bus operates 24 hours, including public holidays, with a frequency of bus arrivals every 5 to 10 minutes.

Pro tips: The airport shuttle service between terminals is free, but confirm with the hotel to ensure it offers a free shuttle service.

6. Car Rental

Barcelona airport transportation to the hotel

For those who prefer flexibility, using a car rental service is a wise decision. Car rental services are easy to find in Terminal 1 or 2, with car rental service available only in T2B in Terminal 2.

Rental companies at Barcelona Airports include Avis, Enterprise, Hertz, and Europcar. Check rates or book a car by visiting the company’s website:

Pro tips: Make an online reservation in advance to compare rates from several companies for the best deal.

Barcelona Airport transportation options ensure that travelers can find a convenient way to reach their destinations. Plan your journey accordingly after becoming familiar with the transportation methods. Ready to explore Barcelona? Make sure to purchase flight tickets and book your hotel through Airpaz!


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