Notre Dame Cathedral, Most Beautiful Church In The World

The Notre Dame Cathedral Paris, also known as Notre Dame de Paris (French for “Our Lady of Paris”), is a Gothic cathedral in the fourth arrondissement of Paris, France. Its main entrance faces west. The island is located on the Île de la Cité’s eastern half. Today, this cathedral has become one of the most beautiful buildings in Paris, France. It attracts tourists from so many countries to come and see this cathedral.

History of Notre Dame Construction


The construction of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris began in the 12th century, but it was not completed for another 300 years. It is currently one of France’s most well-known churches, as well as one of its oldest.

• The original design of Notre Dame Cathedral

The genuine design of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris did not contain flying buttresses. However, as the cathedral was built, the thinner walls (popularized in the Gothic design) climbed higher and higher, causing stress fractures as the walls pushed outward. In an attempt to solve the difficulty, the cathedral’s architects constructed supports around the outside walls, and subsequent extensions maintained the practice. The structure was one of the first in the world to incorporate a flying buttress (arched exterior supports).

• Story of the Brave Young Lady

In 1909, Pope Pius X beatified Joan of Arc at Notre Dame Cathedral. The brave young girl went on to assist the French in clashes with English soldiers after telling everyone she had seen visions from God. The French relied on her word and eventually defeated England in numerous conflicts. She was also present at the coronation of Charles Vll as a royal fan. Her religious visions and views, however, did not convince everyone, and she was later slain by Burundians who accused her of heresy and burned her at the stake. Her name was not cleansed until 1456 when she was declared an innocent martyr.

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The Design of Notre Dame


The various architectural styles that run throughout the structure demonstrate how long it took to build. Some portions reflect the Renaissance and Naturalism eras of building, although it is largely French Gothic. The building’s magnificent yet eccentric attractiveness is enhanced by the various styles.

• Show Naturalism Influence

The sculptures and stained glass windows of Notre Dame Cathedral, in contrast to older Romanesque structures, show a strong influence of naturalism. It was one of the first Gothic cathedrals, and it was built throughout the Gothic era.

• Various Artworks Inside the Cathedral

There are extensive exhibits of artwork, furniture, and many priceless artifacts that mimic the Nio-Gothic design of the Cathedral of Notre Dame. Tourists are welcome to enter the church for a modest entrance fee to view and admire these pieces. They can also attend Mass three times a day, which is a popular attraction for Christian visitors.

There are a lot of lovely Parisian hotels surrounding the church, all of which provide wonderful views of the cathedral in its entirety. The Cathedral of Notre Dame is arguably most well known for its connection to The Hunchback of Notre Dame story, which has been immortalized in various cartoons and films. But it is the unequaled, flawless example of French Gothic architecture that continues to attract people from all over the world.

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Things to do in Notre Dame Cathedral


When you visit Notre Dame, there are several intriguing things to do. You can participate in some of the activities listed below.

• From the summit of Notre Dame, take in the breathtaking panoramic view of Paris.

You must ascend 387 steps, and keep in mind that there is no elevator for you. It will be difficult to complete the exercises. The view from the top of Notre Dame is amazing and breathtaking. This location is ideal for photographing the greatest views of France.

• Inside Notre Dame, you can see Christianity’s finest masterpiece.

When visitors enter this church, they will be delighted to learn about its architecture, art, and history. A guide is available to assist you in learning more about all of the artworks found within the cathedral. The cathedral is open to the public every day of the year. You can visit the cathedral between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6.30 p.m.

Those interested in archaeology should pay a visit to Notre Dame de Paris. For those who enjoy photography, this location is highly recommended. You’ll be given a variety of objects to capture.

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