Best Things To Do And See When Visiting Osaka

Osaka is the second largest city in Japan. That is why you will find many visitors spending the vacation at this place, usually after doing some business matters in Tokyo. It is probably your time to do the itinerary. But remember one thing. You have to make well prepared itinerary for this trip unless you can easily find a way out after getting lost.

So, have you decided what to do during your visit to Osaka and what tourist attractions that you want to see? Well, you have a long list of the famous cuisine in the world to the historic castles. Be aware of the amazing views because they can easily blind your mind to not leave your spot.

Things to do In Osaka

Do you need recommendations? Here are some best things to do and see when spending the vacation in Osaka City, Japan:

1. Visit Kaiyukan Aquarium

Visit Kaiyukan aquarium to see more than 30,000 fish inhabiting 15 different displays. This tourist attraction is children friendly. You can take your kids with to see how beautiful the fish moving in and out of coral.


2. Go to Minoo National Park

mino national park 1

Minoo National Park is located 30-minutes away from Hankyu Umeda station by train. It is a great place to have a peaceful walk along the park’s main road to the waterfall. Be sure to taste the local’s specialty, fried maple leaf which is sold by small stalls.

3. Visit Hozenji Temple

If you are looking for peace in Namba, you can go to Hozenji temple. It looks small but still hides a lot of memory from the past of Osaka. Remember to not take the kids with you because it is only accessible to adults only.


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4. Drink beer at Osaka Shochikuza Theater

Osaka Shochikuza Theater 1

You will find Tachibana on its second basements floor. It is also known as the only theatre that has beer brewery facility. Not only to taste the beer, you will be able to find great seafood as well. Do not forget to eat tofu after drinking the beer just like most Japanese do.

5. Try Sukiyaki

eat sukiyaki 1

Have you ever tasted Sukiyaki? This traditional Japanese stew like the dish is very popular. The best place to have it ready on a hot pot is Kitamura. You can eat a mix of thinly sliced meat, vegetables and other cooked ingredients. To add tastes, the dish has been mixed with soy sauce, sugar and mirin or sugary rice win. Enjoy the relaxing seat on a tatami mat table and watch how the waitress helps you cook the sukiyaki right in front of you.

6. Go on culinary adventure

culinary in japan 1

Enjoy the culinary vacation in Osaka, the main merchant town in Japan. Gained the name of Kitchen of Japan, you will find a lot of delicious foods here. It is also where Osakans would love spending their money on. You can still find the classic dishes like takoyaki, okonomiyaki and kushikatsu. Those three popular foods will complete your trip experience in Osaka.

7. Visit Shitennoji

Shitennoji 1

Shitennoji is the first Buddhist temple in Japan. It was built in 593 AD after Buddhist was brought from China to Japan. Although it has passed for 1,400 hundred years and even burned for repeatedly, the temple grounds are built similar to the original ones. Not only exploring the temple area, you can also shop for used kimonos, antiques and a piece of pottery written in Japanese as merchandise.

8. Go to Dotonbory Bridge

Capture moments on the Dotonbory Bridge. If you like taking selfie photos, it is the place. You will find restaurants and bars along the road. The atmosphere will get more exciting at night.


9. Eat at Kuromon Ichiba Market

Kuromon Ichiba Market 1

Eat the freshest seafood in Kuromon Ichiba Market, Osaka. This wet market was not too popular as the tourism destination. But today, it is visited by tourists due to the more traveller-friendly transformation. You can even find free Wi-Fi connection in this market. Not only to buy the freshest groceries, Kuronom Ichiba is the first place to go by local chefs. If you like seafood, you can also enjoy the fresh ocean fish and shellfish grilled in front of you.

10. Visit the famous Osaka Castle


Originally constructed in the late of 1500s, this Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s masterpiece has become the shining jewel in Osaka. It was used as the battle site. But now, you can see it more like a museum where you can learn about the history during the 16th and 17th centuries in Osaka.

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